8 Reasons Why Abs Workout And Back Exercise Is Good

Sweating out to get the perfect beach body should not be the only aim to get your core muscles in shape. These muscles are the powerhouse of the human body. The core houses the central nervous system, the vital inner organs and helps you do about everything right from movement to bringing stability. It almost acts like a connector between the upper and lower body. That is why the abs workout and back exercises are referred to as core exercises or workouts.

Role of the back muscles and abs

The bones in the body are like a frame providing structure to the human body. They are cosmetic. But the actual strength and stability of the body comes from the intricately entwined system of muscles and ligaments attached to the bones. From amongst these muscles, the abdominal and back muscles are vital as they provide the upright movement of the body.

When these core muscles do not function properly, it adds stress to the spinal cord bones to support the body, which may result into back injury. Overly tight muscles can cause painful spasms.

This is why, health experts emphasize on increasing the core strength for improved overall health.

Desk-bound lifestyle and back exercises

If your job or lifestyle reflects long hours of sitting behind a desk or a computer, it is time to be alert about your back! Such a sedentary routine leads to accumulation of fat and withering of the back muscles. Stiffness and fatigue comes easily. Sometimes, this kind of a pain can worsen, limiting the movement and de-conditioning of the back muscles. Taking regular breaks from the sitting activities is crucial, but weight training and core exercises should be considered vital for the long term health of the back. Get coverage for all your expenses with health insurance.

Groups of muscles

The abdominal and back muscles can be grouped into 3 sections:

  • Extensors: These are the ones used to stand, lift, extend or move the hip– basically to straighten the back
  • Flexors: These are the ones used to bend and support the spine. These muscles control the lower spine
  • Obliques/rotators: These are the ones used to stabilize the spine when you are standing upright. They rotate the spine and help in maintaining proper body posture and the curvature of the spine.

Fortunately, there is an increased awareness about strengthening the core muscles for improved back health. Exercise programmes like different forms of yoga, pilates and Tai Chi are gaining popularity. Such exercises should be included as a part of the daily routine for good health, just like you brush your teeth. 

Here are 6 health benefits of abs workout and back exercises:

Reduces back pain

With proper core exercises regularly, one can reduce and prevent lower back pain. People with long term back troubles due to injury or any other reason, may benefit a lot from core exercises like planks and situps. These exercises flex the spine. Giving strength to the abdomen makes your body rarely feel fatigue, and makes it stronger against strain or injury. Yoga and pilates also help is building abdominal strength for a healthy back. 

Stand tall

You may have seen older people permanently having a hunch back. Core exercises from a young age can help you stand straight. Weak abdominal muscles naturally make you slouch because they do not have the strength to provide alignment. A quality posture can prevent the wear and tear of the spine, and in turn prevent complications like disc herniation. Mentally, a good posture gives you more confidence.


Increased functional strength

There are some actions that people follow regularly:

  • Bending down to pick up something
  • Tying shoelaces
  • Sitting in or getting up from a chair or sofa
  • Lifting bags/other objects
  • Household chores

Even these simple actions can become a difficult task for someone with a weak core. People often suffer from injuries from these mundane activities as they may not be exercising regularly.

Improved sports performance

Sports activities are strenuous in nature, and require balance, strength and stability. Whether you talk about simple sports such as running, or more advanced sports like hockey or golf, you are engaging your core. One must have strong abdominal muscles to have control while playing any sports. Even if you do get hurt, a strong core helps in faster recovery.

An added advantage, you can outperform your competitors!


Boost your balance

How can you test your balance? Try this for yourself: Stand on one leg, extend your arms in the front. Do not take any support. If you can maintain this position for 60 seconds, that is awesome! It means you have great balance! Research suggests that core exercises helps the muscles in the pelvic region, the lower back, the hips and the abdomen to work in harmony, which leads to better balance. Here, we are talking about everyday body balance, such as walking on rough surfaces, driving your bike on a bumpy road, or balancing yourself when you miss a step.


Firm Waistline:

While you perform abs workout, it reduces the fat around your belly. Many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and some variants of thyroid cause increased body fat. With increased body metabolism, more fats are burned. This gives a firm waistline.


Dos and don’ts of abs workout and back exercises

  • It is not advisable to exercise during an acute back pain without the recommendation of a doctor
  • Exercising should not be limited till the pain or injury heals; instead, these exercises should become a routine habit
  • Combine the flexion and extension exercises to maintain a balanced trunk
  • Do sets of 3 to 5 reps, atleast four times a week
  • Consider training under a certified coach or physio therapist for tending to special physical needs
  • Patience is the key to building your strength

How often should you work out?

This depends on your goal and the type of exercise you choose to do. For instance, if your goal is body-building, you may be lifting heavy weights and may only include the back-specific workout once or twice a week. But if you are doing it as a therapy for your back, you may do it regularly.

You will feel better

With core exercises, not only does the body become physically appealing, but it also makes you feel great. It is like working from the inside out. Someone with a strong looking physique may not necessarily have a strong core. For that, exercising is important.

Training the core muscles gives you the envy-worthy V-shaped body, making your waist look thinner. The advantages of the back exercises extend to many sports performances such as swimming, boxing, rock climbing, and athletics and so on.


Before starting any back exercises or workouts, it is important to contact a trainer, especially if you already suffer from back pain or other physical injuries. It is not advisable to work out heavily if you have had recent surgeries. Your back works like an axis for the body, so it is crucial to make it stronger and provide it with more power.

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