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Why Senior Citizens Must Have Travel Insurance


The travel bug bites us all, and many people save for after-retirement travel plans and thus, the number of senior citizens travelling abroad has increased significantly. However, given their health risk factors, it is crucial for senior citizens who travel to have valid travel insurance . If you are a senior citizen or are planning to send a senior citizen on a vacation abroad, then you must know that medical expenses are much higher abroad as compared to India. While you may have planned for certain contingencies, it is possible that an unforeseen situation could put you in a difficult financial position. This is where senior citizen travel insurance comes to your rescue. Here’s why senior citizens must buy senior citizen travel insurance before taking an international trip:


Because we understand that senior citizens might need extra care and coverage, a senior citizen travel insurance policy will have more coverage than a typical travel insurance policy. Bharti AXA has designed special travel health insurance plans for senior citizens. Explore the policies now.


Depending on the destination, the senior citizen health insurance policies cover the activities that a senior citizen would do. For example, if they are going to go for a small trek, then by just paying a little extra premium, you can get a cover for that as well.


If you are a senior citizen who is a frequent flyer, then you must avail the multi-trip health insurance policy, specially designed for senior citizens. It is not only cost-effective, but it also eliminates the hassle of buying a single-trip travel insurance policy every time before travelling. Moreover, with a multi-trip travel health insurance policy, a senior citizen will be required to take the medical exam only once a year. Whereas, in single-trip travel senior citizen travel insurance policy, the applicant will have to undergo a medical examination every time they buy the policy.


Bharti AXA’s senior citizen travel insurance plans can be customized based on the destination country, insured sum, and the duration of the visit. No medical examination is required for those below 70 years of age. With barely any paperwork and five simple steps, you can now buy travel insurance online at Bharti AXA.

Make after-retirement dreams come true and enjoy a safe vacation with Bharti AXA. Still have questions regarding senior citizen travel insurance? Speak to our expert now. To buy a senior citizen travel insurance policy online, simply visit our website, follow the simple steps and have your travel health insurance policy delivered to your mailbox instantly.

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