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Enjoy a Smooth Drive with Bharti AXA Car Insurance for Ford Mustang

What Bharti AXA offers for Ford Mustang Car Insurance?

Recommended Bharti AXA Add-On Covers for Ford Mustang

Benefits of Bharti AXA Car Insurance for Your Ford Mustang

Enjoy a Smooth Drive with Bharti AXA Car Insurance for Ford Mustang

When you are driving down the road, the rumble of a powerful engine acts as a stimulant for adrenaline. The roar of an immense engine, along with smooth controls makes a car worth treasuring. The Ford Mustang is one such car that has inspired and excited thousands of car lovers all over the world. The all-new Mustang packs some impressive features, thus maintaining the reputation for raw power and excellent control in the car market. The new Mustang comes packed with an immense 4951 cc engine. It produces a huge maximum power of 175 BHP at 6500 rpm, while it can achieve an optimum torque of 515 Nm at 4250 rpm. The 6-speed automatic transmission gives it an unbeatable performance.

You need to buy the best Ford Mustang Insurance to enjoy a smooth and stress-free drive every time you take out your car on the road.

What Bharti AXA offers for Ford Mustang Car Insurance?

Bharti AXA is among the most popular insurance provider in the country. The company has issued millions of individual car insurance policies till date. It offers excellent insurance service through over 79 branches spread across India. You can also buy the best car insurance policies

online from the company’s web portal.

These are the types of car insurance provided by Bharti AXA:

  • Third-Party Liability Coverage

The Third-Party Liability Coverage is a mandatory car insurance plan. According to the Indian Motor Act (1988) – section 146, every vehicle plying on Indian road needs to have this insurance plan. This insurance plan is aimed at protecting against Third-Party Liabilities.

According to IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority), the premium cost for a car’s Third-Party Liability cover is dependent on your Ford Mustang’s engine capacity. That means for a 4951-cc engine, the premium cost for Third-Party Ford Mustang insurance cover is INR 8,630.

With this premium amount, you get the financial protection of INR 7.5 lacs in case third-party properties get damaged. In case the third-parties suffer from injuries, or death, then the compensation amount is decided by the court tribunal.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan is recommended highly by insurance experts all over the world. This is an efficient way to get wider insurance protection. This Insurance Policy for Ford Mustang also includes third-party insurance.

It also contains the premium cost of Own Damage (OD), which is effective in compensating for damage or loss to your car in a road mishap. IRDA regulations stipulate that the exact premium rate of comprehensive Car Insurance for Your Ford Mustang will depend on the:

  • Car’s make and model
  • Car’s age
  • Car’s engine capacity (cc)
  • Car’s location of registration

This is an essential and efficient way to get a wider insurance cover which protects against third-party liabilities and damage to the car for other reasons.

  • Personal Accident Cover

The Personal Accident Cover is combined with the Third-Party Liability Coverage and the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan provided by the company. Under this, for an additional premium of just INR 100, you get an insured sum of INR 2 Lacs.

The total insured sum is payable to you (policyholder) in case of an unforeseen event or severe injuries resulting in loss of both limbs or loss of sight in both eyes or permanent and total disabilities from these injuries.

The insured amount is payable up to 50% in case you suffer from loss of use of one limb and loss of sight in one eye.

Recommended Bharti AXA Add-On Covers for Ford Mustang

Bharti AXA

offers wider and more complete insurance coverage through its numerous special Add-On Covers. These are aimed at expanding the insurance protection and to provide affordable premium rates.

These are the top popular Add-On Covers from the company for your Ford Mustang Insurance:

  • Hydrostatic Lock Cover – This Add-On cover is aimed to compensate for repairing engine from water damage. In case of floods and heavy rainfall, your car’s engine might suffer damage from being water-logged. It pays to repair such damage.
  • Zero Depreciation Cover – This is aimed at retaining a higher insurable value for your car. Normally, you have to bear depreciation on the cost of repaired or replaced car parts, especially those made of plastic, rubber, fiber, and glass. With this Add-On Cover, you will not have to bear any depreciation on such replaced or repaired parts.
  • Co-Passenger Cover – This Add-On cover efficiently protects your co-occupants of the car in case of accidents. The insurance will pay compensation to your co-passengers for loss or damage.
Benefits of Bharti AXA Car Insurance for Your Ford Mustang

These are the express benefits that you get when you buy Ford Mustang car insurance plans from Bharti AXA:

  • Affordable premiums – The company ensures that the insurance premium for the Ford Mustang Car Insurance Plan is affordable through numerous discounts and offers.
  • Effective Buying/Renewing Insurance – The company offers easy ways for customers to buy or renew their Car Insurance Plan. The customer can easily do this at any of the 79 branches all over India, or from the company’s website.
  • Efficient Repairs – The insurance leader maintains a wide network of over 2,500 Cashless garages all over the country. This helps to ensure faster repairs for your car, anywhere in India.
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