Indonesia Visa Guide

About Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its islands; in fact, it is the world’s largest island country as it comprises of more than seventeen thousand islands. Indonesia also has 127 active natural volcanoes. However, Indonesia is also a most spiritual place with numerous temples and other places of worship being the main attraction for many of the tourists. Other key attractions for tourists in the country include its magnificent beaches. Since the country has a considerable number of islands, it also has numerous beaches.

Here are a few things you should know before visiting the country. Indonesia is officially known as the Republic of Indonesia with Jakarta as its capital. The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian, but people in Indonesia also speak other regional languages like Javanese, Sundanese, and Minangkabau. Indonesia has natural resources like oil and natural gas, tin, copper. Agriculture includes rice, palm oil, tea, coffee, cacao, medicinal plants, spices, and rubber. The climate of Indonesia is tropical as it has only two seasons that are the wet season and dry season. The currency of Indonesia is Indonesia Rupiah.

Eligibility Criteria for Indonesia Visa

You are eligible to apply for Indonesian Visa if you have any of the purposes mentioned above. The criteria depend on the types of Visa you have issued. Visa is required if you are staying for more than 30 days. 

Visa on arrival -

For Visa on Arrival ( VOA) some documents need to be submitted to the authorities.

  • Indian passport is having at least six months validity upon arrival in the country.
  • Two blank pages in the passport.
  • A confirmed return ticket or a confirmed one-way ticket as well as a ticket issued for travelling to other countries after visiting Indonesia.

Passport -

  • Hold a passport valid for at least six months with at least two blank visa pages
  • Hold proof of onward and return flights
  • Hold all documents required for the next destination
  • Hold proof of sufficient funds relative to your intended length of stay
  • Confirm with your airline before your travel date that boarding will be permitted without visa i. e. if you are staying for less than 30 days.
  • Arrive and depart the country from one of the ports of entry listed. 
  • Passport must be in good condition; it must not be torn.

Photograph –

  • The photograph must be three months old, and it must be visible.
  • Be taken against an all-white background.
  • The size of the photo must be as mentioned.
  • Your photos should not be affixed to your application, and it may not display evidence of adhesive tape or staples.

Visa application form –

The applicant must submit the confirmation application page with the other documents so that the authorities are assured that you have filled up the online form.

Ticket and hotel reservations –

The applicant must have a copy of his flight and hotel reservations.

The applicant must provide his/ her recent bank statement.

Documents Required for Indonesia Visa

Additional documents for Indonesia Work Visa

Business Cover Letter

You are required to provide a Business Cover Letter from your U.S.-based company. All letters must be printed on company letterhead that displays a U.S. mailing address. Use the included sample Business Cover Letter to complete your letter.

Letter of Invitation

A copy of the letter of invitation must be provided to the authorities. The organisation that you are visiting should give you a letter of invitation. This letter must be written on the company’s letterhead. It should include the address and contact details of the organisation you are visiting.

If the applicant is minor –

If the applicant is minor, he/ she must attach his/her birth certificate with other documents. The applicant must provide a copy of his parent’s (father and mother) passport with their consent letter. The consent letter must be notarized.

Additional documents for Indonesia Multiple Visa –

Multiple Visa is issued to visitors who need to travel to the country numerous times. In case the applicant is going for medical treatment, the applicant requires to submit a copy of his/ her doctor's prescription with the recommendation letter.

Moreover, in case the applicant is travelling for education purpose then he/she needs to provide a copy of his /her university details. It can be receipt of a fee.

Additional documents for Indonesian Limited Stay Visa

Tourists cannot apply for Limited Stay Visa. Media associates, business associates, diplomats can apply for limited stay visa. The applicant must provide

  • The fully completed visa application which is signed and dated by the applicant.
  • Original Passport, the visa is only issued in a Passport that must be valid for more than 18 months from the intended length of stay.
  • A letter from your Indonesian sponsor, indicating the exact purpose of your travel to Indonesia. This letter is issued for individual applicants, no group letter with other applicants.  (a contract of work and the authorisation approval is not a sponsor letter).
  • A Business/Reference Letter from the sending company, mentioning the purpose of requesting the Limited stay visa.

Additional documents for Indonesian Journalist Visa

  • Company profile.
  • Lists of journalists and their positions.
  • Curriculum Vitae of each journalist.
  • Schedule of journalism activities in Indonesia.
  • Information on journalism activity.
  • List of equipment that will be used.
  • Detailed information about the local media partner.
  • List of resource persons to interviewed or shown in the film/documentary/ reality show/advertisement.
  • Letter of the statement signed by the applicants consisting of agreement to comply with all rules and regulations in Indonesia including regional regulations in holy sites and national parks.
  • Letter of the statement signed by the applicants consisting of agreement to pay entrance fees of tourist destination.
  • Letter of the statement signed by the applicants consisting of agreement to convey one copy of the final product of journalism activity to the Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia via the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in New Delhi.

Additional documents for Diplomatic and Service Indonesian Visa-

The applicant must apply to the Consular Office of the Republic of Indonesia. The applicant must attach a diplomatic note with the application. The note must be from official agencies or missions or international organizations.

The diplomatic note must include the following information of the applicant for all diplomatic and service visas, whether for temporary visits or assignments:

  • Name and date of birth;
  • Position and title;
  • Place of assignment or visit;
  • Purpose of travel;
  • A brief description of duties;
  • Travel date;
  • Anticipated length of stay; and
  • The names, relationships, dates of birth, and travel dates of any dependents and other members of the household who will be accompanying or joining the principal.
  • These are some of the additional requirements based on the types of Visa.

    Application Process for Indonesia Visa

    The applicant can apply directly from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in his/her state. 

    You can apply online through official website of Indonesian Immigration. All you need to do is fill up the application form that is available online. They have some instructions that you need to follow so that your form does not get rejected.

    Your application must have the following details:

    • Applicant's name must be the same with the name mentioned in your passport.
    • The applicant must fill all the details in the form. The mandatory fields will be marked with a red star. You can proceed with the form only after filling up all the details.
    • Applicant’s Signature
    • Upload a photo of a size that is mentioned in the form.  The photograph must match the photo that is attached in the document.
    • The applicant needs to attach and submit the print of online visa application confirmation page with all the other visa application documents. The application can be rejected if the confirmation page is not provided.

    After filling the online form, the applicant will be registered by the authorities. Before granting the authorities will verify visa documents. A visa will be issued only after the verifications are done and the fee is paid.

    Where to submit the Visa documents?

    The form can be filled online, but the documents need to be submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in New Delhi.

    If you follow the instructions mentioned above, it usually takes 4 to 7 business days to process the Indonesian Visa.  It may extend, but it depends on the documents that are provided. The documents that are submitted will be verified, and it may take some time. But these happen in rare cases.

    Types of Indonesian Visa


    Visa on arrival (Single Entry Visa)

    Visa on arrival is also known as VOA. Visa on arrival is a visa that is issued after you reach the destination. You don't need to issue your visa beforehand. Visa on arrival might sound like an easy process, but sometimes it can be a lengthy process. As people have started using VOA people, have to wait for their turn. All the countries do not offer visa on arrival.

    Indonesia Tourist Visa (Single Entry Visa)

    Indonesia is the country of Islands. It attracts tourists from different places. Tourist Visa is for those tourists who love to travel and like to explore different places.

    Socio-Cultural Visa (Single Entry Visa)

    Socio-Cultural Visa is issued for the purpose like a family gathering, meeting a friend or you want to attend a festival related to culture, sports or education.

    Indonesia Business Visa (Single Entry Visa)

    Business Visa is a visa that is granted for business purpose, and as Indonesia has agriculture crops and natural resources, it offers business to people from all over the places. Just make sure you mention the type of business

    Indonesia Multiple Visa

    Multiple Visa means you can travel multiple times to the country that has issued you the visa. The duration of multiple visas depends on the purpose. Multiple visas can be used for medical purpose or for study purpose as a person needs to travel a lot from time to time.

    Indonesia Limited Stay Visa

    Limited Stay Visa is for those who wish to stay in a particular country for a more extended period. The duration of stay has to be at least two years. The purpose can be business related, medical treatments or for education purpose. The reason can be anything but the visitor must mention it.

    Indonesia Journalist Visa

    Journalist visa is granted to the media associates. Media associates like reporters, filmmakers. As the country is full of islands, it attracts filmmakers to its country. Filmmakers choose outdoor locations for their movies and also want to explore the country. Reporters and journalists talk or write about the country and its culture. It kind of grabs the attention of the tourists.

    Indonesia Diplomatic & Service Visa

    Diplomatic visa is granted for foreign citizens who have a diplomatic passport, for the conduction of diplomatic duties or assignments in Indonesia. A diplomatic passport is for the diplomats who are the representative of a particular country.

    Service Visa is a visa issued for foreign citizens who have service passport/Laissez-Passer United Nations, for the conduction of non-diplomatic duties or assignments in Indonesia.

    Indonesian Visa Fees

    The Indonesia visa cost is based on the types of Indonesian Visas


    - Visit Visa up to 60 days (Single Entry Visa) €   50,00
    - Multiple Visa (Multiple Entry Visa) for one year € 115,00
    - Limited Stay Visa up to 6 months (Single Entry Visa) €   60,00
    - Limited Stay Visa up to 12 months (Single Entry Visa) € 110,00
    - Limited Stay Visa up to 24 months (Single Entry Visa) € 185,00
    - Limited Stay Visa for up to 5 years (Single Entry Visa) € 250,00


    In Indian currency (rupees)

    • Single Entry Visa: Rs 3,300
    • Multiple Entry Visa: Rs 7,260
    • Limited Stay Visa for six months: Rs 3,630
    • Limited Stay Visa for one year: Rs 6,930
    • Limited Stay Visa for two years: Rs 11,880
    • Limited Stay Visa for five years on Special Economic Zone: Rs 16,500
    • Limited Stay Visa on Arrival for 30 days: Rs 3,500


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    Can Indians apply for Visa on Arrival?

    Yes, Indians can apply for VOA, and it is mandatory to obey the rules and regulations of the country.

    Can I travel to Indonesia without a Visa?

    You can travel to Indonesia without a Visa if you are staying there for less than 30 days. If the duration is more than 30 days, then you need to apply for an Indonesian visa.

    Can I apply for a Multiple Visa?

    Yes, you can apply for a Multiple Visa if you are eligible or if you meet the Indonesia visa requirements.

    Is the Indonesian Embassy in India?

    There are 5 Indian states which have an Indonesian Embassy namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Madras.

    Can I apply for an Indonesian Visa if I have a passport which is torn?

    No, you cannot apply for a Visa if the passport is not in good condition. By doing this, you can only create a problem for yourself.

    What is the processing time for the Visa?

    It usually takes 4 to 7 business days if the documents provided are accurate.

    Can Tourists apply for Limited Stay Visa?

    Tourists cannot apply for a Limited Stay Visa as they are in the country for tourism purpose.

    Can Multiple Entry Visas be issued for Business purpose?

    Yes, you can apply for multiple entry visas for a business purpose if you are required to travel to a particular country for multiple times.

    What is the difference between a single entry visa and multiple entry visas?

    Single entry visa means you can travel only once to the country which has issued you the visa and multiple entry visa is issued when you go to the country numerous times.

    What is Diplomatic Visa?

    Diplomatic Visa is issued to the representative of the country who travel to other countries to perform diplomatic responsibilities or duties for their country.

    What is Service Visa?

    Service Visa is a visa issued for foreign citizens who have service passport/Laissez-Passer United Nations, for the conduction of non-diplomatic duties or assignments in Indonesia.

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