Mauritius Visa Guide


Island of Mauritius

Mauritius is a nation, famous around the globe for its serene beaches, lagoons, and reefs. It is also known as the Republic of Mauritius. The island nation is also known for volcanic island of lagoons, and is located off the southeast coast of the African continent in the Indian Ocean.

There is a lot to explore in Mauritius then just reefs and lagoons. Museums demonstrating rich culture and breathtaking heritage, parks, sea cruises and island exploration could also astonish tourists.

The Indian Ocean island nation is a densely populated nation, accommodating close to 1.2 million people. Cosmopolitan society exuding rich culture and heritage is one of the most sought countries by tourists globally. The Republic of Mauritius is a classic case of unity in diversity.

French, Creole and English are widely spoken languages, while English occupies the status of official language. Mauritian Rupee is the official currency.

Business-friendly policies and political stability have been instrumental in attracting investors from global companies. Sectors like tourism, telecommunication, engineering, banking, IT, education and finance among others are offering tremendous potential for growth.


A Mauritius visa is an official document/ letter/ stamp issued by the Department of Immigration, Government of Mauritius. Mauritius embassies and Consulates spread across the globe are officially authorised to issue a range of visas for foreign nationals, including Indians.

The holder of the Mauritius visa is allowed to visit the country as determined under the visa laws.


Depending on the objective behind the visa, an applicant can make his/ her application. Guidelines stipulated in this regard by the Department of Immigration should be adhered with in letter and support. While making your application, make sure, you have all the documents/ supportive documents required to obtain a specific Mauritius visa. Documents and guidelines may vary, depending on the type of visa, an applicant is seeking.

Visa not required

Nationals of certain countries have been exempted from visa. They are required to hold a valid passport to enter into Mauritius. The select list includes Canada, Australia, Argentina, France and Germany.

On arrival visa

There’s another important category called "On arrival Visa". Under this category, nationals of certain countries are allowed to travel to Mauritius without the visa. Travellers are given visa on arrival. India falls under this particular category. Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Jordan and Lebanon to name a few are also part of this special treatment by the Department of Immigration, Government of Mauritius.

Warning: Travellers found guilty of flouting the guidelines of the Department of Immigration are liable to be punished. Anybody travelling without an official visa issued by the concerned department may be deported to his/ her country.


To apply for the Mauritius visit visa, an applicant must fill in the application form available online or at the designated desk at the airport. The following documents are necessary to avail an arrival visa in the island nation:

  • Valid passport with minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Proof of flight ticket.
  • Blank visa pages in the passport for visa stamping.
  • Bank statements to ensure financial status.

The documents essential for visa varies from visa to visa. For example, in case, you are looking for a permanent residence permit, you need to submit documents galore, including bank statements, professional expertise, academic qualification and experience.


  • Passport with minimum validity of six months.
  • The applicant must be 18 years and above.
  • Blank visa pages in the passport for the stamping of visa.
  • Financial documents, like bank statements.
  • Good moral character.
  • No past criminal record.
  • Basic language proficiency English or French or Creole.
  • Good education background.
  • Extraordinary qualification, if any.
  • Travel insurance. 


The paradise called Mauritius is among the favourite destinations in the world. Tourism aficionados from across the globe enter into Mauritius to have a glance at incredible Mauritius. Tourism is playing an essential role in the ever-growing economy of the country.

Travellers' friendly policies have been implemented by the Government of Mauritius to attract tourists. Policies like visa exemption and visa on arrival are instrumental in lifting the tourism sector. Many other tourism friendly policies are in place.

Let’s now focus a bit on intricacies regarding the Mauritius tourist visa.

As far as India is concerned, we’ve close ties with Mauritius. There’s a close affinity between the rich culture of Mauritius and India. Perhaps, this has been instrumental in putting India in a particular visa category – “On Arrival Visa”.

Here are some of the essentials required to obtain Mauritius tourist visa:

  • Valid Indian passport with minimum validity of six months.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Blank visa pages in the passport.
  • Documents in support of financial status, like bank statements and salary slips.
  • Documents in support of proof of hotel booking/ accommodation.
  • Proof in support of flight bookings for Mauritius.
  • Tour itinerary, showing planned tour, start and finish.

On Arrival tourist visa fee for Indians

As per the rules stipulated by the Department of Immigration, Indians don’t require to pay any fee against the visa on arrival for tourism purpose. Mauritius visa cost for Mauritius tourist visa is nil.

Note: On the basis of an on arrival visa for Indians, an Indian can stay in Mauritius for a maximum period of 60 days, from the day of arrival. In case, you desire to extend your stay, connect with the Department of Immigration. After completing the due process, which can be completed on the same day, you can continue with your stay. To be on the safe side, you are advised to connect with the concerned department two/ three days before the expiry of the visa on arrival.


Visa is an extraordinary document issued by a foreign country to citizens of other countries. It’s an official endorsement to your request to enter into the country for a range of reasons. The purpose may vary from person to person. If your objective is to travel to Mauritius to hit the breathtaking tourist destinations then, you should apply for a Mauritius tourist visa.

Remember: Guidelines and requirement vary from visa to visa. Don’t mix and match.


The paradise called Mauritius is among the favourite destinations in the world. Tourism aficionados from across the globe enter into Mauritius to have a glance at incredible Mauritius. Tourism is playing an essential role in the ever-growing economy of the country.

Travellers' friendly policies have been implemented by the Government of Mauritius to attract tourists. Policies like visa exemption and visa on arrival are instrumental in lifting the tourism sector. Many other tourism friendly policies are in place.


The Government of Mauritius is committed to transforming the economic landscape of the nation. Business-friendly policies are in place to attract foreign investment and business conglomerate from across the globe. Mauritius is considered as one of the favourite destinations by businessmen.

Agro-business, hospitality, IT, engineering, banking and finance to name a few are essential contributors to the economy of Mauritius. Besides, there are other sectors too which are playing a crucial role in transforming the socio-economic landscape of the nation.

It doesn’t take too long to obtain the Mauritius business visa. The simplified business visa process is in place to enable a businessman to institute his/ her favourite company.

Here are some of the essential documents for acquiring Mauritius business visa:

  • Passport issued by the country of residence.
  • Blank pages in passport to stamp Mauritius business visa.
  • Proof of flights tickets.
  • Copies in support of accommodation.
  • Financial status – bank statements.
  • Proposed business plan.
  • Details of money to be invested.
  • Copies of educational qualification.
  • Copies in support of professional expertise.
  • Copies in support of your current company – PAN, GST and registration certificate.

The Island nation is perfect for establishing a business. Innovative ideas are appreciated and looked into by the concerned authorities. The business community in abundance can be your market too. Networking is advised for the businessman. Extract all your business contacts before instituting a business. You never know, someone from your contacts might be decisive for your dream company in Mauritius


The transit Mauritius visa is provided to travellers with connecting flight from Mauritius. These visas hold validity between 1 and 3 days. The applicant should be in possession of flight tickets for his next destination and valid passport of the country of residence, before making an application. Rules vary from nation to nation.


Talented and extraordinary workforce from across the globe is encouraged to obtain Mauritius work visa. The legal document allows the holder to work in the Indian Ocean nation. It’s also called as the Mauritius work permit.

To obtain the Mauritius work permit, the applicant must follow the following guidelines:

  • The duly completed work permit application form.
  • Four passport-sized photos in the white background.
  • Copy of the valid passport.
  • Certified copies of the employee’s academic record.
  • Certified copies of the professional qualification.
  • Copies in support of professional experience.
  • Copy of the appointment letter with the job description and salary and perks.
  • Letter of approval from the Department of Labour.
  • Copy of medical certificate issued by the Department of Health.
  • Documents in support of the company’s registration.

Creative professionals, including film stars, models, musicians, dancers and theatre artists don’t require any work permit to perform or conduct shows in Mauritius. The only condition is – the artist shouldn’t stay for 90 consecutive days in a year.


For international students desirous to pursue Bachelors and PG courses, Mauritius student visa is available. In this age of technology, to a great extent, a student can compile information about the courses, wherein he/ she wish to create a career. Information relevant to academic institutes can also be explored before taking the admission. 


Here are some of the benefits of studying in Mauritius on Mauritius student visa:

  • Affordable tuition fees.
  • Brilliant education quality.
  • Monitoring by academic and technical experts in the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).
  • Globally accepted language – English and French are being used.
  • Permission to work to support education fees.
  • Acquire professional experience during the academic course.
  • Positive socio-economic development.
  • Low living cost.
  • Affordable healthcare services.
  • Expeditious Mauritius student visa process.
  • IELTS certification not required.

Documents required

Here is the list of the documents needed to obtain a Mauritius student visa:

  • Admission letter from the University/ college/ institutes in support of admission.
  • Completed student visa form.
  • Bank statement in support of financial status.
  • Copies of a valid passport.


It is a special category visa designed to attract foreign investment. It’s very much to boost the economic development of the nation. The permanent residence permit is issued for ten years. Holder is entitled to work and live.

Here are the two essential conditions to hold the Mauritius permanent residence permit:

  • An investor with occupation permit and the turnover of his/ her company exceeds 45 million Mauritian Rupees during any consecutive period of 3 years.
  • An investor desirous to invest at least US Dollar 5,00000 in business activity stimulated by the Government of Mauritius, including Agro, Tourism, Banking, IT and Financials.


Indian citizens heading for Mauritius to explore tourism in the island nation don’t require paying any visa fee. They can avail the on arrival visa facility at the airport. For other visas, migration to other visas, Indian citizens have to pay the stipulated fee. The Mauritius visa cost depends on the type of visa.


The Department of Immigration, the Government of Mauritius, has an easy to navigate portal. You can apply online after meticulously going through the guidelines. On arrival, visa can be obtained from the airport. A designated desk is there to help the tourists. It’s endorsed on the same day.

Indian citizens can connect with the Mauritius Embassy in Delhi and Consulate in Mumbai for further information.


Status of visa more or less depends on the type of visa an applicant is seeking. An on-arrival visa can be availed on the same day. Tourist visa with a validity exceeding 60 days can be obtained in a week. Other visas like student visa and work permit can be obtained in around 15 working days if all conditions are up to the benchmarks.


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    Is passport compulsory to catch a transit flight from Mauritius?

    Yes, it’s mandatory to hold a valid passport for transit passenger. Flight tickets in support of the impending journey are also required. The Mauritius transit visa holds validity for three days.

    Does the Mauritius Government provide on arrival visa Mauritius visa for Indian citizens planning to enter as a tourist?

    Yes, Indian citizens goings to Mauritius have the luxury to obtain on arrival visa to explore the beautiful island nation.

    For how long an Indian national can stay in Mauritius on a visa obtained on arrival?

    The visa issued under the guidance of the Department of Immigration permits the Indian citizens to stay up to 60 days.

    Which Mauritius visa applies to a student entering into the island nation to pursue an academic course?

    The Government of Mauritius has stipulated student visa for the students desirous of pursuing an academic course.

    I’ve heard, Mauritius offers brilliant investment opportunities for businessmen. Which Mauritius visa should be suitable for me?

    Mauritius is one of the hot destinations for Indian businessmen. Make your application for Mauritius business visa and grab the opportunities with both hands waiting to be explored by businessmen.

    Does the Consulate of Mauritius in Mumbai deal with Mauritius visa related subjects and issues?

    Yes, the Consulate of Mauritius in Mumbai can be contacted for Mauritius visa.

    Can I convert my Mauritius visit visa to Mauritius business visa?

    Yes, follow the simplified process to migrate to Mauritius business visa from your current Mauritius visit visa.

    Is it necessary to take travel insurance?

    It is always recommended that you take travel insurance for every trip, regardless whether it is a domestic or international trip. It is most recommended for international trips to ensure that you never face problems if facing an emergency in an unknown country.

    Here are some of the salient features of Bharti AXA

    • Option to choose from the single trip and multi-trip annual plan.
    • Insurance provides medical cover.
    • Covers death – natural or accident in Mauritius.
    • Offers cover to permanent disability.
    • Partial disability covered.
    • Loss of passport, traveller cheque and tickets covered.
    • Offers Cover for baggage loss.
    • Flight cancellation and delays are insured.