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Yoga For A Healthy Life


It has become a common health fad that most people today are heading to gyms to be in shape. However, having a good physique may not necessarily mean being in good health. If you genuinely want to create goodness of health in your life, then a better way to go is the yoga way.


What is Yoga?

Yoga is essentially a set of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that together create a state of harmony between the mind and body. It also puts you in better rhythm with the environment around you by awakening all your senses and thus helping your body and mind respond better.

As compared to other practices, this is a low-impact activity that involves postures (asanas), meditation, breathing techniques as well as some quiet reflection for relaxation.  With its roots partially in science and partially in spiritualism, this form of exercise is an excellent way to achieve not just good physical health but also peace of mind and overall well-being.


How Can Yoga Help? 

The practice of yoga for a healthy life is not something that has emerged only recently but has been around for more than 5000 years or so. It is because, in the olden days, people had no access to equipment or gyms where they could engage in workouts. However, sages and worthies gained knowledge of how the human body itself has many pressure points, and chakras, which is activated by way of postures and exercises, can help the body in healing and harmonizing with the mind and environment.

The practice of Yoga is centered around chakras. It is believed that you experience emotions, desires, aversions, and even physical pain and symptoms through the chakras. When a particular chakra gets blocked, then it causes you to feel some negative emotion, symptom pain, anxiety, or discomfort. Yoga helps in stimulating chakras to release energy by way of various asanas (postures) and mudras.

This way, yoga helps in normalizing blood pressure levels and hormonal disbalances along with easing the body of physical and mental tension. Yoga emphasizes a lot on breathing exercises and helps in the proper flow of oxygen to various cells and tissues of the body.

The various benefits of Yoga are as follows-

  1. Flexibility- By way of stretching, bending, and other such movements, yoga helps you develop flexibility and agility over time. This helps you in becoming more active and keeps problems like joint pain and other such issues as bay.


  1. Resilience- Yoga helps you develop excellent resistance against diseases, as the various asanas keep your organs functioning well.  It also helps the body become resilient by improving the immunity of the body.


  1. Better Performance- The breathing activities help the mind in developing better concentration and focus, which help in improving productivity and performance.


  1. Releases Stress- Yoga is also said to release stress from the body by putting the body and mind in a state of harmony.


  1. Good Health- All the benefits provided by Yoga together help the body to enjoy better health and well-being. This also contributes significantly to a person’s state of happiness. 


Yoga is also used for complementary treatment purposes and helps those dealing with anxiety, depression, coronary diseases, HIV, cancer, and other such diseases.


Considering all the benefits that come by doing yoga, the United Nations has also designated 21st June as International Yoga Day, to encourage more people to start practicing this holistic form of exercise.   


Things to keep in mind

  1. Don’t replace or substitute your conventional treatment for Yoga. In case of any ailment, use yoga as a supplement to your treatment to recover fast.
  2. When suffering from any major illness or a problem such as glaucoma, sciatica, or high blood pressure, then talk to your doctor before practicing yoga. They may tell you to avoid specific asanas.
  3. Also, as a beginner, you should avoid practicing extreme postures and techniques such as lotus pose, headstand, or forced breathing.


To enjoy good health, you can also start practicing yoga to reap the many benefits that come with it. While yoga for good health is a healthy choice to make, you should also focus on taking a rich diet to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients to stay in good condition. Moreover, given the increasing prevalence of diseases nowadays, it is also essential to secure your family and yourself with a health insurance cover. This health policy will provide your family with financial support in case of getting good quality healthcare treatment. 

So, practice yoga for a healthy life and say goodbye to various health challenges.

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