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About Car Third Party Liability

Third party liability insurance protects you (first party) against claims made by a third-party. The insurer (second party) will not cover any damages or losses suffered by the first party, regardless of the cause of loss as it protects only third party.

Policy's Coverage

Compare Third party Liability & Comprehensive Car Insurance

Why do you need Third Party Car Insurance

As per motor vehicle act, 1988, you need to get at least a third-party liability insurance to drive on Indian roads. This policy covers any damage caused to a third party property, and any injuries, disability or death, a third party may suffer in an accident. However, any damage or loss that you suffer during such accident is not covered under this policy. 

The recent guidelines from IRDAI mandate that third-party liability insurance for new vehicles should be provided for a third party car policy period of 3 years A renewal of Own Damage can be done annually in long-term policy. The rates for third-party coverage are decided by IRDAI, and are reviewed annually.


Policy's Coverage


What is covered

  • Own Vehicle Damage
  • For a detailed list of policy exclusions, kindly Download policy wording (PDF, 1.3 MB) Standard Policy wordings as applicable for all class of vehicles

What is not covered

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Process for claiming third party insurance

File an FIR at a police station and collect the charge sheet. In case of damage to property, collect the inspection officer’s report and original bills. Also collect any medical bills, if you want to claim for bodily injury. In case of demise of the third-party, a death certificate stating the cause of death will also be needed.
Head to Motor Accident Claims Tribunal for the hearing on the insurance claim submitted to the insurer of the other party. Here it will have to established that the other party was at fault or negligent to claim compensation. Only after the fault is established you can file for damages with the insurer.
Claim damages as per the judgement from the third-party insurer.

Compare Third party Liability & Comprehensive Car Insurance

Third Party Liability Car Insurance

  • Compensates third-party for damages, bodily injury, disability and death caused in an accident where the other party is at fault.
  • This is the lowest cost car insurance plan that you can buy. The premium is based on the engine capacity, and is fixed by the insurance regulator.
  • This cover is mandatory as per the motor vehicles act. But, this does not help you to recover the value of your car in case of an accident.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • In addition to third-party liability, also covers own damage including bodily injury, disability, death, theft, and damage from natural calamities.
  • The own damage premium depends on the various factors such as location, make and model, cubic capacity, insured value of the car etc. Total premium is a sum of third-party liability premium and own damage premium.
  • This policy is recommended if you would like to be compensated in case of damage to your car, or any bodily injury sustained by you in an accident.

Want to instead apply for Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Car Insurance frequently asked questions

There are certain facts and terms that you should know about car insurance to buy a suitable policy

Can I shift the vehicle from spot of incident/ accident?

For private car- Yes, you may shift the vehicle to garage. But, if the vehicle is found in immovable condition or you find there is a leakage of coolant/ engine oil then you shouldn’t try to start your car and avail assistance of breakdown service van. For Commercial Vehicle- Scope should be given for spot survey unless there is real constrain in getting it done due to road blockage or other sensitive aspects.

What are electrical and non-electrical accessories? How to calculate the value of accessories?

Electrical accessories cover any electrical and/or electronic equipment that is not factory fitted with the vehicle, e.g. music system, LCD mini TV, Fog lights, etc. Value of electrical accessories will be as declared by the insured.

Non-electrical accessories cover any non-electrical/ non-electronic equipment that is not factory fitted with the vehicle, e.g. mag wheels, leather seats, CNG-kit, interior fittings, etc. Value of non-electrical accessories should be the invoice value of the non-electrical accessories up to the maximum limit of Rs. 20,000/-.

Why Should One Have A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

It is recommended to have a comprehensive car insurance policy over the basic third party insurance. As the name suggests a comprehensive vehicle insurance plan offers fuller coverage and more wide-ranging benefits.

If you take a comprehensive car insurance policy, by paying a slightly higher premium you will be covered for third party liability as well as own damage to your vehicle.   

A comprehensive car insurance cover includes:

  • Any damage caused to the insured’s car due to floods, earthquakes, landslides, cyclones and other natural calamities
  • Loss or damage caused by man-made disasters such as theft, fire, terrorism, riots and strikes
  • Any losses and damages caused by road accidents
  • Personal accident cover to the owner–driver in case of injury or death from a road accident
  • Third party legal liability (mandatory)

Compared to the above, a third party vehicle insurance policy will only cover expenses towards damage or injury to the third party and surrounding property that has been caused by the insured’s vehicle.

Therefore by opting for a comprehensive car insurance policy you get much more peace of mind and financial security.

What Are The Different Types Of Car Insurance Policies By Bharti AXA And What Does It Cover?

There are three main types of car insurance policies that Bharti AXA offers and here is what each type of plan covers:

1)   Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance policy offered by Bharti AXA covers third party liability as well as own damage. Hence this type of car insurance policy offers a wider and better coverage. 

Specifically this type of policy cover includes:

-          Any damage caused to the insured’s car due to floods, earthquakes, cyclones and other natural disasters

-          Losses caused by man-made disasters such as fire, terrorism, riots, strike and theft

-          Any losses and damages caused by road accidents

-          Personal accident cover to the owner–driver in case of injury or death from a road accident


2)   Third Party Liability

Third party liability offered by Bharti AXA is the legally mandatory type of vehicle insurance which protects the insured from bearing expenses towards third party losses caused by the insured’s car.

Specifically this type of policy includes:

-          Compensation for bodily injury to third party

-          Compensation for property damage to third party

-          Compensation to nominee in case of death of third party

-          Personal accident cover for owner-driver


3)   Own Damage Car Insurance

Stand-alone own damage insurance cover will cover losses to your vehicle only. It can be bought independent of third party liability (TP) but note that you still need to have third party cover which is mandatory.

Comprehensive car insurance is recommended over third party car insurance as it offers a wider coverage with more benefits.

How much is my car insurance premium expected to increase with add-ons?

Most car insurance add-ons are quite affordable. The price of each add-on is dependent on several factors like vehicle age, vehicle type, location etc. You could key in you details into our “Quick Quote” section and receive a quote for a policy along with the add-ons you wish to opt for.

Is it possible to opt for the car insurance cover I initially did not have?

Yes, it is possible to opt for a new/additional car insurance cover at the time of renewal.

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