Road Side Assistance

Road Side AssistanceThis add-on cover has been designed to ensure you have an hassle-free experience every time you are on the road. This cover will provide you the right assistance in case you have an accident or a breakdown. This way you can plan any road trip or commute without worrying about the unpleasant events.

When buying a Car Insurance Policy, it is advisable to enhance it with Add-On Covers to provide you the extra protective shield. Bharti AXA offers numerous Add-On Covers with basic Car Insurance Plans. You can opt for any of the Add-On Covers, basis your requirement. You can buy these additional safety provisions either at time of buying the Car Insurance Plan

or during the tenure of the Plan.

What does a Roadside Assistance Cover offer?

In case, you meet with an accident or any other technical complication with your car such as a breakdown; you will seek out help. The breakdown could be due to engine or battery issues. Your worries are manifold if you get stranded in a location with no help.

With the Roadside Assistance Add-On Cover, by paying a little extra premium you can get assistance at such times. You are insured against these hassles.

If you have opted for this Add-on Cover, all you need to do is call the Customer Support of Bharti AXA

, and they will Provide you immediate assistance.

Benefits of buying Roadside Assistance Add-On Covers

To make you more aware about the Roadside Assistance Add-On Covers, discussed below are some of the added benefits.

  • Towing Assistance –

If the issue is critical and the vehicle is static at a remote location, then the roadside assistance cover is a blessing. If you have availed the Add-On Cover, then the insurer will immediately send a towing van to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage. Irrespective of the cause of the problem.

  • Flat Tyre Replacement

If you have a flat tyre, then immediately a mechanic will be arranged at the point of breakdown.

  • Battery Jump Start

Most of the time, the drivers face difficulties because of a dead/ weak battery. In such cases, the mechanic will reach the spot and try to jump start the battery. If the battery is not in a condition to be jump started, then the mechanic will arrange a replacement.

  • Arrangement of Spare key

Misplacing the car keys is one of the common issues that a driver faces. In case you have lost the keys on the road, then the insurer will arrange the spare keys from your home or the office. If it is not possible to procure the key, the insurer will get the vehicle towed to the nearest authorised service centre.

  • On-the-spot Mechanic for the Minor Issues

In case, you are witnessing any minor mechanical or electrical faults, the mechanic will fix these issues immediately, ensuring a safe and smooth journey forward.

  • Rental Vehicle Arrangement

If the issues are complicated and will take more time to be fixed, the insurer offers a rental vehicle to the policyholder. Instead of waiting on the road, you can carry on with your trip with the rented vehicle.

  • Fuel Supply

If the car runs out of fuel on the road, and there is no other option than seeking help from Bharti AXA who will immediately send a technician with necessary fuel to the spot of breakdown. The technician will refuel your vehicle so that you can be on your way.

  • Accommodation Arrangement

If the repairs to the car are estimated to take more than 12 hours and the breakdown spot is more than 100 km from the address specified in the proposal form, then the insurer offers an accommodation to the policyholder. Amount provided is based on the cover taken.

So, if you have availed the Roadside Assistance Add-On Cover over and above your Car Insurance Policy, you can stop worrying about these issues and have a stress-free driving experience.

Key Features:

  • On road repair for minor breakdowns.
  • Change of flat tyre.
  • Replace a lost key.
  • Provide emergency fuel.
  • Towing facility till the nearest garage

    Road Side Assistance