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Minor Cuts

Minor Cuts
What Is A Minor Cut?

A minor cut, as is named, can be treated well at home itself. A cut is defined as an incision/ deep scratch or wound on the skin surface that may be caused due to various known or unknown reasons. Cuts call for an immediate aid to reduce the risk of further complications. Cuts should be immediately cleaned with running water or an antiseptic/ antibiotic and kept dry to trim the chances of infection.

What Can Trigger A Minor Cut ?

  • An accident while using sharp instruments at home or work place
  • A sudden fall while walking
  • Pricking of the skin
  • Continuous scratching of the skin

How Would You Know If You Have A Minor Cut ?

  • In case of a minor cut, the wound may drain yellow or greenish pus.
  • The skin around the wound may also become red, warm, swollen, numb and maybe very painful.
  • The wound may also be accompanied with a fever and suggests immediate medical consultation.

What Should You Do In case Your Symptoms Worsen?

  • In case the bleeding from the wound does not stop, make sure you consult a doctor for an immediate medical help.
  • Any cut that goes beyond the top layer of the skin shall need sutures. In case the wound does not begin to heal in a day or two’s time, make sure you see a doctor.
  • Also, a persistent high-grade fever after the injury can be indicative of an internal infection and must be taken seriously.
  • A red streak around the site of cut/ wound can be very detrimental and indicative of an infection in the lymphatic system.

What Are The Available Treatment Options?

  • Your doctor may ask you about the incident causing the minor cut. According to which he may suggest certain treatment.
  • He will recommend you to take tetanus shots (if you have not had them since the past 5 years) to reduce the chances of infection
  • He may provide you with the first aid for the wound. Along with this, he may also prescribe you antibiotics and painkillers to ease the recovery.
  • You may be recommended to take rest. Avoid spicy foods. Drink plenty of water.

Are There Any Natural Remedies For Minor Cuts?

Though there is no immediate natural remedy to stop the bleeding except for keeping the wound under running water. Below are a few natural ways to aid the recovery process.
1. Honey
Ingredients: Honey
Ways to Use:

Apply a layer of honey on the affected area. Cover it with a bandage and leave for some time (1 hour). Remove the bandage and rinse it well with water. Repeat this a couple of times during the day.

2. Aloe vera
Ingredients: Aloe vera
Ways to Use:

From a fresh aloe vera plant, you may extract the pulp and apply it on the affected area. You may also choose to apply the aloe vera gel on the wound and allow it to dry. This shall soothe the wound and speeden the recovery process.

3. Tea Tree Oil
Ingredients: Tea tree oil
Ways to Use:

Antiseptic in nature, tea tree oil helps to fight infections and soothes the pain. To a cup of warm water, add half a spoon of tea tree oil. Rinse the cut with mix and allow it to dry. You may repeat this several times during the day.  

4. Turmeric
Ingredients: Turmeric, Water
Ways to Use:

To a spoonful of water, add a pinch of turmeric and prepare a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it off and pat it dry.

At the very first place, be extra cautious while you are using sharp edged instruments in your kitchen or at workplace (if in case) and minimize the chances of such accidental happenings. However, if in case you get a minor cut make sure you at first clean the wound in running water, followed by dabbing it with an antiseptic and covering it. Incase it does not get better, rush to the doctor for medical help instantly.

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