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Hydrostatic Lock Cover

Hydrostatic Lock Cover

Unforeseen natural calamities can cause several problems to your car. Problems you face due to natural forces can prove to be costly at times, especially if your vehicle is not protected by a good Car Insurance Policy. An Insurance Policy helps not only during natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and cyclones, but also during vehicle breakdowns and medical emergency following an accident. 

Select the perfect Insurance Plan for your vehicle and make sure to also consider any Add-Ons that you need for added protection. One such Add-On Cover that is recommended for areas which experience floods is the Hydrostatic Lock Cover. Read on to know more about the Add-On Cover:

What is a Hydrostatic Lock Cover?

A Hydrostatic Lock is basically a condition when the engine of your vehicle gets locked due to water seeping in. This results in your car not starting or stalling when you are moving. A hydrostatic lock happens when your vehicle is moving through a flooded area or is parked in any area prone to floods. A Hydrostatic Lock Cover protects you in case your car experiences a Hydrostatic Lock.

Parts that get damaged in hydrostatic lock

Although there is not any predefined process which results in this condition, we do have an overview of what exactly happens during a hydrostatic lock condition. Whenever you drive your vehicle through a place which is flooded or inundated, water can easily enter the engine through the intake valve and replace the fuel present inside the engine for combustion. This inhibits ignition, which is required for the proper functioning of the engine. Hence, the engine gets locked and the vehicle cannot start.

Is Hydrostatic Lock Covered under Car Insurance?

Neither the Comprehensive nor the Third-Party insurance cover Hydrostatic Locks by themselves. You need to purchase an Add-On Cover to protect against the same. Bharti AXA offers Hydrostatic Lock Cover and many other Add-On Covers along with their Car Insurance Plans.

Why do you need a Hydrostatic Lock Cover?

Hydrostatic Lock is a common condition especially in heavy rainfall and water-logged areas. This event cannot be prevented as natural calamities are certainly not in our control.

Why Bharti AXA Car insurance add-on is a smart choice?

Car Insurance from Bharti AXA has many benefits. Not only do you get 24x7 assistance, the company also has 2500+ cashless partner garages where you can get your car repaired. Here are some other benefits of Car Insurance from Bharti AXA:

  • It provides replacement or repairs of the parts that get damaged due to any damage by water.
  • The repair or replacement can be done in almost any garage or the service centre that Bharti AXA has tie-up with all over India.
  • In case of loss of any engine part due to hydrostatic lock, the value of the part that is replaced is reimbursed within 15 days.

So, a hydrostatic cover should be added to your car insurance policy by Bharti AXA. It will ensure savings in the long run.

Hydrostatic Lock Cover

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