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Whether it’s a flying abroad for higher studies or long vacations, travelling makes you happy. Now secure your happiness during every trip by getting covered with student travel insurance  or individual/family travel insurance.         


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Types of Travel Insurance Plans

We know you’re really looking forward to your trip. But why not fully prepare for it by financially securing your journey? At a small premium that you pay us, we promise to have your trip insured. 

We offer two major plans – individual/family travel insurance and student travel insurance plan. Learn more about our individual/family travel insurance plan.


Bharti AXA Smart Traveller Individual/Family Insurance Policy

Don’t just get a travel insurance plan. Focus on getting the right one that suits your needs. When you travel abroad, there are multiple risks that need to be covered. Be it loss of baggage/passport, cancellation of trips, illnesses/injuries or many other things– you need to be financially ready to face them. We offer 4 variants of the product.

Schengen country insurance

As per the European Union (EU), 26 states form a part of the Schengen area. As per the Schengen agreement, if your reason for visit is tourism or business and the duration is less than 90 days, then you need the Schengen visa. But to apply for Schengen visa, having Schengen travel insurance  to the particular country is compulsory.

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

If you’re travelling more than once a year, then choose our Annual Multi-trip plan. It covers you from the time you leave home till you return home and that too multiple times throughout the year. If you love shopping abroad or you’re a business traveller, then the multi-trip policy works best for you. Depending on what suits your requirements, you can choose from Smart Traveller Multi-Trip Silver, Gold, and Platinum variants. In this trip, while 2 days are the minimum number of days, the maximum should not be more than 30 days, 45 days, and 60 days as per the plan you pick. 

Non-Schengen country insurance

When travelling to Non-Schengen countries, you require this type of plan. This is among the most widely chosen plan that offer multiple variants. The Smart Traveller Gold, Silver, Essential, Regular, and Basic plans are variations of our Non-Schengen insurance policy. Here the minimum number of days per trip is 2 days and maximum is 365 days.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you’re travelling just once a year, it is more sensible and cost-effective to opt for single trip policy. So, you can either choose the Schengen or Non- Schengen product depending on which country you’re heading to. It covers you right from the date you board the flight from India to the international destination and till your return date to India. The single trip works best for those who plan an annual family vacation.

Love at First Try with Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

Travelling overseas is always fun. It’s more fun when you know your trip is financially secure. That’s why our travel insurance is the ideal companion for all your journeys of life.


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Make the Most of Travel Insurance

Having individual/family travel insurance is a relief when flying overseas. Here’s why.

Affordable premiums

While you focus on enjoying your stay abroad, we focus on financially securing your trip when you’re there.  For that, you need to pay a small annual premium. That’s all.

Home fire/theft insurance

The policy also covers losses/damages caused due to theft, housebreaking or fire to your home back in India while you were on your trip abroad.

Enjoy Family Floater plan

If you’re flying with your family, then opt for the family floater. This includes you, your spouse and 2 dependent children below the age of 23 years. You can also buy this policy individually.

Wide age group covered

Different plans provide coverage across different age groups. For non-Schengen, it’s 3 months to 85 years, for Schengen, it’s 3 months to 60 years, for multi-trip it’s 3 months to 70 years.

Emergency financial assistance

In case of accidental loss of cash due to theft, robbery, mugging, or anything other reason, the policy covers arrangements for providing you with emergency cash.

Additional benefits

Apart from medical, travel, and baggage benefits, the policy also offers additional benefits. Some of them are loss of passport, emergency cash advances, and third-party liability.

What’s Covered and What’s Not

It’s better to know what your individual/family travel insurance plan covers and doesn’t cover. After all, you don’t want to face hassles at the time of claim, right?

Inclusions Exclusions

Medical and Dental Expenses:

These include medical expenses, repatriation, emergency medical evaluation. Even dental care expenses such as acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth is covered

Personal Accident

Compensation for bodily injuries, permanent or partial disablement, death caused in an accident.

Daily Cash Allowance:

Payment of daily allowance for the number of days that the insured person is hospitalized beyond the specific number of days mentioned in the policy document

Loss of essentials:

Loss/theft of passport, documents, delay or loss of checked-in baggage is compensated

Legal Expenses:

All legal costs and expenses are covered in case of claims towards third-party liabilities that arise out of death or bodily injuries.

Trip cancellation/delay:

Be it because of problems due to airline, natural disasters, medical, or any other reason, compensation is given for trip cancellation, delay or interruption.

Emergency Accommodation:

Due to some natural disaster, if you aren’t able to stay in the original accommodation, you will be compensated for additional cost of emergency accommodation.

Hijack Distress:

In case if there is hijack on a common carrier for a certain number of hours, distress allowance is compensated.

Home and Fire Insurance:

Any kind of loss or damage of the things at your home back in India caused by theft/fire will be covered.

Cosmetic surgery:

If it’s being done just to enhance your beauty then don’t expect any coverage. Unless it’s essential as part of treatments for accidents when abroad.

Self-inflicted injury/harm:

Suicide, alcoholism, depression, or any direct/indirect loss due to death, illness, etc. won’t be covered.

Participation in warfare:

Being involved in the naval, military, or air force operations won’t get you any coverage.

Performing professional and risky sports:

Participating in risky winter sports, like mountaineering isn’t covered unless specifically agreed and mentioned in the policy document.

Non-Allopathic treatment:

Yogic, homeopathic, unani, and ayurvedic treatments are strictly excluded.

Medical expenses due to unproven treatment:

You won’t receive any coverage for expenses with respect to unproven or experimental treatment.

Illegal Activity:

Don’t expect coverage if involved in a hazardous occupation or engaging in criminal activities while on the trip abroad.

Limitations in medical expenditure:

Daily allowance isn’t paid in case of hospitalization for certain pre-existing conditions.

Treatment that could be delayed until return:

No coverage is given, if the treating physician and the emergency service provider decide that the treatment could have been delayed until return to India.

Saving-Up on Travel Insurance Premiums

Who doesn’t love discounts? A few things can actually help you lower your premiums.

  • Purchase your policy online

Buying individual/family travel insurance online as compared to offline is not just hassle-free but also gets you incredible discounts. It helps you save your hard-earned money.

  • Select the right deductible

Deductible is the partial amount that you have to pay towards the claim while the remaining amount is paid by the insurer. The deductible impacts the premium. So just make sure you select your deductible based on what works best for you and what suits your travel needs. 

  • Buy insurance as soon as you book the trip

The nearer you are to the trip, prices can increase. So, don’t delay in locking the lowest insurance rates with us to get discounts and better coverage. Also, if you’re travelling many times a year, picking an annual multi-trip plan is cheaper.

  • Assess the risks involved

You need to assess the health and safety risks of the destination to be visited. If less risky, then you don’t need a high medical cover. And you can opt for the basic cover depending on the number of days you will be staying in the foreign land.

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Note: Before issuance of policy, vehicle inspection may or may not be conducted depending on the credibility of your vehicle and your driving records.

Buy Travel Insurance by Destination

Looking to buy travel insurance for your dream trip abroad? Bharti AXA provides insurance for numerous destinations. You simply need to pick the destination of your choice and get all their details – right from the activities to perform, places to explore, cuisines to taste, etc. Learn everything about your destination and how Bharti AXA travel insurance is ideal for securing your trip.

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