Mumbai To Mount Abu Road Trip

Mumbai is all about the gorgeous Arabian Sea, tall buildings.

On the other hand, Mount Abu is a paradise for the adventurous. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights connecting Mumbai and Mount Abu. So, if you are brave enough, why not make a road trip instead of taking hopping flights.

The road to Mount Abu is a discovery of India’s majestic palaces, serene lakes, rolling hills and sandy beaches. The experience of changing seasons, exhilarating encounters with the wildlife and meeting non-stop mix of people from across the globe.

Best Time To Visit

The best time of the year to visit Mount Abu is during winter or summer. November to June are the ideal months to explore Mount Abu and experience the true beauty of the mountains.

Places To Eat

Along the highway to Mount Abu, there are dhabas which serve some of the best cuisines ever to be plated for the hungry traveller. The notable outlets include:

  1. Daman Delite Restaurant: It serves Indian, Seafood and Chinese cuisines, and is known for its excellent hospitality and great food. It offers value for money, and the atmosphere is comfortable. This restaurant also has a unique Vegan and Vegetarian food menu.
  2.  19sixtyone Restaurant and Bar: It serves Indian, Vegetarian and Seafood. It is the perfect stopover for a brunch or lunch. The restaurant has a scenic view, and the pool bar is a great place to unwind. You can also choose to halt overnight as they offer accommodation as well.
  3. The Lime Tree: This is a rooftop eatery in Surat that serves Barbecue, Indian and Asian food. Delicious food that includes both meat and vegetarian barbecues are tasty. The Mutton Curry is recommended by every foodie.
  4. Kansar Gujarati Thali: This restaurant is also located in Surat that serves authentic Gujarati Thalis. The restaurant is a delight for those who have a sweet tooth, especially for their Farsan.
  5. Kinara Dhaba: This outlet is located en route to Ahmedabad. It serves almost all sorts of dhaba food.- The service is quick, and the food is freshly cooked. The baigan bharta and chicken bharta are excellent, and are a must try.
  6. The Bhiwandi Dhaba:  This eatery is on the Mumbai NH48 and serves sumptuous seafood and delectable savouries. It is the perfect stopover to eat, relax and enjoy the highway sounds.


The route to Mount Abu from Mumbai is a journey that is interesting, exciting and highways are bursting with activities. -Droves of people travel these roads to seek adventure and leave the humdrum of the buzzing city life.

There is only one route option between Mumbai and Mount Abu.

Mumbai – Daman – Surat – Vadodara – Ahmedabad – Mount Abu

The journey takes 13 hours and 35 minutes- and is approximately 759 kilometres on the NH48. The route takes you through the winding hilly roads and along the shoreline. The pit stops along the highway are fun places to eat and enjoy local treats from different states across a very diverse Indian sub-continent. 


What To Eat And Stopovers

The Mumbai to Mount Abu highway is dotted with beaches, hills, plateaus, and forests. Along the roads are umpteen number of dhabas and restaurants where the food is wholesome, affordable and delightful to eat. Some of the places to eat are:

  1. Spice Galleon at The Gold Beach Resort: This restaurant is in located Daman and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is an ideal halt for families and couples. It serves Italian, Indian and Asian cuisines. The food is sumptuous; the pizzas are very delectable, and the Indian curries are delicious. The pricing is slightly on the higher end, but it is worth every penny and is a must try.
  2.  Veera da Dhaba: It is an authentic Asian and Indian restaurant. The restaurant serves fresh dhaba type food, and it is quintessential to its cuisines including daals, and naans are tasty, the bhartas that are mouthwatering. Do not forget to try their curries.
  3. Centre Point Dhaba: It serves food until the wee hours of the morning. Foodies stop by to enjoy the tandoori paneer and tandoori chicken.  
  4. Pritam Dhaba: The restaurant serves typical dhaba style food which is hot, and authentic. The daals and rotis are excellent. The kebabs are juicy, and the dahi rice cools the tummy after a long drive.
  5. Dara’s Dhaba: It is the perfect stopover to kill the hunger pangs. This is a family restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine. The food is freshly cooked, and the kaali daal is the best.
  6. Nirmal Dhaba: This outlet is located on the Vadodara highway from Mumbai. It serves typical Indian dhaba food. The dal makhani is recommended, and for those with a sweet tooth, their Kheer is a must try.

Reaching There And Places To Eat

There are many places to stop over and enjoy the sites on the Mumbai - Mount Abu highway. Some of these places have historical backgrounds, while others are for pure pleasure only. If a romantic getaway is what you have planned for, then a long drive up to Mount Abu will certainly live up to your expectations.

  1. Devka Beach in Daman: It is a must visit. The beauty of the beach is captivating. Visit only to just absorb the serenity and tranquillity of the virgin shoreline. Along the beach, there are small dhabas and eateries which serve seafood delicacies that have been freshly caught. The cooking style is mostly Portuguese since Daman was a Portuguese colony.
  2. Mirasol Lake Garden in Daman: This is a picturesque lake which is a man-made marvel. It is a popular tourist attraction. The lakeside itself does not have any eateries, but just outside the area, there are cafes which serve savouries and heavenly desserts.
  3. Dominican Monastery in Daman: This used to be a Catholic monastery and is now a historic ruin. The monastery bears proof of the glory days of Daman’s past.
  4. Dahanu Mahalaxmi Temple: This is located close to NH48 on the Mumbai – Surat highway. The temple is dedicated to goddess Laxmi. The visit takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Vapi: You can choose to take a day long break at the delta banks of the Daman Ganga river.
  6. Bharuch: The city is located at the mouth of the river Narmada and has great historic importance. It used to be a major trading port for Persia, Arabs and Africa and is one of the oldest inhabited cities on the west coast.
  7. Baroda: A city of palaces gives you a glimpse of the distinguished Gaikwad dynasty. Remember to visit the Makarpura palace, Laxmi Vilas, Nazarbaug Palace and Kirti Mandir.

Places To Visit After Reach Mount Abu

Mount Abu is also one of the most popularly visited destinations within India. Tourists throng to Mount Abu every year because of the adventures and sightseeing opportunities that it offers. It is a place that is serene and beautiful and has activities to offer tourists -of all ages. The undulating landscape enamours people, and the culture of the place is rich with royalty.

  1. Nakki Lake: It is a sacred mountain that has a magnificent panoramic view of the hills surrounding the lake. It is ideal for boating, which means it offers a romantic ride for couples.
  2. Dilwara Temples: These 5 temples are renowned all over the world for their beauty and elegant architecture. The Dilwara Temples are Jain Temples. It is a holy place where people come to worship and pray for happiness. These temples were built in the 11th and 13th centuries by Vimal Shah.
  3. Toad Road: The name says it all. Toad road has earned its name from the toadlike rock formation which sets it apart from a regular rock. It is a lookout point above  Nakki Lake and a favourite spot for photographies.
  4. Achalgarh Fort: It is about 15 kilometres from Mount Abu and is a charming place for visitors. It was built by the Paramara Dynasty and reconstructed by the Maharana Khumbha in 1452CE.
  5. Trevors Tank: It is a must visit for everyone who holidays in Mount Abu. Every traveller swears by the beautiful ambience and enthralling sites around the tank. There are crocodiles in the tank. Hopefully, you will be lucky enough to see one of these gorgeous creatures up close and personal when they come up to bask in the sun during the day.

Points To Note While Planning A Road Trip (Car/Two-Wheeler)

The highway from Mumbai to Mount Abu is a drive through plateaus, hills and the Indian shoreline. The road is mostly smooth with a few places where the route is winding. However, try to leave early to avoid traffic congestions. The road conditions up to Surat to Vadodara is a smooth drive. When the winding hilly terrain towards the hills and Mount Abu begins- located just off the main highway, it is recommended that you should refrain from speeding too much. Here the roads become narrow and slightly tricky to navigate. Therefore, drive with care from Abu Road onwards.

Also, keep in mind that you need to dress comfortably. Wear sensible shoes since you may take breaks to sightsee along the way. Ensure your car has been serviced properly before you take off.

There are directional signboards along the highway. However, it is best to download the route map before you start your trip on the road. Follow the GPS as much as you can. However, if there is low internet connectivity where the GPS may fail, do not be hesitant to take directions from local residents.

Diesel/Petrol Pumps

The route between Mumbai and Mount Abu does have a decent amount of road traffic. Hence, finding petrol stations along the way should not really be an issue.

Overnight Halts (If Any)

A 13-hour journey should have stopovers and overnight stops planned so that you get enough rest and a good night’s sleep. -Being rested is an absolute must on long drives. Take your pick from this list:

  1. The Deltin: Located in Daman, this is a star property and a perfect place for an overnight halt. It is slightly on the steeper side as far as pricing is concerned.-However, if you looking to spend the night a reasonable good place, then this is worth a try. The food at the hotel is excellent.
  2. Silver Sands Hotel: Also located in Daman, you can find this hotel approximately 3 kilometres from the Daman Fort. It is a quiet place, and perfect for an overnight halt. It is affordably priced and best suited for budget travellers.
  3. Sterling Daman: This is an excellent choice because it is reasonably priced and has excellent services. Devka Beach is just 3.5 kilometres away from the hotel.
  4. Royal Orchid Central: In Vadodara, this option is ideal for families and couples. The tariff is reasonable, and the food is excellent. The services are really high quality, and they also provide free WiFi.
  5. Vivanta Vadodara: This is a slightly pricey property but worth the luxuries for an overnight stay. The hotel is set on landscaped gardens and is just a few kilometres from the bustling city centre. Taj Hotels have always had maintained quality and standards in each and every amenties that they offer. For a little bit of luxury, this hotel is recommended travellers if you are not afraid to dig deep into your pockets.
  6. The Fern: An Ecotel hotel in Ahmedabad, the property serves breakfast included in the room tariff. The hotel offers a comfortable ambience. The food is excellent and wholesome, and their helpings are large in case one is a small eater.

Distance Altitude Change graph

Climate changes are predicted from November to June, and since the journey takes you through different states, the temperature zones differ. The Maharashtra climate in November is cool and pleasant, while the state of Gujarat is arid, so, it can be dusty and hot during the day and cold at night. Rajasthan typically offers desert climatic condition. November is cold and breezy in the day time. However,  at night the temperatures drop to almost 9 degrees. It is wise to carry warm clothes with you.

While summers are a different climatic zone altogether, with the searing heat in Rajasthan being unbearable, and Gujarat in an equally dry state. It is wise to carry water and stay hydrated. It also recommended trying not to expose your skin to the sun during the height of the summer month as the sun rays are intense and can singe the skin and burn it.

Mobile Connectivity

Mobile connectivity is not a problem if one sticks to the GPS route. Going off the GPS is not recommended. Follow the traffic signs and keep track of the major signboards along the way.


All major banks have ATMs along the NH48. It is one of the busiest routes.


It is a heavily plied highway, and there are mechanics along the highway who can just about repair every type of vehicle. However, it is recommended that the car jack, wrenches and pliers are a part of your tool kit. Also, carry a fully functioning spare tyre as well.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are available in every town and city along the Highway. There are government hospitals as well. The locals are accommodating and will assist people in case of an emergency. Highway Medical Services are also available and will help travellers in transit.


Power cuts along the highway are rare, but during monsoons and extreme winter months, the visibility can be low. In the slightly remote areas along with the highway, electricity can be a challenge, but there is nothing to worry about the hotels and restaurants along the road as they have power back up and are very friendly to travellers in need of help.

Tool Kits

The most essential things to carry on your road trips is a travel kit is with screwdrivers, a swiss knife, a crescent wrench, a first aid kit, pliers – two sets, duct tapes, scissors, air pressure gauge for tyres (these are small and handy). Make sure that the spare tyre is functional.

You will find mechanics on your journey in case there is a puncture. However, for a quick fix, having that tool kit will be a real blessing.

If you are planning to complete this road trip on your motor bike, remember to insure your vehicle with two wheeler insurance  and car insurance policyoffered by a Bharti AXA GI


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Article Author: Meenakshi Sircar

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