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The Story So Far

There are around 3.3 Cr [1] cars that ply on Indian roads and possibly an equal number of drivers.No all of them drive according to the traffic rules. This is the reason the Govt. of India made third party insurance compulsory for all vehicles. Yet the risk of damage which these vehicle owners are exposed to is immense. When we at Bharti AXA interact with our car insurance clients, we come across many such stories. One such story is of Rohit.  

Rohit aged 34, lives in a rented 2BHK apartment. He and his wife Aarti share an interesting work connect- He is into real estate, and she into interior designing. You would have figured out the story alliance. 4 years on, Rohit started to use his two wheeler to drop his son Aarav to school every day. Once during monsoons, Aarav missed his school as it was raining heavily. Rohit decided it was time to buy a car. He decided it was about time he bought a car. Two years of savings and attractive EMI schemes helped him achieve the dream. The happiness his family experienced was beyond words. 


A careful driver, Rohit valued his prized possession a lot. Yet,one day after dropping Aarav to school, he was waiting at a traffic junction near his office waiting for the signal to turn green. Once the light turned green he started moving towards his office road. A rogue car driver jumped the signal by over speeding. His car crashed into Rohit’s, causing a heavy damage. Before Rohit could react the car driver escaped into the blue. Unfortunately, for him, his third party insurance policy could not cover his damages. This incident caused a huge dent in his savings.

Rohit is not alone. On an average, car drivers in India spend around 100 minutes per day on the road commuting [2]. This means, that around 7% of their day is spent in the car. What is surprising is that on an average more than 51 accidents take place in India every hour [3]. Which means the car owners are exposed to the risk of meeting with an accident every minute. Even if it is not their fault. 


The Need For Car Insurance

Connect the dots and you will know why the physical, financial, and legal protection of your car and the people traveling in it, is important with a car insurance. Having a third party insurance, which covers the damages you may cause to another person, is compulsory for every vehicle in India.However, a comprehensive car insurance plan that covers the damage your car can incur is always recommended. Take Rohit’s example from above. Despite being a responsible car owner and driver, he ended up paying a huge repair bill. What’s more, even those who have a standard insurance end up paying a huge sum from their own pocket due to lack of add-on covers like depreciation cover and roadside assistance.


Bharti AXA Car Insurance


Our car insurance plan becomes your safety partner in every car journey of yours.The add-on covers like depreciation cover, hydrostatic lock cover, and roadside assistance among others make the policy extensive, giving you complete piece of mind.Reason why we are one of India’s most recommended car insurance companies. 


Here are some of the features which make purchasing Bharti AXA car insurance online easy.

  • Instant policy: If you have the necessary details ready, we will have your car insurance policy ready quicker than you think. Get your car insurance quote online here.
  • No paperwork: Because we know you would rather take your loved ones out for some fun, instead.
  • Choice of add-on covers: You choose the brand, make, colour etc So, shouldn’t you itself choose the add-on covers. You can do the same online with ease.
  • Simplified process: We have made the car insurance purchase, renewal, and claim process online effortless.
car insurance benefits
Inclusions Exclusions

1. Loss or damage due to

• Accident, burglary or theft
• Riot and strike 
• Fire explosion self-ignition or lightning
• Natural Calamities
• Transit by road, rail, inland waterways, air or lift.

2. Personal Accident cover for owner/driver of the car
Death benefit of Rs.2 lakhs for the owner/driver in case of accidental death.

3. Third party bodily injury liability covers penalty to be given to victim 
It covers the injury or death of the person hit by you.

4. Property damage liability
Covers penalty you need to pay in case of damage to the properties due to the accident caused by you up to the limits as specified in the policy.

1. Loss or damage to the car is not included under following conditions:

  • Normal wear and tear 
  • Depreciation of the car is not covered 
  • Electrical & mechanical failure
  • If you drive the car outside India
  • If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
  • If the person driving doesn’t have valid driving license 
  • Nuclear risks​
  • ​If you use Vehicle for other purposes. Ex: If the private vehicle is used as Taxi.

car policy with add-ons

Add-on Covers

The Bharti AXA motor insurance addresses every safety and comfort needs of yours. But, we also understand different people have varied requirements based on their usage of the vehicle. And that is why we have designed the add-on covers in such a way that they address your specific requirements individually. What’s more, we do not offer a pack of mixed add-ons where you end up purchasing something you do not need. Instead, with us, you can customize your four-wheeler plan by choosing the add-on cover you think will best help you in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question on car insurance,renewal plan,premium or anything that will help you with the decision-making? Look at these Frequently Asked Questions and you may find the answer. These carefully selected questions will help you understand our products and services better. However if you still need more information, you can always contact us here. Our executives will be glad to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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