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World’s 11 Endangered Travel Destinations


Many tourist destinations are being damaged due to over tourism, climate change or some natural calamities. These endangered places are breathtakingly beautiful. Following is the list of 11 such beautiful endangered places:

You can visit these places to witness their breathtaking views before it no longer remains there. Having travel insurance before visiting these endangered destinations will safeguard you from unforeseen mishaps.

  1. Venice, Italy: The beautiful historic places is facing issues like a mass exodus of its locals, overcrowding and pollution. Any which way the city is still a must visit destination.
  2. Machu Picchu, Peru: After bagging a place on the list of new Seven Wonders of the World, this place has witnessed an increasing number of tourists. The overcrowding is one of the reasons for endangering the breathtakingly beautiful archaeological city.
  3. Great Barrier Reef, Australia: One of the most appealing natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is sadly facing the problems due to climate change and irresponsible tourism.
  4. The Amazon: Home to hundreds of indigenous communities and unimaginable diversity, the Amazon rainforest is facing deforestation under the name of mining and ranching of the cattle.
  5. The Florida Everglades: largely under-appreciated ecosystem, the Florida Everglades is also known as “River of Grass”. It is the most endangered national park in the US.
  6. Antarctica: Antarctica is one of the breathtakingly beautiful remote places on the earth. The climate change is affecting the place in higher measures resulting in the melting of ice at rapid speed. The overfishing is also resulting in disturbing the entire food chain of the region.
  7. Big Sur, California: one of the factors making this place breathtakingly beautiful is its unforgivable geographical conditions. The place is already a target of natural catastrophes, and climate change makes it even worse.
  8. Borneo, Malaysia and Indonesia: the forest of Borneo has been reduced to two-thirds, the reason being the plantation of palm oil plants and the logging.
  9. The Great Wall of China: the local people are selling the wall, and the tourists are happily buying them. This has resulted in the selling off one-third of the wall already.
  10. The Alps: this European mountain range is facing global warming which had melted the ice caps of Alps.
  11. The Galapagos: the increasing tourism rate is affecting the species of Charles Darwin. If the tourism rate keeps on increasing, this species might get extinct soon.

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