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Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Cover

How Unforeseen Events Can Impact Your Vacation?

Travel is one of the best ways to escape routine. When the day of travel comes after months of planning, it offers an instant feeling of gratification. The new and unique experiences at a faraway land get etched to our memories forever, and even before the vacation is over, we start planning for another. It’s a circle that somewhere keeps us happy and wanting for more. However, sometimes, the experience isn’t quite what we plan for. A dream vacation can instantly turn into a nightmare with unforeseen events like baggage loss, medical emergency, and more.

Such things are part of life and can happen anywhere and anytime. Life doesn’t care whether we are on vacation or at some other important occasion. Though prevention of such situations is not a possibility, precaution certainly is. This is where the importance of travel insurance coverage comes in. With a travel insurance policy by your side, you can take care of any unforeseen circumstances without affecting your budget and finances. Travel insurance keeps you covered for medical expenses, baggage loss, and what not.

What Things Are Covered Under Travel Insurance?

  • Medical Expenses

When it comes to travelling to a different country, you are usually tied under a budget. All activities are planned, and most bookings are made in advance to save money. Any extra expense usually puts a burden on the coming days of the vacation. In such a tight situation, if you happen to incur any illness or injury during the trip, your travel insurance coverage will help keep finances in check. This can include coverage for hospital charges, physician services, and ambulance services, among others. Travel insurance will let you keep the excitement for the trip intact while taking care of any extra medical expenses that may cross your path.

  • Repatriation And Emergency Medical Evacuation

Travel insurance policy provides the necessary coverage for medical evacuation to the nearest medically equipped facility. With a travel insurance coverage, stay assured to be provided medically equipped flights to send you back to your home country (if required). If something happens to you during the trip, the cost incurred for the repatriation of mortal remains to the home country is also compensated through travel insurance.

  • Dental Treatment

Travel insurance also takes care of acute anesthetic treatment of a natural tooth or teeth during a trip. However, the compensation received is subject to limit of the sum assured. Worry-free travel has become a possibility with travel insurance coverage that takes care of even the minutest problems that you may come across during the trip.

  • Personal Accident

Uncertainties can happen anytime; keep yourself safeguarded with a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance provides coverage and compensation for accidental bodily injuries. Not just this, permanent and partial disablement is also a part of the travel insurance coverage. Travel insurance also covers death caused in an accident.

  • Hospitalization Daily Allowance

Travel insurance offers daily allowance in case of hospitalization while you are on a trip. The travel insurance coverage offers payment of the daily allowance for the number of days of hospitalization, which should fall within the maximum number of days specified in the policy document. Check the travel insurance policy to keep yourself informed about the inclusions and exclusions in case of hospitalization.

  • Loss Of Passport And Documents

Losing a passport or any other important document in a foreign country is the last thing you would want to happen. You can be careful in taking care of all your important documents; however, preventing any loss completely is not a possibility. With a travel insurance policy by your side, you will be reimbursed for the cost associated with regaining lost passport or any other important document. Travel insurance helps you have a worry-free international trip.

  • Legal Expenses

Dealing with legal matters in a foreign land is indeed a nightmare. However, with a travel insurance policy by your side, you can put all the worries at rest. Your travel insurance coverage includes cover for your legal expenses up to the sum assured. All expenses related to related to a third-party liability claim arising out of death or bodily injuries are covered in travel insurance.

So, in order to have a trip that is free from any legal hassles opt for a comprehensive travel insurance coverage that provides ample cover against legal expenses.

  • Trip Cancellation

Medical emergencies, natural disasters, and personal employment problems can be a cause of your trip getting canceled. Travel insurance comes handy in situations like these. Travel insurance policy offers reimbursement for payment towards the non-refundable prepaid bookings. However, the compensation is limited to the travel insurance coverage or the sum assured. With a travel insurance policy, you will be safeguarded from additional expenses that you may incur on an event of trip cancellation.

  • Accommodations In Case Of Emergencies

Travel insurance provides additional compensation cost for emergency accommodation in case you are not able to stay in the original accommodation. The emergency accommodation compensation in travel insurance policy includes and is not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, and explosion. Read the travel insurance documents carefully to know about the exclusions.

  • Distress Allowance For Flight Hijack 

Highjack is one of the most unfortunate situations that you may encounter while on a trip. It causes a severe mental disturbance that no compensation can cover. However, your travel insurance policy offers distress allowance that acts as a helping hand in this situation. The hijack distress allowance provides cover for a certain number of hours if there is a hijack in a common carrier. Choose travel insurance policy that offers coverage even in case of a highjack.

  • Home Fire Insurance

Constantly thinking about the safety of your home back in India is certainly not what you want while vacationing in a foreign land. Travel insurance policy covers any damage or loss caused to things at your home due to fire. Hence, travel insurance comes handy in almost all situations and helps in making your trip as stress-free as possible.

Types Of Travel Insurance

  • Schengen Travel Insurance

The Schengen area comprises of 26 European states that function as a single jurisdiction for international travel purposes. With a common visa policy, you can explore all of 26 states with a single visa. As per the Schengen agreement, you need to buy a travel insurance policy before you apply for the visa. The Schengen visa is issued only to those individuals with valid travel insurance. For a worry-free trip across the beautiful European countries, buy travel insurance from ICICI Lombard General Insurance (Bharti AXA General Insurance*) that offer comprehensive coverage.

  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

An annual multi-trip insurance is for those who are mostly traveling throughout the year. Annual multi-trip travel insurance keeps you protected and insured no matter where you go. It is the best value for the regular travelers who keep exploring one destination to another, whether for business or leisure. You can choose the travel insurance policy for 30, 45, or 60 days – depending on your requirements. Annual multi-trip insurance is the best way to save money while on vacation.

  • Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance

When planning to visit any of the countries other than those listed under the Schengen states, opting for a worldwide overseas travel insurance policy makes sense. The inclusions in this kind of travel insurance are wide, fit into your requirement, and ensure that all contingencies are covered.

  • Single Trip Insurance

If you are someone who travels once a year to a single destination, this travel insurance is the right option for you. Choose the travel insurance coverage depending on the country you are planning to visit, and you are good to go. The destination can be any – Schengen or non-Schengen. Single trip insurance proves to be cost-effective when compared to others and is valid only for the specified dates of travel.  

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