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All About Germany

We all know Germany for one big thing, right? Yes, their football legacy. Germany is known to be one of the most successful national teams playing loud in International competitions, having won four world cups straight. German football team is considered second most successful team in the world. But apart from just that, there are a lot of things to know about Germany. In German language, Germany is named as Deutschland. But before it was called Germany, it was known as GERMANIA. Germany was part of the Holy Roman Empire right from 900A.D. until 1806. It was an amalgamation of two separate countries, the Federal Republic of Germany i.e. West Germany and the German Democratic Republic i.e. East Germany from 1949 to 1990. The capital city was declared to be Berlin and was divided into east and west. During that time, the Berlin wall was constructed between the two parts by the East German. Later, for the contrary step West Germany was the one who started with the European Union. Germany follows a constitutional federal democracy. Euro is being adopted as legal country currency. Their motto stands tall by the words - "Unity, Justice and Freedom" Today, Germany is ranked among seventh most visited country in the world because of its land structure. Still one-third part of Germany is covered vastly in woodland and forest base, thus attracting tourist and residents all around the year. Some of the main attractions being Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral, The Black Forest, Castle Neuschwanstein, The Rhine Valley, Bamberg and the Burgerstadt, Zugspitze Massif and the most famous point The Berlin Wall. It is even considered among Europe’s second largest beer consuming country.


Thinking of Germany?

You can be resident of any country; Germany has no problem with that. They welcome everyone. The only thing which differs is the rules and visa type for differentcitizens based on their nationality. For example, the citizens of U.S. can enter Germany without a visa for a period of 90 days for business purposes as well as tourism but the passport should be valid for six months or beyond the actual stay or if you come under EU members then you need not require any visa, you just need to carry identification documents and you can be all set to go in. As an Indian citizen, you need some extra formalities forSchengen visa to reach the German land.


Schengen Visa

European Union decided to cut the hassle and come up with single visa system among all European countries. 26 countries participated in this agreement. Now, all 26 European states have a common visa known as Schengen visawhich is an official document issued to the traveller or business person who is interested in visiting any of these European countries.

Schengen countries are Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

According to the recent survey of Henley Passport Index 2018, Germany passport is the most powerful passport among the whole world. The passport holder is officially liable to visit a bundle of 177 countries without any formalities of visa. But if one is planning to set up a business there or would like to stay for the purpose of shifting and getting a permanent residency, one may require long-term German national visa as the stay would exceed the period of 90 days.


Types Of Visas

Once you have decided your destination, the very next step is to collect information and understanding the process of application through a proper medium and source. But before anything else, you need to get to know about the type of visa needed for your purpose of travel to Germany.

German visas are always in demand as it allows one to visit multiple counties with just one visa in hand. That makes it easy for the people to try in because the process is too lengthy and one would like to avoid such hard times again and again. The type of visa depends solely on the purpose and duration of stay. You can get some clear idea about your visa type by going through the following categories:



We Indians love to travel to different countries, right? Indians who are mesmerized by the beauty of Germany and are curious to visit them in person are supposed to obtain a tourist visa for a specific duration of the planned vacation. Tourists visa are mostly for short duration of 3 months or 90 days.


Pay a visit to family and friends:

People who would want to meet their friends and relatives in Germany will have to mention this reason particularly during the visa process and then would have to apply for tourist visa only.

Student applicant visa:

Indian students who want to pursue higher studies in Germany but are confused as to which programme would suit best according to his/her past profiles or those who have selected the course and have applied but is waiting for the university confirmation, can opt for student applicant visa and go there.

Student Visa:

This visa is granted to the students who have been selected in the University for Higher Studies. Documents stating the admission have to be presented before the visa officials to obtain the visa.

Job Visa:

Indians who want to pursue their further career in Germany with an aim of getting a good and permanent job are liable to apply to job visa by presenting the past documents of work experience and qualifications.

Working Visa:

People who are willing to work under the Germany democracy are liable to opt for work visa. It is not same as job visa. One has to state the type of work one needs to carry out within the country premise. If it is proved legal and beneficiary to the country, only then the applicants are granted permission as well as permanent work visa.

Business Visa:

Indians are always looking for one or the other business across. Those who are willing to start a new business or want to expand their current business should apply for business visa in particular. The conditions would be different for this type of visa as the outcome of it would be a part of the currency and development of the country. Type of business has to be stated clearly while applying for the visa. The German officials would check the details of the business and would double check that the business is not harmful to the countrymen as well as to the overall progress of the country. Only then they would permit the working of such activity.

Airport Transit Visa:

People who are travelling to other countries but has a flight via Germany, has to compulsorily obtain airport transit visa for successfully reaching the final destination. If the passenger is without transit visa, the authorities have the full power and right to stop or cancel the exit of the passenger from the Germany airport without considering any argument, allegations or situation.

Training Visa:

Some are a part of International companies and as a part of their job; they need to go to Germany for further training. One has to specifically mention every detail regarding the training along with the date of return. The officials would verify with the training institute as well as the trainer before granting the visa.

Internship Visa:

Indian students who are willing to opt for international internship at Germany in any field are supposed to opt for internship visa. All details regarding the internship as well as about the company should be provided in brief to the officials. With due verification, the visa would be approved.

Trade Fair Visa:

Germany organizes many trade fairs all over the year. The Indian attendees need to opt for trade fair visa for attending the event. All details regarding the organizers as well as the whole schedule have to be provided in brief before the officials to obtain the legal visa.

Exhibitions Visa:

Germany is famous for exhibitions. And one of the biggest car exhibitions is organized by Germany across the world. For attending such exhibitions, Indians need to apply for an exhibition visa. All the details have to be mentioned in brief for obtaining the visa with ease.

Medical Treatment Visa:

Germany is known for some of its advanced medical facilities. In India, we do not have such high tech facilities to cure some of the deadly diseases. So, in the case of Indian patients’ needs any advance treatment from Germany, he or she has to apply for medical treatment visa for acquiring full medical ailment in Germany land. Brief detail regarding the particular disease, the hospital where the patient has to be treated as well as the doctor who would be treating the patient have to be provided to the visa officials in order to proceed with the visa process. If the officials find any unreasonable statement or clue, the visa can be denied at once without further questions.

Research Visa:

While pursuing higher studies as well as after Ph.D. level, the scientists would plan a whole research on a particular country or particular issue of any country. Sometimes scientists and scholars are invited by counties to carry out a research on their own country and study a particular issue in order to solve them in a broad way. So, for that purposes, research visa has to be obtained for a specific duration of time. The research has to be valid. All the details would be checked before allowing anyone to carry the research as it would involve a lot of personal information about the country and can harm the safety of the country.

Language Learning Visa:

Some people are fond of learning new languages as a part of their hobby while some want to learn it for career purposes. If one wants to learn the German language by personally going to German land, then he or she has to apply for a visa stating the same reason. Once the purpose is clarified in front of the officials, one has the visa in hand and can learn the language within the specified duration of time.

Miscellaneous Purpose

There can be many reasons for going to Germany. Not all purposes are covered under visa directory. So, when your purpose or reason is not covered under any of the above categories, you can apply the visa under miscellaneous category and claim your visa. But you have to be very clear while narrating your purpose in front of the officials. If your reasons are not justified to be valid under the norms, your visa can be denied under such situations.




Now, when you are clear about your visa category, it’s time for you to apply for your visa. There are two modes for doing so- online as well as offline. You can seek help of an agency who would do all the work for you in return of some amount or else you can collect the documents and apply it online. We have tried to make it easy for you by segregating the application process step wise. So, that you don’t miss any details and skip the main step for applying to German embassy.

Step 1: Check About Visa

The very first thing you need to figure out is which type of visa you need. If you are going for short term duration then the requirements and process would be different from that of long term. So, according to your purpose and duration, you need to collect information and take the steps further.

For short duration i.e. for 90 days, you will need a Schengen visa. You can extent your visa and stay by applying to the visa embassy with the valid reasons. For long term duration i.e. more than 90 days of stay in Germany, you need to apply for German national visa in order to get the permission to stay within German premises.

If you are there through Schengen visa and you stay there long term without applying for long term one, you would receive a notice in the form of a warning and can be sent back to your country without listening to any of your excuses or justification. German embassy is strict with their rules.

Step 2: Book Your Appointment

You can’t go directly to the embassy one fine day. You won’t be entertained there. You need to take a proper appointment beforehand from the embassy. All the required documents have to be handy on that day. Your half preparation would ruin your day and delay it till you get the next appointment. You wouldn’t want that right? So, it’s better to take proper note of the documents required for visa application before heading to the embassy.

Step 3: Visa Embassy

You need to visit the embassy on the day of your appointment. You need to be on time for it. You are allowed a slag of 10 minutes. If you are late by more than 10 minutes, the embassy won’t entertain that and your application won’t be accepted that day.

Once you reach the embassy, your appointment letter will be checked and verified carefully. You will get a token after the verification. You will then need to handle your documents to the embassy for further verification.

Step 4: Visa Application

Your documents will be under verification process. It would approximately take 10 to 15 minutes to verify all your documents properly. Both your application form and documents will be verified.

Before handling the document, you need to make sure that the application form is filled up properly and signed it correctly. Even the documents should be arranged properly as per the mentioned requirements along with all the photocopies of the same documents. If it is not done properly, you will be issued one more token for it and will be asked to re-submit it. This will delay your process.

If there is no fault in the documents, then you will need to submit the application form, all documents plus your passport to the embassy for some specific duration of time. You cannot take back your passport by any chance for any urgent reasons too. If you do so, your application will be cancelled and you will have to apply all over again and follow the same process.

Step 5: Information Into Embassy System

Your information will be added online into the embassy system. Once your data is entered, you will receive a hard copy of the same which you need to sign in front of the embassy officials. Before doing that, make sure that the details are entered in a proper manner and there is no spelling mistake or any missing data error. This would take around 15-20 minutes. In the meanwhile, you will be asked to pay 60 Euros as the application fees. After that you will get a receipt of the same which you would need at the time of collecting back your application.

Step 6: Biometric Fingerprint Scan

After all this process is done, then at the end you will be asked to do a biometric scan. In this, through digital scanner, you will be asked to do a 10-digit fingerprint scan. This entire process would be done in around 10 minutes. The embassy would send it further within next few days. You just need to take care of the receipt in order to get back your passport. With this last step, your application process ends smoothly.

Documents Required

Germany application process is simple. It doesn’t require many documents and the process is not lengthy. Following documents has to be present and duly signed:

Following documents has to be present and duly signed:

Application Form:

Your application form should include all the mentioned details in brief. The purpose of your travel should also be mentioned. According to your purpose, your visa type will be decided.

If the applicant already had aSchengen visa before, then he or she can just mail the documents but if this is for the first time then the applicant need to fill the details and hand it over to the embassy personally.


Your passport must be valid. It should be issued within the last 10 years and 3 months validity is required after the date of the scheduled return. There should be two empty pages left on the passport otherwise it won’t be accepted by the embassy.

Two Passport Size Photograph

You just need two passport size photographs. It should not be older than 6 months.

Travel Medical Insurance

Proper proof of travel medical insurance has to be provided to the embassy. If the information is false and something happens in the transit of during the trip, German embassy will not be responsible for the same.

Details of stay and duration should also be mentioned accurately.

Proof Of Financial Status

Proof about your financial stability and status should be mentioned. All the bank details should be mentioned. It has to be all true. Any doubt in this document, would lead to cancellation of your visa.

Proof Of Civil Status

It is mandatory to provide details about your marital status. You need to mention details about your spouse as well as children if any.

Accommodation And Transport Details

All details about the flight as well as stay should be mentioned in brief. In case you are staying with your relatives or friends, their passport as well as Id card details has to be mentioned as a proof in front of the embassy.

Invitation Letter

Unless you are a student or a job seeker, you are not required to submit any proof of invitation letter. If you are going there for job related reasons then you need to submit the offer letter or if you are a student then you need to submit the proof of your acceptance letter.

You need to include document together along with their photocopies. Also make sure you have one copy with you, in case of any emergency or loss of documents.

Visa Status

After completing the whole process, you will be asked to wait for some specific duration of time for the visa. It usually takes 15-18 days to complete everything and get the visas in your hand.

Germany embassy is too quick in granting visas if process is done correctly. All you need to do is just sit back and wait for your visas. Have a good trip!



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