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What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition that is caused by the inflammation of the skin. In most cases, eczema causes redness, itch and dryness in the skin of any part of the body. People with eczema are at an increased risk for allergic conditions such as asthma and hay fever.

What Triggers Eczema?

  • Abnormal functioning of the immune system
  • Environmental conditions
  • Genetic factors
  • Over sensitivity of the skin
  • Defects in the skin barrier that allow the exchange of germs

How Would You Know If You Have Eczema?

  • Most common symptom of eczema is itching
  • You may also observe dryness, elevated plaques of red and bumpy skin.
  • Patches of chronically dry and thickened skin usually on the hands, neck, face and legs
  • Red dry rashes

What Should You Do In case Your Symptoms Worsen?

  • In case your symptoms get worse, upon scratching the patches of skin, it may lead to skin infections.
  • You may also develop yellowish to light brown crust or pus filled blisters over the eczema patches, indicative if a bacterial infection.
  • In case of eczema flare-up, you are more susceptible to a viral skin infection such as genital herpes.

What Are The Available Treatment Options?

  • Your doctor may inspect you physically and suggest you a few over-the-counter medications that shall help to reduce the itch.
  • The doctor may suggest to use a mild soap and moisturizer that would not dry your skin. You will also be advised to avoid hot water bath.
  • You may be recommended to use medications such as corticosteroids, antihistamines and ultraviolet therapy.
  • Along with these, the doctor may recommend you to bring in changes in your daily habits to mellow down the existing symptoms.
  • Exercise regularly and keep stress away.

Are There Any Natural Remedies For Eczema?

You can try these effective natural remedies to ease your symptoms:
1. Sea Salt
Ingredients: Epsom Salt Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt Tea Tree Oil
Ways to Use:

Mix one cup of boiled water with a tablespoon of sea salt or Himalayan Pink Salt. To this add a pinch of Epsom salt and stir until both salts have dissolved. Add a drop of vitamin E or tea tree oil for added benefit. This mix offers instant relief from eczema itchiness

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar
Ways to Use:

To a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar, add a spoon of water and apply to the affected areas. Make sure you do not use this remedy for cracked and bleeding patches of skin.

3. Oatmeal
Ingredients: Oatmeal Water
Ways to Use:

Oatmeal is enriched with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties and helps to keep the skin healthy. Soak oats in water for 10-15 minutes. Bathe with this water. It shall help nourish the damaged skin.

4. Coconut Oil
Ingredients: Coconut Oil
Ways to Use:

You can massage the affected area with coconut oil 2-3 times a day. Coconut oil helps to heal the inflamed patches of skin.


So, make sure you do not ignore your skin and continue to pamper it especially when it needs you more than usual.

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