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Why You Need Critical Illness Cover?


What Is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance, also known as critical illness cover, is a medical plan which offers financial protection in the event of being diagnosed with serious illnesses like heart attack, stroke,various types of cancers or auto immune disorder such as multiple sclerosis.

What Is The Need Of Critical Illness Cover?

You never know what might happen in the future. It is always advisable to save for the future. However, if diagnosed with some serious illness in the future, savings might not be enough to meet the medical expenditure. According to a survey by World Bank nearly 2.2% of Indian population is forced into poverty every year due to medical cost of serious illnesses, in such situation one would really repent of not opting for critical illness insurance in the early stages of life.

The critical illness medical policy helps in taking care of all hospital expenditures, while providing a lump sum payment for the recoup, thus helping to meet your financial obligations with ease.

Is There A Need To Go In For Critical Illness Insurance, If You Are Already Having Some Medical Insurance?

Well the answer to this question is “YES”. In case your medical insurance plan does not provide the cover for critical illness, you should definitely opt for a critical illness insurance policy. It is very well known that the hospitalization cost of critical illness is very high and the post hospitalization expenses are also on the higher side.Your critical illness insurance would not only meet your hospitalization expenditure, but would also provide you a lump sum amount for the recovery phase. While going for a critical illness insurance policy, you have two options in your hand:

a) You can take the critical illness cover plan as a rider with your ongoing medical policy, by way of paying some extra premium b) You can opt for a standalone product with respect to your critical illness insurance.

Conditions Covered Under Critical Illness Insurance

The four critical illnesses covered in most of the plans include the following: a) Heart attack b) Cancer c) Stroke d) Coronary artery by-pass surgery

Apart from these, here is the list of other conditions which might be covered a) End stage lung disease b) End stage liver failure c) Kidney failure d) Coma e) Multiple sclerosis f) A major organ transplant g) Major burns h) Motor neurone disease i) Bacterial meningitis j) Terminal illness

Advantages of Critical Illness Insurance

  • Cashless treatment for inpatients
  • Lump sum amount given for the recovery as mentioned in the insurance plan
  • Easy claim process
  • Tax Benefit
  • 24x7 assistance over phone to attain any information

The time is to think of yourself and do not be a burden on anyone. Do not wait for your children or relatives to come to your rescue when you are suffering from some critical illness. Make yourself secure by going in for critical illness insurance, so that you are relived to a maximum extent in case any bad luck hits you!

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