Bahrain Visa Guide

About Bahrain

Bahrain is considered as one of the wealthiest nations in the world. The country belongs to the liberal Muslim. There are places where people are conservative, but that is worth knowing the social norms of the area.

If you intend to visit Bahrain as a tourist then you should know that various archaeological sites are situated near Manama. The Barbar Temple which is known for the god of Wisdom and sweet water and Tiny Ad Diraz Temple is an example of the raw archaeological site. The Hawar Islands would be a good rescue for peaceful place. It is land for various endangered species and marine life. You can also explore excellent opportunities like pearl diving, watching dolphins, and various water sports.

Why is Bahrain Visa Needed?

Indian nationals are required to get the visa to visit Bahrain. The type of visa depends on the purpose, usually for tourism, business, investment or employment.

Bahrain Visa Eligibility

The eligibility criteria are defined for each type of visa. The requirements are aligned with the purpose of the visit, the desired duration of stay, number of entries and other similar factors.

Bahrain Visa Application Process

How to Apply for Bahrain Visa:

You can apply online for a Bahrain visa or through the embassy. In India, Bahrain has embassy offices in Mumbai and New Delhi. Before selecting the appropriate office or mode of application, it is recommended to check the eligibility and requirements that is available on the official website of Bahrain visa application.  You have an option to apply for the visa directly by yourself or through an authorized travel agent or authorized representative. Below are the indicative examples of a valid representative on behalf of the applicant:

  • In the case of business visa, your company's authorized employee can represent you. Your visa application must have documents to establish employment relations with your company. The person who will serve you must also have a company ID card and authorization.
  • In the case of tourism, medical or education visa, your nearest family member can represent you.
  • You can submit your application to any government authorized travel agent.

When you apply through a representative, it is mandatory to issue the authority in favor of the representative to submit your application and collect your passport with the visa.

However, Bahrain offers an online visa to the Indian nationals for the majority of the visa types. You can visit the web portal of the Bahrain visa; the processes are as below:

  • Click on “Apply for Visa” link.
  • The separate window for e-Visa will open.
  • If you are applying from India and do not hold the visa of any Gulf country, select the option “No” in the “Residence permit of GCC Country.”
  • Select the purpose of your visit.
  • Based on the purpose selected, the detailed selection list of purpose will appear. Select the most appropriate detailed purpose for you.
  • Select the nationality as mentioned in your passport.
  • Click “Next” to proceed.
  • There will be several visa options you can select from.
  • Based on your desired stay period, you can choose an appropriate visa for you.
  • Before proceeding, you can check the “Conditions” link. It will give you details about document requirement, fees payment, and essential conditions during your travel to Bahrain.
  • Click on “Apply Now”
  • Enter required details like your passport number, name, address and other information as requested.
  • The further processes will be self-guiding, where you can make an online payment and avail the e-Visa.

Where to Apply for Bahrain Visa?

While most of the Bahrain Visa applications are processed online, you may be required to visit the embassy in case of further clarification needed. Alternatively, you can visit the embassy if you are not comfortable with the online visa application. Bahrain has embassy offices in India as mentioned below:

New Delhi
  • Consulate General of The Kingdom of Bahrain
  • A 16/2, Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar 
    New Delhi - 110057 
    Phone No:   011-26154153/4 
  • Consulate General of The Kingdom of Bahrain
  • 53, Maker Tower "F"
    5th floor
    Cuffe Parade, Colaba,
    Mumbai - 400005.
  • Phone No. 022-2218 5856 / 7 / 8 


How to Book Appointment?

For any inquiry you can further reach the below details:

Contact No.: +973-13633433


Bahrain Visa Eligibility

Before you enter Bahrain you need to fulfill the below-mentioned criteria:

  • A valid passport which is valild for minimum six months.
  • Visa application form which is duly filled.
  • Round ticket for your travel.
  • One passport size photo.
  • A bank statement which can handle your expenses in Bahrain.
  • Proof of your stay in Bahrain and the duration of the visit.
  • Purpose of the visit should be mentioned.

How to Check Status of Bahrain Visa?

Most visa applications are electronically processed when you apply for e-Visa. Once you submit your application, you shall be provided Application Reference Number. You can click on the “Check on e-Visa” button on the website of the Bahrain e-visa. By entering the Application Reference number, you can know whether your application is under progress, a visa granted or rejected. In case you don’t have Application Reference Number, you can enter your passport number, nationality, and date of birth. Usually, the process takes 72 hours to give the decision.

In case of prolonged delay or rejection of your visa application, you can contact the Embassy office in Mumbai or Delhi, or reach NAPA (The General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence).

Bahrain Visa Document Requirements

Documents Required for Bahrain Visa application

You need to compile documents as per requirement mentioned against each visa type. Bahrain visa applications are simple and mostly decided by the purpose of the visit. The most common conditions are discussed below:


You need to fill up the online application form. It usually requires to fill details like your full name, passport number, and permanent address.


You need to submit a photocopy of the first and the last page of your Indian passport. Your passport must be valid enough to cover your travel dates in Bahrain. Moreover, depending on the type of visa, the passport validity requirement could be minimum three to six months from the date you apply for Bahrain visa. In case of your passport validity is in doubt, you may be denied the visa.


Return Air Ticket: You must submit the copy of return air ticket to avail specific type of visa – for example, long term Business visa stipulates such condition.


You have to show your hotel booking confirmation in Bahrain. Alternatively, if you are staying at friend or relative’s home in Bahrain, you can submit the copy of their CPR Reader’s printout.


It is necessary to show evidence that you can meet your expenses during your visit to Bahrain. You need to give a copy of the bank statement for the last three months. The ending balance should meet the minimum threshold set for the particular type of Bahrain visa. In most of the visa types, the minimum threshold is for BD 300. Make sure that the bank statement is duly stamped and signed by the bank and it shows your full name.


Additionally, if you are the visa holder of GCC, USA, Schengen, UK, European or Canada, you can attach the copy of the same to strengthen your Bahrain visa application. This document is optional and not mandatory.


In case of physical application, you should attach a recent passport size photo along with required documents.


It is recommended to avail sufficient overseas travel insurance for yourself to attend any emergency need during your visit to Bahrain. You can consider opting comprehensive travel insurance that can meet travel emergencies like delay of the flight, plane highjack, sickness during stay, theft of baggage and other situations.


For most visa applications, it is mandatory to show the evidence of sponsorship by the citizen or company based in Bahrain.


Copy of the present passport in its entirety is required to submit.


For student visa, the additional documents like proof of admission, fee payment receipt, last year’s certificate may be required.


Bahrain Tourist Visa

What is Bahrain Tourist Visa?

This visa is issued to the visitor of outside countries. The primary purpose of the visitor is to explore the country. They do not seek any employment or business during their visit to Bahrain.

Duration of Bahrain Tourist Visa

The period depends on the visit of the person, which can vary as follows:

Type of Visa Validity Possible to Extend Days
Single Entry Visa Two weeks Per stay Two weeks
Multiple Entry Visa Three months
(One month per visit)
Two weeks
Multiple Entry Visa One Year
(Three months per visit)
Two weeks
Sponsored Visa
(Single Entry)
One week per stay One week
Sponsored Visa
(Single Entry)
Two weeks per visit Two weeks
Sponsored Visa
(Single Entry)
One month per visit One month
Sponsored Visa
(Multiple Entry)
One month
(Two weeks per stay)
Two weeks


Eligibility Criteria for Bahrain Tourist Visa

To be eligible for a Tourist visa for Bahrain, some conditions should be met:

  • The applicant must not be a citizen of Bahrain
  • Valid passport with validity of minimum six months.
  • Confirm return ticket to ensure the stay in Bahrain.
  • Bank statement ensuring your expenses in Bahrain is covered.
  • All bookings of your stay in Bahrain.
  • The visit of the applicant should not violate The National Welfare of Bahrain.

The application process for Bahrain Tourist Visa

There are a few steps that applicant needs to complete for the Bahrain Tourist Visa:

  • Duly filled the application form.
  • A valid passport and a copy of it.
  • Complete the payment procedure for the visa (use safe payment gateway).
  • The application might take a minimum of 72 hours for processing.

Documents required for Bahrain Tourist Visa

What are the necessary documents for Bahrain Tourist Visa? Let's clear them here:

  • A copy of the valid passport
  • Copy of the return ticket
  • Proof of your stay in Bahrain
  • Bank statement to take care of your expenses in Bahrain.

Bahrain Visa Types

Bahrain Business Visa

The business visa or Bahrain work visa the most commonly sought visa to visit Bahrain.  The purposes could be for Motorsport event, study, medical, NGO, charity, sport, conference, exhibition, transit, journalism, or any other use of your business. Indian nationals can get the visa from two weeks to 90 days. You can apply for the visa through the embassy or internet application. Depending on the options chosen and eligibility, you can get a single entry or multiple entry visas.

Bahrain Tourist Visa

Similar to business visa, the Bahrain tourist visa is also issued based on specific purposes explained in the visa application. You can select appropriate detailed purposes among the options mentioned. If the purpose of your visit is not shown on the list, you can choose "Other" purpose and write the same. You can get the visa from seven days to 90 days, depending on your request in the application and the eligibility for your visit.

F1 Grand Prix Visa

If you want to attend the F1 Grand Prix event at Bahrain International Circuit, you can apply for the visa under this particular category. You can apply through the Bahrain embassy or online mode. The visa is granted for two weeks. The Government of Bahrain allows this visa free of cost. However, you need to buy the valid ticket or avail the pass to attend the F1 Grand Prix event to be eligible for this visa.

Investment Visa

If you want to invest in Bahrain, you can apply for an investment visa. You shall be granted the visa for three months on a single entry basis. The best part of this visa if you don't have to visit the embassy of Bahrain for visa application. You can apply directly on the internet and avail e-Visa.

Duration of Bahrain Visa

Each visa goes through the same procedure:

Type of Visa Validity of Visa Possible to Extend
Single Entry Visa Two weeks Per stay Two weeks
Multiple Entry Visa Three months
(1 month per visit)
Two weeks
Multiple Entry Visa 1 Year
(3 months per stay)
Two weeks
Sponsored Visa
(Single Entry
One week per stay One week
Sponsored Visa
(Single Entry)
Two weeks per visit 2 weeks
Sponsored Visa
(Single Entry)
One month per stay One month
Sponsored Visa
(Multiple Entry)
One month
(2 weeks per stay)
Two weeks


Bahrain Visa Fees

There is a specific amount an applicant needs to pay for Bahrain Visa:

Duration of Visa
(Single, Double, Triple or Multi-Entry)
Six months 16
Six months to one year 25
One year to five years 50


Note: Additional service charge of 0.500 BD is charged and 1 BD for Indian Community welfare by the Government of India.


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If I have applied for Bahrain visa on the internet, do I need to take a printout of the visa?

For your convenience, you can keep a printout of E-visa with you. However, the visa officer at the airport will be able to trace your visa based on your passport number. It is not mandatory to keep the printout.

Can I work in Bahrain if I have a valid travel visa or business visa?

No, you need to avail specific work permit with your employment proof before you enter into Bahrain. To work under business or tourism visa is considered a breach of visa conditions and severe action can be taken against you.

Am I allowed to extend my stay beyond the date of visa validity?

In some instances, Bahrain allows the extension of the visa. You need to approach the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs office (NPRA) when you are in Bahrain. Upon satisfactory reason, your visa can be extended after payment of specified fees.

What is the passport validity required when you enter in Bahrain?

Be sure that your passport has validity of a minimum of six months. Although some visa may allow lesser validity, it is recommended to have clear validity beyond your valid visa. The Bahrain authority may deny you visa or entry to the country (even if you have an electronic visa) if the validity of your passport is under question.

I am not comfortable to apply for the online visa. What can I do?

In most of the visa types, both - online and offline options are available. You can visit the embassy of Bahrain either in Mumbai or New Delhi to apply for the visa. Alternatively, you can apply through the authorized travel agent for your convenience.

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