Bumper To Bumper Car Insurance

Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance

Bumper To Bumper Car Insurance

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  • Realize the Immense Power of Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance
  • A Guide to the Intricacies of Bumper to Bumper Coverage
  • How Can You Benefit from Bumper to Bumper Coverage?
  • Why Choose Bumper to Bumper Coverage in the First Place?
  • Bigger Savings and a Brighter Future at Your Fingertips!

Realize The Immense Power Of Bumper To Bumper Car Insurance

Without a proper understanding of add-on covers that are available during the purchase of any insurance policy, one can miss out on numerous opportunities for saving. With the Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance Coverage, you can claim the entire amount for which your vehicle has been insured without having to shell out money for depreciation costs. This add-on cover, also known as Zero Depreciation cover, allows you to secure your vehicles’ as well as your own future from any type of accidents, without the need to pay for the “depreciation-factor.”

A Guide To The Intricacies Of Bumper to Bumper Coverage

When you opt for the Bumper to Bumper coverage policy, you have the chance to obtain 100% coverage for all metal, rubber, and fiber parts of your vehicle, without having to consider the depreciation that they are normally accountable for. Some of the aspects which are excluded in the policy include damages that occur in battery and tyres, car engine disruption due to oil leakage or water ingestion, breakdown of the vehicle due to mechanical issues, and consumables that might be used for the repair of the vehicle.

How Can You Benefit From Bumper To Bumper Coverage?

Being in an accident is never a good thing. There are numerous expenses to be handled, and even more issues to take care of as far as maintenance is concerned. With the Bumper to Bumper Coverage, you can reduce a ton of hassles, obstacles and heart ache that comes with accidents. One of the biggest benefits of such a coverage is that most parts of your car are covered within this policy, irrespective of their depreciation costs.

Other benefits that are included in the policy include:

  • Costs for emergency transport
  • Hotel expenses
  • Key replacements
  • Tow-away services

Why Choose Bumper To Bumper Coverage In The First Place?

In case of a normal Car Insurance Policy, the expenses associated with the damage of car parts can never be completely claimed by the owner of the policy. This is due to the fact that depreciation costs that occur with wear and tear owing to ageing of the vehicle are never accounted for in a normal Car Insurance Policy. With the Bumper to Bumper coverage policy, also known as the Zero Depreciation cover, you can override the issues that arise from this fallacy apparent in normal insurance policies. The Add-On Cover allows for the customer to avail complete coverage of all damages, without having to pay for the depreciation of the same.

Bigger Savings And A Brighter Future At Your Fingertips!

Before buying a Bumper to Bumper Add-On Cover, you need to be aware of certain intricacies in order to ensure that you are prepared for any adverse situation that may arise in the future with Bharti AXA, you can compare policies and buy the one that offers the maximum benefits with the least increase in premium and deductibles. Visiting the Bharti AXA web portal is also important as you can understand the reasons behind why compulsory deductibles and high premiums might be a characteristic of this Add-On. Moreover, also make sure you are up-to-date with the exclusions associated with the Add-On, such as consumables and other expenses.

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