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Car Insurance FAQs

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What is the period for which Car Insurance policy is issued?

All Car Insurance policies are annual policies issued for a period of twelve months. You will have to renew the policy before the specified expiry date mentioned on the policy document. There are certain benefits of doing so:

  • Insured will continue to enjoy no claim bonus.
  • Insured will not have to get inspection done at the time of renewal.
Can I get my money/unused premium refunded?

Refund is possible only when the policy is cancelled. The refund essentially depends upon the company and would be on short rate period. You must check the short rate calculations before cancelling your policy. You need to provide alternate copy of policy covering TP risks to cancel the policy.

Can I pay Car Insurance premium in instalments?

As per section VB64 of Insurance Act, 1938 no risk can be resumed unless premium is received in advance. Hence, full car insurance premium needs to be collected before the start of policy.

What is an endorsement?

An endorsement is a written evidence of an agreed change in the policy. It is a document that incorporates changes in the terms of the policy.

How insured can obtain a duplicate policy? What are the charges?

Reach us at 1800-103-2292 (Toll free) and get assistance from customer service representative.

How can I apply for liability only insurance online?

To apply for liability only insurance policy, please visit motor third party liability. Kindly share the required details of the vehicle including the first registration date and policy expiry date in the message box.

Is it possible to opt for an add-on without a policy?

No it is not possible to opt for an add-on without a policy. Our add-ons are available only in addition to our motor insurance policy.

Is there any limit to the number of add-ons I can opt for with my policy?

No there is no such limit.

Why do I need Car Insurance?

The law in the country makes it compulsory for you to insure your car. The compulsory nature of the law protects you against third party liability. Also, your car is probably one of the most expensive things you own. Insurance protects this asset and helps you in coping with the financial loss caused by accidents, damage or theft. Another reason is that while driving, you are responsible for the safety of:

  • Your passengers
  • Your fellow drivers
  • Other people's property
  • Pedestrians
  • Yourself

Insurance helps cover the costs of potential damages or injuries in case of an unforeseen accident or theft.

What are the benefits of buying Car Insurance online?

The online advantage enables you to buy the policy through web instantly, save time and save money. You can get a free quote, calculate your Car Insurance premium and buy with the same quote within seven days. You can enjoy hassle free buying without any paperwork. You can buy Bharti AXA private Car Insurance policy online using credit card, debit card or net banking.

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