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Reasons for Rejection of your Car Insurance Claim


While the car insurance claim keeps you covered financially, it is important to use it wisely and honestly. You must know the car insurance claim rules properly. In case of an impulsive decision or hiding of facts, your car insurance claim might be rejected. Here are the most common reasons for car insurance claim rejection.

Top 10 Reasons why your Car Insurance Claim can get Rejected
  1. If the person who was driving at the time of the accident does not possess a driving licence. Insurance claim without driving licence are one of the most common reasons for rejection.
  2. In case your car insurance is expired. Quite often policyholders do not remember to go through the process of renewal of an expired car insurance.
  3. In case at the time of the accident, the car was overloaded with more passengers than the prescribed limit
  4. In case you parked at a no-parking zone while someone hit your car
  5. In case you used the vehicle without proper servicing
  6. Delay in filing the claim
  7. Forgetting to file an FIR in case of an accident and/or injuries
  8. In case you present inaccurate information to the insurance provider
  9. In case the financial losses are out of the scope of your policy
  10. In case you complete the repairs without first informing the insurance company
Never Miss a Premium with Car Insurance Policy Renewal Reminder

Following the rules of the road and the conditions of the insurance provider are of utmost importance in order to file a claim hassle-free and successfully. Bharti AXA provides you end-to-end help in case any unfortunate event occurs. You can just call our toll-free number or register a claim online and make use of our wide network of cashless garages and hospitals all across India. With our car insurance policy renewal reminder, you are assured of not missing any premium. We ensure that you are not stranded during accidents with an expired policy.

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