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What Are Warts ?

Warts are non-cancerous skin growths caused by a virus in the outer layer of the skin. Warts can be mildly contagious from a person or an area/ location. They can appear anywhere on the skin, but most likely on the fingers, hands, and arms. They are most common in children and young adults aged between 1 and 30.

What Triggers The Formation Of Warts ?

  • An infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Public toilets and shower
  • Skin injuries
  • Compromised immune system
  • Certain medications and medical conditions

How Would You Know If You Have Warts ?

  • In case of warts, you may observe a small raised bump on the skin. The warts can be very small and can grow.
  • The warts may be rough to touch, white or pinkish in color and fleshy in appearance.
  • You may not observe any pain or complain of itching in the warts

What Should You Do In case Your Symptoms Worsen?

  • In case the color and appearance of the warts change, make sure you do not take it lightly. Instead reach to a doctor.
  • If the current set of medications or treatment is not affecting the warts.
  • In case you spot a growth and are still unable to decide if they are warts or not, make sure you go see a doctor.

What Are The Available Treatment Options?

  • At first, your doctor shall examine you for the presence of warts. In most cases, the warts go away without any treatment.
  • In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe you with medications containing salicylic acid (that will help to remove the layers of the warts)
  • In complicated cases, when the medications and home remedies both fail to improve the symptoms, the doctor may suggest a laser treatment.

Are There Any Natural Remedies For Warts ?

You can try these effective natural remedies to ease your symptoms:
1. Garlic
Ingredients: Garlic
Ways to Use:

Crush a few cloves of fresh garlic and add water to it. Make a paste and apply it on the warts. It shall effectively help to treat the warts.

2. Baking Powder
Ingredients: Baking Powder, Castor Oil
Ways to Use:

To a tablespoon of baking powder, add a few drops of castor oil and prepare a paste. Apply the paste on the warts and cover it with a bandage. Repeat this a few times until it gets better.

3. Vitamin C tablets
Ingredients: Vitamin C tablets, Water
Ways to Use:

Crush a Vitamin C tablet and mix it with water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the warts and cover it with a bandage.

4. Tea Tree Oil
Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil
Ways to Use:

You can directly apply the tea tree oil on the affected areas and keep it covered with bandage. Make sure you change the bandage at short intervals.

So if you are troubled by warts, try these home remedies for immediate relief.

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