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Engine and Gearbox Cover

Cars today are more of a necessity than a luxury. People wish to get from Point A to Point B without having to wait for public transport which at times is not easily available. This is where cars prove to be an effective solution. However, every machine comes with its own set of care and maintenance issues. As time passes, each vehicle undergoes wear and tear. And there can also be damage due to unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, natural disasters and man-made calamities. This is where a good Car Insurance Policy becomes very important. Engine and Gearbox Cover

Depending upon your requirement you can go for a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy which will offer your car an all-round protection from Theft, Man-made Calamities such as rioting & vandalism, Natural Disasters such as Cyclones, Typhoons, Floods & Earthquakes and even protect you against any Third-Party Liabilities such as injury or death of a Third-Party or damage to any Third-Party Property. The Comprehensive Insurance however will not protect your car from mechanical issues. For this you need to purchase an Add-On Cover: the Engine and Gearbox Cover. This cover protects your car’s engine and transmission in case of damage.

Why do you need an Engine and Gearbox Cover?

In any vehicle, the Engine and the transmission system are used the most and hence subject to most wear and tear. In situations when there is heavy traffic, the gearbox is subject to frequent usage and this will only increase the wear and tear caused to it.  Having an Engine and Gearbox Cover will protect your vehicle and cover the cost of repairs and replacement of spares of the Engine and Gearbox parts.

Benefits of Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy:

  • 24x7 Claim Assistance :Our dedicated customer service desk addresses all your queries with respect to Car Insurance and even other Insurance Plans round the clock.
  • 2500+ Cashless Garages : With our wide network of more than 4500+ partner hospitals and 2500+ partner garages which seamlessly process all claims, you can be sure that help will reach you in no time.
  • 3.5 Million Trusted Customers : We have sold more than 3.5 million policies and won 2 awards for excellent performance. This means, we make sure to put a smile on our ever-growing trusted customers.
  • 79 Branches Across India : Bharti AXA have more than 79 branches across India. This means you can easily contact an Insurance Expert and get all your queries answered. You can also contact the branch to buy Insurance, raise a claim and other services that you may need.

With Bharti AXA, you can be sure to get your claims settled on the go. So, if you haven’t got your engine and gearbox covered already with us, it’s time you do.

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