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Start Saving Money with Bharti AXA Health Insurance for Varicose Veins

What Bharti AXA offers for varicose veins?​

Benefits of Bharti AXA Health Insurance for varicose veins​

Health Tips

Start Saving Money with Bharti AXA Health Insurance for Varicose Veins

Let us start by defining what varicose veins  are. Varicose veins is a health condition in which the veins of any part of the body enlarge its size and cause aches and pains in the affected areas. Varicose veins are usually seen in the legs and feet of a person who has been standing or walking for a long time. Although varicose veins do not affect the normal functioning of the legs in most cases, it is, however, capable of growing to an extent that is beyond tolerable and may lead to harmful consequences. .  Varicose veins are a symptom of heart-related problems. Some of the major symptoms of varicose veins that might cause discomfort are:

  • Pain in the affected area that does not let the patient walk or stand.
  • Bleeding from the veins.
  • Itching around the veins
  • Inflammation of the skin surrounding the vein or skin ulcers. These symptoms show that there is something serious about the varicose vein and it should be treated immediately.

The varicose vein has to be treated through operations and by removal of the entire vein. The varicose veins treatment might require hospitalizationfor a few days and the patient might have to undergo some very serious procedures. As we are already aware of the excruciating capabilities hospital bills have on our pockets, it imperative we insure ourselves in order to avoid any financial burden. Bharti AXA has the best health insurance plans for the people suffering from varicose veins and might need hospitalization. The types of policies vary from individual online health insurance to family health insurance and health insurance for senior citizens.

What Bharti AXA offers for varicose veins?


Bharti AXA has the best health insurance policies in India. They have a lot to offer to the patients suffering from varicose veins. These special offerings include:

  • Cashless health insurance

The cashless health insurance features make paying the hospital bills much easier and convenient for the patient and his family as it is easy to handle.

  • Fast Disbursal

If you are not getting treated at the hospitals mentioned in the online health insurance policy, you need to get the funds released from the insurance company. This procedure is extremely fast and easy with Bharti AXA health insurance.

Benefits of Bharti AXA Health Insurance for varicose veins

People suffering from varicose veins need to go through operative procedures and get the veins removed from their bodies. This demands a lot of time and the person has to be hospitalized for days. Hence Bharti AXA health insurance plans in India have the following benefits for the people suffering from varicose veins.

  • Treatment in the best hospitals

Since the list of the hospitals consists of the biggest and the most popular hospitals in the area, you get treated by some of the best professionals.

  • Hospital allowance

Since the treatment of related varicose veins takes days, the online health insurance policy gives you extra health allowance for the stay at the hospitals for the period of 30-60 days depending on the type of health insurance taken.

Health Tips

Here are some tips that will help you in preventing the harmful effects of the varicose veins:

  • Exercise regularly and keep your weight in check. Increase in weight might cause varicose veins.
  • Eat a diet that is high in fiber and low in salt.
  • When you see the varicose veins appearing on your body, elevate your leg immediately.
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