Bangalore To Mysore Road Trip

The ideal time to visit Mysore would be between October and February. Reason being that during these months the weather is pleasant and nippy. This makes not only the drive but also stay more comfortable. Another alternative is to take to the road during the monsoons. The lush green environment definitely adds on to the adventure. Try and avoid the summer months. It gets pretty hot during the summer season.


Places to Eat in Mysore

Mysore is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the south and one popular reason for that is the food. Restaurants in Mysore take pride in the authenticity they bring to the South Indian cuisine. From small and humble restaurants serving some of the best-prepared dishes to the fancy and glamorous fine dining experiences, Mysore has it all. Here is a small list.

Oyster Bay: The place although situated in the middle of a crowded area, gives its customers a break with its soothing decor. Here, you can have a budget meal that ranges from seafood to North Indian food. You may also opt for Mughlai or Chinese if you so desire.

Tiger Trail: This restaurant is owned by the royal family of Mysore and is situated inside a heritage building. This restaurant has built its menu from recipes that are locally made in the different tiger reserves of the country. Choose your seating spot by either admiring the history of the place or basking in the cool breeze outdoors. Tiger Trail is well known for their kebabs so do try them.

Spring: This is a fine dining restaurant situated inside one of Mysore’s best hotels, Radisson Blu Plaza. It serves impressive buffets and the kids in the family also enjoy special menus. Relax and sip on some of the finest wine collections they have. This place will surely make your worries vanish.



There are two major routes which you can choose from.


Route: 1 Channapatna Route

This route takes you along NH275 and takes about 3 hours to cover a distance of around 150 kilometres.

Bangalore → Bidadi → Ramanagara → Channapatna → Maddure → Mandya → Srirangapatna → Mysore.


Route: 2 Kanakapura Route

This route takes you through the NH948 and takes around 4 hours to cover a distance of about 160 kilometres.

Bangalore → Kanakapura → Malavalli → Bannur → Harohalli → Chikkahalli → Mysore

As compared to NH275, NH948 has less traffic. Route 1 is the most opted route and you should expect some traffic. So, try and leave early.

For this article, we would be sticking to Route: 1


What To Eat And Stopovers

The route from Bangalore to Mysore is filled with stopovers where you can relax and continue further. With multiple options to eat and savour different tastes of different locations, you are in for a surprise.

Your first stop can be at Bidadi. It is situated about 30 kilometres from Bangalore and is well known as the Industrial Hub. Do not miss the Dinosaur World and the Wax Museum while you are there. Bidadi is also famous for the “Innovative Film City”. Another exciting food item to try is the “Thahhe Idli”.

Your next stop should be Ramnagar. This is situated at about 20 kilometres away from Bidadi and is home to some of the endangered bird species. A couple of them include the long-billed vulture and the yellow-throated bulbul. Ramnagar is also quite famous for its silk market and is known as the Silk Town. I am sure you must have heard of the famous Mysore Silk Sarees. Guess where the silk for these sarees comes from.

If History intrigues you, do visit the 1000 years old temple of Lord Rama.

Channapatna, your next stop, is famous for wooden arts and crafts. Situated at about 20 kilometres from Ramnagar, you will be greeted by colourful, handmade wooden toys.

While you are here, do visit the Heritage Winery for a quick tour. The entire process of winemaking is explained in great detail. There is also a restaurant on the premises to satisfy your hunger.

Situated at just under 15 kilometers from Mysore is the town of Srirangapatna. You will have a lot to see in this town which has religious, historical and cultural significance. One of the most important pilgrimage centres for followers of Lord Vishnu, the Ranganathaswamy temple is situated here.

There is also a piece of British history to be explored. For this, do visit the Srirangapatna Fort, Garrison Cemetery and Bailey's Dungeon. You will know more about Tipu Sultan's war with the Europeans and British.

Before heading to Mysore, try and take a small detour of 7 kilometers to visit the Rangantittu bird sanctuary.


Reaching There And Places To Visit

Mysore is the hub of culture and history. While you are in Mysore, there are ample places to visit and cherish the rich culture and heritage. Here we provide you with a small list to explore.

Mysore Palace: Mysore Palace, was once the residence of the Wodeyar dynasty rulers. These rulers have ruled over Mysore for upwards of 7 centuries. Mysore Palace receives about 2.7 million visitors on an annual basis. This palace has an unparalleled sight in the evening when it is lit up by 98,000 light bulbs.

The doorways, passages, halls, shrines and corridors tell stories of the past.

Jagmohan Palace: Initially constructed for the Royal Family, it now serves as an art gallery. This gallery is home to some of the world famous artefacts and artworks. You can also find the famous “Lady with the lamp” by S.L.Haldankar in this gallery.

Saint Philomena Church: This is one of the biggest cathedrals in South Asia. The floor plan of this church is laid in the shape of the Holy Cross. It has been built in Gothic style. 

Brindavan Gardens: The magical fountain show is the highlight of this garden. It is built across Krishnaraja Sagar Dam. A perfect place to spend a relaxed evening, it also offers boat rides.

Planet X: Planet X is very famous amongst tourists to try on some games. Be it go-karting, billiards or snooker, you can try your hand at it here. This entertainment center is located at the foothills of Chamundi.

Points To Note While Planning A Trip (Bike/Car)

Some important points to note during this road trip is to be well hydrated. It is also important to make sure your vehicle is properly serviced before the trip. If you are riding, make sure you and the pillion are well protected. Not just with helmets but with knee and elbow pads as well. Even though Google Maps has made navigation a breeze, it is advised to carry a copy of the route with you in case of any emergency.  Finally check whether your Two wheeler or/Car insurance is due for expiry. If yes, get it insured with Bharti AXA GI who offers a comprehensive coverage with several add on covers.

Diesel/Petrol Pumps

The route from Bangalore to Mysore is very well connected and you can find multiple petrol/diesel pumps. The highway is pretty busy.

Overnight Halts

The entire journey takes about four hours and ideally does not need an overnight stay. If you wish to stay overnight, try and stay at Maddur.

Distance/Altitude Change Graph

The distance between Bangalore and Mysore is about 150 kilometers. There is a slight change in altitude with Bangalore being at 3,000 feet above sea level and Mysore at 2,526 feet.

Stay And Eat With Other Eating Places

The highway connecting Mysore to Bangalore is full of life. There are multiple eateries offering delicacies from different places. Our favourite place to eat is at the village of Maddur. The famous Maddur vada is prepared and served here. It is a snack prepared from onions and rice flour. Savour it with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Mobile Connectivity


Mobile connectivity on the highway and in the two locations is pretty sturdy.




As this route is visited very often, there are multiple ATM’s on the way. Along the journey, wherever you halt, you will be able to find some ATM’s belonging to South Indian Bank, Corporation Bank, Vijaya Bank and many more.




Local Mechanics are easy to find on the highway.


Medical Facilities


There are medical facilities available at Bangalore and some at Bidadi. As you move along, you can also find some centres such as Bhavani Clinic and Aamiri Shifa Clinic in Ramnagar.




Mysore is a well-connected location and you should not face any problems with electricity shortage. There could be minor fluctuations but nothing major.


Tool Kits


It helps to be prepared and carrying a tool kit is always a good idea. Make sure to carry a torch, hammer, screwdrivers and duct tape. I would also recommend carrying a portable power bank. Make sure the Stepney in the car is in good condition and the car tools are in perfect working order.


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Article Author: Luv Kumar

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