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Home Insurance Cover

What does Bharti AXA Home Insurance Policy cover?

The policy covers losses to building due to natural calamity or manmade events like fire, storm, cyclone, typhoon, lightning, subsidence and landslides, flood and inundation, earthquake, riot, strike, malicious and terrorism damage (optional cover), explosion/implosion, etc.

The policy covers your home building contents, appliances, valuables against fire and allied perils including terrorism damage (optional cover), earthquake along with burglary, housebreaking, hold-up and breakdown of mechanical / electrical appliance. The policy also covers legal liability in respect of injuries/death of third parties and workmen arising out of and during the course of employment. The policy offers personal accident coverage to the insured and his family (spouse and two dependant children) up to the age of 23 years.

Read the policy wordings - PDF (296 KB Opens in a new window) for complete list of coverages that Bharti AXA Home Insurance offers.

Can I get Home Insurance policy for property financed towards housing loan from the bank?

In respect of residential buildings financed by bank/financial institutions one can buy a home insurance policy and have the interest of financier endorsed. Please provide the name of the bank and branch as hypothecation while buying the policy.

Is coverage for building compulsory while buying Home Insurance policy?

Insuring building or structure is optional while buying home insurance. We recommend insuring your building to cover against unexpected disasters like fire, allied perils including earthquake, lightning, riots and natural calamity, etc. Bharti AXA Home Insurance covers building, fixtures, fitting and renovation and also underground services like drain, sewer, electricity cable ,etc It also includes cover in respect of capital additions and alterations. Additional benefits include loss in respect of lock & key and fire extinguishing expense.

Is coverage for building contents compulsory while buying Home Insurance policy?

Insuring home contents is compulsory while buying home insurance.

  • Content such as furniture, clothing, etc are covered against fire, burglary (excluding theft) and natural calamities.
  • Contents such as jewellery (gold & silver) and valuables (camera, watches, etc.) are covered against fire, burglary, theft, waylaying, snatching and natural calamities.
  • Domestic appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, etc. are covered against fire, burglary (excluding theft), natural calamities and breakdown.
What is terrorism cover?

Terrorism cover insures your home and its contents against any damages/ losses caused due to any acts of terrorism (TERRORISTS). It is an optional cover.

Does the home insurance policy cover damage to household goods in transit?

Coverage against loss or damage to house hold items during removal and shifting of contents and appliances (excluding jewels and valuables) to new building within India due to fire, lightning, breakage of bridges, collision with carrying vehicles, overturning of carrying vehicle or derailment of carrying railway wagon/vehicle is offered under the policy.

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