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Why Renew With Bharti AXA

Jay, 26, was the policy holder of a brand new Bharti AXA Health Insurance Scheme. It provided comprehensive coverage for him and his immediate family. Jay was particularly pleased with the way things had worked out. A quick call to the company had resulted in a consultation, to understand Jay’s requirements. The result was a holistic health coverage plan, for him, his siblings and his parents.

Time went by, and Jay quickly started making minor adjustments to his life. He stopped eating outside. He hired domestic help to come cook for him, taking care not to make food too spicy or oily.

The premiums were being paid on time, and everything was smooth sailing. Which is why, it wasn’t surprising, that when the time came for renewal, Jay stuck on with Bharti AXA. He once again went through the entire policy, its clauses, etc, and decided it was best to carry on the ongoing relationship he had with Bharti AXA. Jay felt at peace, when the policy got renewed. He knew he was covered for the near future.


With Bharti AXA health insurance, you know you are protected across the country. This way, you choose only the best and the most preferred treatment center. 

  • Renewal discount of 5% each claim free year
  • Tax benefits of up to Rs. 25,000 and of Rs.30,000, in case of senior citizens under section 80(D)
  • Every investment in health has many returns. Need we say more. 
  • Unlimited room rent.Some of our plans offer the luxury of unlimited room rent cover. This way you can get treated at the hospital of your choice in the room setup of your choice.

With Bharti AXA GI’s Comprehensive Health Insurance plans you can enjoy product benefits that address not just your health insurance needs but the requirements of your entire family. Pick from any of our three affordable plans that provide you with the flexibility to suit your needs and budget.

Bharti AXA GI offers 3 innovative plans – Rs 2 lakhs, Rs 3 lakhs and Rs 5 Lakhs Plans on Rs.3 lakhs and Rs.5 lakhs provide double the sum insured in case of a critical illness. What’s more is that this amount could be received in form of lump sum compensation that can help not just with hospitalization costs but daily expenses too. (As shown in TV commercial) Refer table below.

Help me to choose my plan

Health insurance needs to vary in accordance with your age group, family size and type. Bharti AXA GI helps you pick a plan to adequately meet your needs and the needs of your spouse and children.

    Your family type  
  Age Group Family Type Single Family Type Married Family Type Married Two Family Type Single Two  
  2 - 35 years Rs. 5 lakhs plan Rs. 5 lakhs plan Rs. 3 lakhs plan Rs. 3 lakhs plan  
  36 - 45 years Rs. 5 lakhs plan Rs. 3 lakhs plan Rs. 3 lakhs plan Rs. 3 lakhs plan  
  46 - 55 years Rs. 2 lakhs plan Rs. 2 lakhs plan Rs. 2 lakhs plan Rs. 2 lakhs plan  
  56 - 65 years Rs. 2 lakhs plan Rs. 2 lakhs plan Rs. 2 lakhs plan Rs. 2 lakhs plan  
    Available OnlineAvailable Online, No medical tests    
    Available through Call- centreAvailable through Call- centre (please call at 080-49010200) and at branches.    
    Optimum plan Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs sum insured can be offered from 5 years to 55 years only. Medical test is mandatory for all cases above 45 years age.    

Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs plan includes critical illness cover which is given as lump sum compensation in the event you are diagnosed with any of the 20 main critical illnesses covered. In such an event you will be entitled to get double the sum insured, which means for Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs cover, you will receive hospitalization benefit of of Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs and additional lump sum amount of Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs respectively.

This cover is applicable after 60 days of inception of the policy and is subject to 30 days survival period and is separate and additional to the hospitalization cover. You can use this money as you wish, to cover your medical bills or maintain your family.

Refer policy wordings (PDF, 383 KB) to view the complete list of critical illnesses covered.

List of Generally Excluded Non-Medicals in Hospitalization Policy (PDF, 241 KB. Opens in a new Window)

Health Insurance Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any queries on anything related to health insurance. Be it your policy, premiums, claims, or anything in general, is there something you need to know? We are more than happy to help. Our experts answer some of the most commonly-asked questions related to health insurance. Go through our FAQ section to find your answer. If you need more information, you can always contact us here. Our executives will be glad to assist you.

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