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No Claim Bonus Protector

A claim free year can give you up to 50% discount on the renewal premium due to the ‘No Claim Bonus’. No Claim Bonus Protector

The percentage can get reduced to 0% because of a single claim.
This add-on cover helps you retain the same ‘No Claim Bonus’ even after 2 claims in the policy period. 

ar Insurance is a mandatory legal requirement. In addition to that, having a good policy can prove to be vital for protecting your vehicle in case of accidents, theft, natural calamities and more. Before you purchase any Insurance Cover, it is important to know the terms & conditions of the same and also the inclusions and exclusions of the policy. Based on this knowledge and your requirements, you can select any Add-On Covers for your vehicle. One such Add-On Cover is the No Claim Bonus Protector.

What is a No-Claim Bonus Protector?

In a typical Insurance Policy, once you make even a single claim, your No-Claim Bonus expires. This means you can only get a No-Claim Bonus discount if you do not make any insurance claims on your policy and even a small claim can cancel this Bonus. What a No-Claim Bonus Protector does is protect your NCB in case of claims. An NCB Protector Add-On Cover can prove to be useful as it can provide added financial protection at the time of policy renewal. The No-Claim Bonus Protector will protect NCB in case of 2 claims during the stipulated policy period.

The Need for a No-Claim Bonus Protector

When you are buying your first Car Insurance Policy

, there is no NCB as you have No-Claim records. But when you opt for the renewal of the policy, you can avail the benefits of NCB, if there are no claims during the policy period. You can efficiently claim a discount of 20% on your first renewal of the Car Insurance Policy. And the discount increases steadily for every renewal with No-Claim in the Policy period.

For 2nd renewal of the policy, you can avail a discount of 25%, for 3rd - 35 %, for 4th - 45% and for 5th renewal - 50%. So, if you are maintaining a good track record of No-Claims during the Policy Period, you can efficiently avail the available discounts with every renewal.

There may be occasions where you cannot control damage to your car and raising an insurance claim can affect your NCB. This is where the No-Claim Bonus Protector will prove to be useful. It will prevent your NCB from being affected.

Transfer of No-Claim Bonus:

The NCB is associated with the Policyholder, not with the car. We have observed that, when the Policyholders buy a new car, they forget about the No-Claim Bonus. Thus they have to pay the entire amount of the renewal premium.

If you have earned an NCB, you can inform the insurance company and can claim your discount on the renewal. If you have availed the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) protector with your Insurance plan, then that will also be transferred to a new insurance company if you transfer your Policy.

So, in case you are planning for a new car, talk to the insurance company and claim the additional discount that you are eligible for thanks to the NCB.

Why Choose Bharti AXA for No-Claim Bonus Protector Cover?

Bharti AXA offers several benefits for its customers. A 24X7 dedicated Customer Service Desk, 79 branches across India and attractive No-Claim Bonus discounts upon renewal. For more information regarding the policies and Add-On Covers offered, you can contact our customer service experts and get all your queries solved in real time.

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