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Individual and Family Travel Insurance Premium

Individual and Family Travel Insurance Premium

It is essential to include the cost of the Travel Insurance Policy within the budget of the vacation or holiday. You must be aware that the Individual and Family Travel Insurance policies are vital for foreign trips, as the unfortunate events are impossible to predict. Before availing the right Travel Insurance, you need to understand the calculation of premiums.

What is an Insurance Premium?

The premium is the amount you pay to avail insurance. You can pay this as either a one-time cost for a fixed period or in the form of annual renewal.

Pay Travel Insurance Premium Online

Bharti AXA offers the Individual and Family Travel Insurance Premium at a competitive price. We offer many Individual and Family Travel Insurance Plans at affordable premiums. You can quickly pay the Travel Insurance premium online and can enjoy the benefits of the insurance at your travel destination. Before buying the insurance policy, you need to understand the factors which are influencing the premium rates. Once you know the critical factors associated with the premiums, then you can select the features you need and pay premiums according to the same.

Factors Influencing the Individual and Family Travel Insurance Premium

Age & Health of the Members

The Individual and Family Travel Insurance can be availed by people in the age group of 3 -70 years. So, if you have a family member who is more than 70 years old, then you need to opt for a special travel policy with enhanced premium rates. Also, the travel insurance will not cover certain pre-existing health conditions. But if you want, you can avail special Add-On Covers to manage the coverage.

Travel Destinations

The premium amount varies based upon the travel destination. If you are traveling to Japan, then you have to pay a higher premium as compared to most other Asian countries, because natural disasters occur more often in Japan. Further, the premium of an insurance policy also depends on the medical costs of the destination country. Therefore, the destination to which you are traveling plays an essential role in determining the premium for the Individual Family Travel Insurance.

 Duration of Stay

The number of days you are covered by an insurance policy is also an important factor when it comes to determining the premium. The longer the duration, the higher will be the premium.

Sum Insured

Every Travel Insurance Policy has a fixed insured sum. This sum is the overall amount which you can avail from the insurance policy. So, if you are taking a policy with Rs 10 lakh insured amount, you will pay the premium accordingly. Higher the insured sum; higher the premium. It is highly recommended to decide the Sum Insured as per the overall expenses in the destination country.


If the Insurance Policy is covering a more significant number of benefits, the premium will increase, according to the coverage. Therefore choose appropriate covers and Add-Ons that you will need for the destination.

Types of Insurance Plan

If you are opting for a Single-Trip Insurance Plan, you need to pay a low premium for the insurance policy. But if you are availing the Annual Multi-Trip Insurance Cover, the premium rates will be high. However, a Multi-Trip Insurance is more beneficial and cost effective if you are a frequent traveller.

How to Save on Insurance Premium?

Purchase Travel Insurance Online

On the online platform, it is feasible for you to compare all the insurance plans at the same time. So, you can easily choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Do not be Late in Buying the Insurance

If you don’t want to pay the additional high amount for insurance, it is recommended to buy the Insurance Policy at the time of ticket booking.  

Take advantage of any available Deductibles

The deductible is the money, which the insured needs to pay before getting any insurance coverage. These deductibles are the part of the insurance contract.

Minimize the Medical Covers

If you are not traveling to a risky destination, you do not need to avail the expensive medical covers. Simply go with the basic structure of the insurance policy.

With all due benefits, the Travel Insurance Plans of Bharti AXA are all set to treat you with competitive premium rates, so that you enjoy your trips worry-free.

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