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About Italy

Italy is a country in the South-Central area of Europe and is jutted to the Mediterranean Sea. There are many Scenic landscapes in the country comprising of the Alps and many other natural wonders. Italy is one of the favourite destinations of travelers around the world due to the landscapes, heritage and the rich culture of the country. Tourism is a big part of the economy of Italy due to all these reasons. The capital of Italy is Rome which is a very popular city for travel across the world. There are many important monuments in Rome, and it is also very famous for art. Other famous cities include Milan, Venice and Vatican City. Milan is the fashion hub of the world and therefore attracts a lot of fashion lovers annually. Venice is famous worldwide for its beauty and is, therefore, a major attractor of tourism to Italy. On the other hand, Vatican City is where the Roman Catholic church is which makes it the spiritual attraction of the country.

Italy is one of the countries in the European Union, and it is also a very powerful member of the same. The country also has a major role to play in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). These factors attract a lot of official visits to the country and further multiply the visitors. The visa for Italy cannot be received easily; one has to abide by the rules and regulations of Schengen visa to get an entry in the country.

Italy Schengen Visa

Italy is a part of the Schengen Countries group which means that the visa that is applicable is the Schengen Visa. The Schengen countries share a common legal framework and also a common system for the visas. The visa that is valid in one Schengen country is valid in all other Schengen territories. The visa can be obtained for short-term as well as long-term. There are total 26 Schengen countries among which 22 members are also the members of the European Union.

Thus, the Schengen visa is completely valid for a temporary or permanent stay in Italy. The Schengen visa is valid for 26 countries and they are, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Portugal, Poland, Norway, The Netherlands, Malta, Luxemburg, Lithuania. If someone holds a Schengen short-stay visa, he or she is allowed to enter the country and stay for a total of 90 days or less in the countries mentioned above within a validity period of 180 days. The visa is offered on a different basis like single entry, multiple-entries and airport transit visa. If the visa is required just for Italy, the Schengen short-stay visa is issued for limited territorial validity. In that case, the visa holder will not be able to visit other countries from Schengen and will only have access to Italy.

Eligibility for Italian Visa

It is very important that the visa applicants qualify in the eligibility criterion in order to get their visa approved. The applicants from India are supposed to qualify in the below-given criterion:

The applicant can also be third world country resident that is living in India on a temporary or a permanent residence permit.

It is important that the applicant possesses a valid Indian passport to get the visa approved for the Schengen territories.

Required Documents for Italy Visa

The visa to Italy will be approved by the Italian embassy only if the required documents are valid and are submitted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Schengen Visa. The documents that are required in order to get the visa for Italy approved there are following requirements:


Passport is the most important document when it comes to visa applications. In order to make sure that the application gets approved person has to possess a valid passport. The passport should have been issued within a period of 10 years before the application. The passport expiration date should be at least three months away from the applicant’s return from Italy, and also there should be a minimum of two blank pages in the passport.


Another compulsory document is a passport sized photograph is to be provided to the embassy to get the visa application approved. The photograph should have the face and shoulders of the applicant constituting 80% of the photograph.

Application Form

It is very important to fill the application form if you need a visa for Italy. This form can be downloaded online and then it is to be duly filled by the applicant. The details that are filled in the application form should be very precise and accurate.

Proof of Accommodation

It is not compulsory to submit the proof of accommodation, but they can make the procedure for application of Italian visa very easy. There is a risk in making the hotel bookings in advance as the cancellation of hotel bookings can be expensive in case the application of visa gets rejected. This is why it is not advised by the travel agents to make the hotel bookings for Italy in advance.

Business License

For the visa aspirants that are self-employed, the income tax returns and the license of the business are required for the visa application.

Proof of Income

The income of an applicant is to be justified to the embassy with proof. This is a required criterion as it clarifies whether an applicant can sustain financially during the stay in Italy or any other Schengen territory. If the parents of the applicant are sponsoring the visit, the bank statements of them are to be provided along with a letter of declaration that states that they will be sponsoring the trip. A signature of the parents on the bank statement is also required in this case.

No Objection Letter

A no objection letter is to be provided by the employer of the applicant stating that they have approved for the required leaves and does not have a problem with the applicant visiting Italy. This document is only applicable to the individuals that are employed.

Letter of Leave Approval

In case the applicant is a student, a leave approval letter from the college/university is required for the visa application.

Cover Letter

The cover letter is to be written by the applicant to get the application of the visa approved. This document explains the reason for the visit of the applicant to Italy. It has to justify not only the reason and the details of travel along with the document details.

Medical Insurance

The applicant is supposed to possess at least an insurance of 30,000 € for making sure that the application of the visa gets approved.

Certificate of Income Tax Return

The income tax return certificate of the previous year is to be submitted in order to get your visa application approved. This certificate is submitted to justify the income of the applicant to the embassy.

Flight Reservations

The flight tickets for the trip are also another important requirement for visa approval. The details of round-trip flight and the reason to travel is to be given to the embassy. The dates and other required details with proofs are also to be provided at the visa application centre

The application of an Italian visa is as simple as the procedure for other Schengen countries. The process has to be followed keeping in mind the rules and regulations, and it is listed as follows:


Identify the Visa Types

The first step to apply for a visa to Italy is to know which type of visa is to be applied for. The types of visas are identified based on the purpose of the visit of the applicant. The application is mainly dependent on the type of visa you apply for.

Fill the Application Form

The application form is the basis of the whole process of visa approval. You need to download the form from online and then fill it properly. It is to be made sure that all the information in the form is authentic to make sure that it gets approved.

Gather the Documents

There are certain documents that are required in order to file the application successfully. The documents are to be gathered by the applicant as soon as the application form is all set to be submitted. In case any document is missed the application does not get approved.

Fix an Appointment with the Italy Embassy

An appointment with the Italian embassy is to be scheduled in order to submit your visa application. It is not a mandatory requirement as you can submit the application without an appointment also. The embassy encourages submission of applications after an appointment.

Submission of the Application in the Visa Application Center

The Visa Application Center is the place for submitting the application along with the required documents. The required documents are to be submitted here with the duly filled application form. Their staff will help the applicant with the submission and makes sure that the application is reviewed properly. The information in the application is filed in the system by the staffs of Visa Application Center.

Track the Submitted Application

After all the related procedures of application are finished, after that, the visa aspirant has to wait for the approval of the embassy. The applicant can also track the application online to know what is the status of the application.

Collection of Passport and Related Documents

After the approval or rejection of the application, the applicant is supposed to collect the passport along with some other documents from the embassy. These documents can also be couriered to the applicant. If the visa is approved, the passport will come back with the visa sticker. The applicant is supposed to collect the documents personally. The third-party individual will be provided with the documents only in the below-given circumstances:

  • In case the individual is red carpet authority as per authorization on company letterhead.
  • In case the individual is an immediate family member of the applicant.
  • If the collection is on behalf of government officials, as specified on government letterhead.

Types of Visas for Italy

There are different types of visa when it comes to getting a visa to Italy. The types are differentiated based on the purpose of the visit of the individual, and the types are:

Limited Territorial Visa (LTV)

In case the visa applicant has to pay an emergency visit to one of the Schengen Territories, or under other specific conditions, a Limited Territorial Visa or LTV is provided. Usually, it is important that there is a specific reason for this. The major reasons behind granting Limited Territorial Visa are those with emergencies. If an applicant has to visit Italy for specific reasons, then he/she can be given this type of permit. In Limited Territorial Visa, the traveller is not allowed to visit any other territory apart from the one that the visa is for.

National Visa

Contradictory to the above-listed visas, a national visa is provided in case of a long-term stay in the Schengen territories. People who apply for this visa are those looking forward to staying in the territory for a long duration and for permanent residence. The common reasons to apply for the national visa could be that one is looking forward to work or study in the territory. Also, individuals that are willing to move for temporary projects also apply for a national visa. The further variations in the category are single entry and, multiple entries. In case immigrant has a multiple entry visa, he or she is free to travel in and out of Schengen territory multiple times. Multiple entry National Schengen visa is not granted easily, and one has to qualify as per strict criterion. For the visitors that are travelling to the Schengen area on a temporary project, the end of the project has to be the end of their stay in the territories.

Uniform Schengen Visa (USV)

The Uniform Schengen Visa or the USV are short-term visas in a limited validity. Third Party country residents are required to have this visa if they are visiting any of the Schengen territories for a short-term visit. This visa has the maximum duration of 90 days that have a validity of 180 days on the higher end. There are further bifurcations in this category, and they are:

Category A of USV includes the visa permits in which the applicant is allowed to visit the Schengen area only for the airports, and it is called the Airport Transit Visa. The category A visa is mainly for those travellers that are planning to visit the territory for a change of flights nothing more. The visit to anywhere except the airport is not permitted under this visa. This visa is compulsory for the third country visitors in the Schengen territories even if it is for a little while.

In Category C, the visa holder is allowed a stay of 90 days in Italy. This permit has a validity of 6 months, and the applicant can stay in Italy or any other Schengen country for 90 days during the Validity Period. This visa gives access to the visitor for all the Schengen territories. There are further types of visas in this category:

Type Description
Single Entry Visa The single-entry visa is mostly applied for by the visitors that are planning to visit the Schengen territories for tourist purpose. The holders of single-entry category C visa are allowed to enter the territory one time if the holders have left the country, they allowed to re-visit the country even if the duration allowed in the visa is not completed. The allowed duration of stay in a single visit is of 90 days, which should be in the validity period of 180 days. The single-entry visa is mentioned in the number of entries section of the visa sticker that is put on his/her passport.
Double Entry Visa This type of visa is similar to the single-entry visa apart from the number of entries allowed in the Schengen countries. The duration and validity of this visa also are of 90 days and 180 days. It is just that in the double entry visa the visitor is allowed to visit the country two times instead of one.
Multiple Entry Visa This option is selected by the individuals that have to travel to the Schengen area multiple times in the validity period. In this type of visa, the holder is allowed to travel to and from the Schengen territories like Italy multiple times during the validity period. The only condition here is that the total duration of stay in the visits should not exceed 90 days.

Fees for Italian Visa

Like the visa of all other countries, the Italian visa also has a fee. The fee structure for the same is very simple and explained in the below table:

Type of Visa Visa fee in EUR Visa fee in INR
Category A, B,and C 60 4880
Applicants aged 6-12 for
Category A, B, and C
35 285
Applicants aged below 6 0 0


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What is the longest time duration for which a visa is granted for a short-term visit on an invitation?

The permit depends upon the nature of the invite, the maximum period for which this type of visa can be issued of 90 days in 6 months.

When are fees for the application form payable?

It is important to pay the visa and service fees in cash after the submission of all your documents to the Visa Application Centre. Other payment methods such as bank cards, etc. are not acceptable by the Visa Application Center.

How many visits are allowed under the Schengen Visa?

The visa sticker for Schengen Visa suggests the number of entries of the applicant. The indication is listed as “1”, “2” or “MULT.” In case if “MULT” listings the holder is allowed to visit Schengen territories unlimited times unless the 90/180 rules are followed.

How long does it take for the visa application to get approved?

The visa application takes a maximum of 2 weeks to get approved. The applicants are advised to apply at least 15 days before their visit.

What is the information that is to be checked on the passport once it is received back?

The passport has to be verified immediately after receiving it back from the embassy. Applicant has to check the name on the passport, passport number, validity period, Date of Birth, etc. In case there are any errors you have to contact the nearest embassy.

Is it necessary to get travel insurance?

Taking travel insurance during a trip to abroad is always recommendable. Travel insurance allows you to enjoy your travel experience rather than stressing over things that can go wrong. Moreover, it allows you an easy way to deal with emergencies that may arise during your travel.

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