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Your walking speed will help you predict your life span


Yes, you read that correctly! The speed at which you walk can help you in predicting your life span. It may seem like a baseless claim, but there have been studies that actually prove that your natural pace is a vital factor in determining your life span. Even doctors ask elderly patients to walk the length of room to know more about their gait. Still, it does not mean that if you walk fast then as you are bound to have a long life span and do not need health insurance. Also, it does not mean that if someone were to walk at a slower pace, they would have a small life span. It is dependent on the individual in question in addition to various factors such as age, physiology, etc. So, how can you determine your age from your walking speed?

Walking Speed and Age: The Relationship

As people grow older, they tend to walk at a slower pace. The reason is that walking is a complication activity on physiological level that is affect by even the slightest change to any of the bodily systems. Walking not only involves the skeletal system, but also cardiovascular system and nervous system. Thus, walking itself is a fitness test to ascertain the functioning of the body. Furthermore, it also provides insights into the amount of physical activity a person is getting on a regular basis. However, do not make all your decisions based on just the speed at which you walk. Do not avoid health insurance just because you walk at a brisk pace. Even Usain Bolt has a health insurance policy, and you can’t be faster than him, can you?

How is it Going to Help?

If you are aware of your walking speed then you can determine whether you are engaging in adequate physical activity or not. Furthermore, your walking speed can help your doctor recognize what kind of approach you would need. It could be as simple as engaging in more physical activity to requiring a rehabilitation period.

You should know that this is not an exact science but it does help one in an easier way to gain insights into the physical condition of a person. More often than not health insurance provides also ask the applicants to perform a small test.

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