Netherlands Visa Guide

Netherlands Visa


The Netherlands – The country known for its wide stretch of flat landscapes with flowing canals, areas covered with tulips and windmills in northwestern Europe embedded with cycling routes.

Its capital city, Amsterdam is home to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII. Here are the works from artists including Rembrandt and Vermeer from the 17th-century Golden Age.

With 17,283,008 people within 41,543 km2, it has some proportion of Christians, Islamic, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhist, Judaist and irreligious communities. The Natives are called Dutch and the currency used is Euro (€).

Been one of the most prosperous countries across the globe, it ranks highest in press freedom, economic freedom, human development with a decent way of living. These matters escalated the healthcare, education and the infrastructure.


How to Travel to Netherlands?

Netherlands is listed as a member state of the Schengen Agreement and the European Union. The country permits the U.S. citizens to enter the country for 90 days, be it a tourist or business purpose without a visa. But the passport should be valid three months beyond the period of stay. You also need 10,000 € or equivalent with you and a return air ticket. It is not known whether they have restricted the entry of a person infected with HIV/AIDS to any foreign visitors.


Types of Visa for the Netherlands

There are four types of visa for the Netherlands:

  • Schengen, short stay or tourist visa for stays up to 3 months.
  • Transit visa for transfers at Dutch airports.
  • Return visa for foreigners in the Netherlands without a valid residence
  • MVV authorization for temporary stay for some nationalities who want to apply for a residence permit.
  • The Dutch startup visa for entrepreneurs aimed at starting up a business.


Uniform Schengen Visa (USV)

The USV is a permit to traverse or reside in the desired territory for a maximum of 3 months with every six months beginning from the date of entry to any one Schengen Countries.

An Uniform Schengan Visa Holder can navigate through the countries like Spain, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Hungary, Iceland, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Malta, Austria, Finland, Latvia, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, Sweden, Poland, and  Norway.

The Uniform Schengen Visa applies to the categories A and C based on the purpose of traveling. They are:

It’s for the Airport Transit Visa that allows the holder to transit through the international zone of the Schengen country airport without going out of the Schengen Area.

This Visa is highly essential for the inhabitants who travel from one non-Schengen state to the other by changing flights in the Schengen country airport.

  • Category A

It is a short-term visa that allows its holder to lodge in a Schengen Area for a specific period, based on the validity Visa. Following the holder's purpose of the travel this category Visa can be obtained in the following forms:

  • Category C
  • Single Entry Visa
  • Double Entry Visa
  • Multiple Entry Visa

    Single-Entry Visa

    The Single entry visa permits the holder to enter the Schengen Area once between the allotted time periods. The visa sticker stuck on the passport mentions it. So, an exit from that particular Schengen area means an exit from that Schengen territory till you get a new Schengen visa approved. Some people confuse it with the number of countries they are permitted to visit.


    Double-Entry Visa

    Same like before with the only difference being that the holder is allowed to enter the Schengen area one more time after the first exit.


    Multiple-Entry Visa

    This visa holder can visit the Schengen region as many times he/she wants to visit. Depending on the frequency of the travel to the Schengen Area, following are the types of multiple-entry Visas:

    • 1 Year Multiple-Entry Visa

      This visa holder can travel to the Schengen region more often and you have at least one double-entry Schengen Visa, you can avail this type of Visa seeing that you don’t stay there for more than 90 days. *Submitting a proof of your regular traveling to the place, and the reason for your requirement for this visa is required.

    • 3 Year Multiple-Entry Visa

      This visa holder can travel in & out as many times in 3 years without violating the stay for more than 90 days. *Submitting a proof of your regular traveling to the place, and the reason for your requirement for this visa is required.

    • 5 Year Multiple-Entry Visa

      This visa holder can travel in & out as many times in 5 years without violating the stay for more than 90 days. *Submitting a proof of your regular traveling to the place, and the reason for your requirement for this visa is required.


    Limited Territorial Validity Visa (LTV)

    This visa allows you to transit through the Schengen state mentioned at the time of applying for the Visa. It is invalid to unmentioned states of Schengen territory. This type of visa will apply for individuals who don’t possess a valid travel document yet they have to travel to a Schengen area on any emergency.


    National Visa

    It comes under the category D. Individuals who wish to study, work, or permanently reside in the Schengen Area can apply. It’s a kind of Single entry visa with a sole purpose after which they should go back to their nation. Multi-entry national visa is permitted but, the individual needs to meet certain conditions to get the multi-entry national visa.

    The conditions for multi-entry national visa are:

    • An international student program
    • An international student that is starting a full course of studies in one of the Schengen countries
    • An academic work at a higher institution or research center in any of the Schengen countries
    • With the purpose of sharing their expertly.
    • Emergency medical condition that requires the individual in the Schengen Area for a designated time frame


    Defined Purposes of Traveling

    Now travelling to the Netherlands will need a reason. It could be any.

    Airport Transit

    This purpose of entry is for people who need to pass through the international zone of a Schengen Country Airport without entering the Schengen Country. The Schengen states have made a very narrow list of countries which determines which country’s citizen requires a visa or not.


    This type of Visa is for seafarers who need to stop in the Schengen seaport for a short period of time.


    These holders plan to visit any of the countries for sightseeing and experiencing their culture, architecture, cuisine, etc.

    Visiting Friends or Family

    Ones who are visiting their friends or families those staying in Schengen area can try for this visa. To be approved without any complication, the applicant must submit a letter of invitation too.


    These are people who travel for business purposes. They can get a quicker approval during the peak seasons of application of visa.

    Official Visit 

    If you are travelling for an official reason, no matter who you are with or on what date.

    Medical reasons 

    Travel for a medical treatment. This visa can enable medical care you need at any medical clinic or hospital for a period of three months.

    Study Purposes 

    Any pupil wishing to attend any type of educational institutions for a period shorter than 90 days can get this visa.

    Cultural, Sports and Film Crews 

    This is given to any participant visiting the Schengen region to participate in any cultural, sports or religious events. 

    Other Purposes 

    If your purpose doesn’t match any of the aforementioned ones then you can tick ‘other’ and mention the purpose.

    How to Check Status of Netherlands visa? 

    You can check the status of your Netherlands visa by going online and ‘tracking the application’


    Netherlands Visa Document Requirements

    • Download and fill the application form.
    • 2 passport sized photos with a light background must be attached
    • Your passport and copies of your previous visas. The passport should be valid minimum for 3 months from return date and must also have two blank pages
    • A copy of your return-ticket reservation
    • Take a travel visa insurance with a confirmation of minimum 30,000 € coverage within the Netherlands and the entire Schengen area
    • A cover letter stating the purpose of a visit to the Netherlands and itinerary
    • Flight schedule reservation with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from the Netherlands
    • Proof of stay for the whole duration of the intended stay in the Netherlands
    • Proof of civil status
    • Proof of financial means to support your stay


    How to Apply for Netherlands Visa?

    Download the application and fill the form and then you can conduct the process online.

    Step 1

    Be clear of your purpose.

    Step 2

    Complete the online Schengen visa application form, print it out and take it to your appointment.

    The portal will guide you through the application questions and will make sure you do not forget to enter any necessary values.

    Step 3

    All applicants applying for a short stay Schengen visa or Caribbean visa are required to schedule a prior appointment.

    Step 4

    Please ensure you read the security regulation notices before you visit the Visa Service Centre.

    Step 5

    Visit the Netherlands Visa Application Centre during the working hours and receive a token number.

    Step 6

    Submit your application at the Netherlands Visa Application Centre along with the applicable visa fee in cash.

    Step 7

    Track your application online

    Step 8

    Collect your passport from the Visa Application Centre or wait for courier delivery.


    Netherlands Visa Document Requirements

    Documents Required for Short Stay Visa
    • If you have applied for a short stay/tourist visa, you will require the following documents:
    • A properly filled application form
    • 2 Photographs in the required format
    • Proof of legal residency
    • Travel documents (these should be valid for at least 3 months after the planned return date)
    • In case of packaged tours, you need to provide a detailed itinerary of your trip
    • A copy of the return ticket that is pre-booked
    • A proof of hotel reservation or proof of sufficient financial means to book accommodation (approx. 120 €)
    • Documents supporting personal income: Bank Statement of the last 3 months
    • Copy of income tax returns
    • Copy of international travel insurance (original document will be required for verification)
    • Copy of last 3 salary slips
    • For entrepreneurs- certificate of registration of company
    • Contract of employment
    • If a minor is travelling alone, it will need to be authorized by the consulate authorities, and a copy of the parents’ identification will be required
    • If a person below the age of 18 is traveling, then birth certificate will be required.


    Documents Required for Assistant Visa

    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Civil status certificate that establishes relationship with the relative in Netherlands
    • Documented proof of continuity of relationship
    • Proof of enrolment in an educational institution (in case of study)
    • No Objection Certificate (in case of both work/study)
    • If you are accompanying your spouse, you need to carry a marriage certificate


    Fees Required for Netherlands Visa Application

    While the fees charged for application differ for each type of visa, these are different set of charges normally applied during the visa application process.

    Type of Charge Fees (in €)
    Short Stay (Travel) 60
    Long Stay (for Student visa) 50
    Airport Transit 60
    Long Stay 99
    Short Stay (for minors with age between 6 to 12 years) 35
    Charges for citizens of African nations 60



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    If an applicant is studying in the US and is in India for the past month on a vacation, can he/she apply for a Netherlands visa in India?

    Yes. But applicant has to provide the reason why he/she wishes to apply in India rather than in the country of residence. He/she also needs to provide his/her leave details of the school/college/organization he/she is associated with in the US.

    A seaman wants to apply for a visa, will go and join his ship in Hamburg, Germany but ship is owned by Dutch company and he has contract from Dutch company. Does he have to submit with the Dutch Embassy or the German Embassy?

    The seaman is boarding the ship in Germany hence he will apply for a visa at the German Embassy, regardless of the contract or the flag under which the ship is sailing.

    When someone has received a visa for one year based on his business contacts, can he still use the same visa to go on a holiday to Netherlands? Or does he have to apply for a new tourist visa?

    Once issued with a Schengen visa either for tourist or business purpose it can be used for travel for both the purposes. However, the applicant needs to carry documents in support of his trip which he might have to produce at Immigration when entering into the Schengen territory.

    What if my visa application is refused?

    If your application is refused, the embassy will send you a written notification stating the grounds for the refusal. It will also tell you whether there are any legal remedies against the refusal, such as an objection or application for judicial review. If this is the case, the notification will also state the competent authority to which you should appeal and the time limit for doing so.

    What is the validity of an invitation letter?

    The validity of the invitation letter is for three months from the date of issue but the duration should be valid at the time of submission of application.

    How long does it take to get a visa?

    Visa applications are usually processed within ten (10) days, but processing times can differ depending on where you submit the application (in Delhi or at some of the other VFS centers), the purpose of travel or personal circumstances. It’s always advisable to apply for a visa well before your trip.

    Is it necessary to get travel insurance?

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