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A cover for money carried by authorized employees/messengers while in transit

Key Benefits

Bharti AXA's Money Insurance covers "Money" carried by the Insured or the authorized employees / messengers while in transit. Money that has not been disbursed and has been retained in a safe is also covered. Money means and includes cash, bank drafts, currency notes, treasury totes, cheques, postal orders and current postage stamps.

The policy covers:

  • loss of money in transit, by the Insured or the Insured's authorized employee(s), occasioned by robbery, theft or any other fortuitous cause.
  • loss of money in safe, e, by burglary, housebreaking, robbery or hold-up, provided always that the limit of the Company's liability for any one loss shall in no case exceed the amount specified against any respective section in the said Schedule to the Policy.

Main exclusions

  • Shortage due to error or omission
  • Riot, strike, civil commotion unless specifically agreed for
  • Terrorism
  • Unexplained losses and mysterious disappearances
  • Loss or damage due to flood, cyclone, earthquake and other convulsions of nature, war and war like operations
  • Loss or damage arising out of use of key(s) to safe(s) or strong room unless such keys are obtained by force or threat
  • Money entrusted to any person other than the Insured or an authorised employee
    Legal liability, consequential loss, theft from an unsecured vehicle and consequential loss
  • Money entrusted to a carrier
  • Loss due to any act in which the Insured, his/her family member/lemployee is involved as principal or party except dishonesty of cash carrying employee where specifically covered
  • Such dishonest activity of cash carrying employee shall be discovered within 48 hours.
    Money carried under contract of affreightment

This is not an exhaustive list.

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