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Why Medical Insurance is Important?

What Factors are to be considered before purchasing a Health Insurance?
  • Reputed Insurance Company:
    Evaluate health insurance plans offered by insurance companies who have a respectable brand image in the market. At the same time gather information about the insurance company before coming to a conclusion.
  • Type of Health Insurance Policies :
    This applies for every insurance provider that you will be looking up for health insurance. Find out the various types of plans offered by the insurer such as Surgery & Critical Illness Insurance Plans, Smart Health Insurance Policy, Family Health Plan, Family Floater Insurance Plan, Individual Health Insurance Plan, so on and so forth.
  • Coverage :
    After you compare the insurance plans to see which one is cost effective, go through the policy document to understand the coverage aspect. See if it will cover accident-related expenses, maternity expenses, pre-existing illness and day care procedures etc. At any point if you are not convinced about the coverage avoid buying the policy or place a query with the insurance provider.
  • Hospitalization – Cashless or Otherwise? :
    Medical bills can burn your pocket and paying in cash at the time of a medical emergency can add to your woes. Check if your insurance provider has a cashless health insurance policy. If yes, then this can ease your financial burden as medical bills will be directly taken care off by the insurer.
  • Renewal of Health Insurance :
    Check for the number of years your insurance company has you covered. ? This is necessary as you certainly don’t want to remain uninsured when you are undergoing a medical emergency of a family member or are suffering an injury yourself.
  • Sub-limits by Health Insurance :
    Cardiovascular treatment, cataract treatment, doctor fee and room rent are few of the sub-limits offered by the health insurance plan. Check the percentage of sum insured by the insurer for hospital expenses.
  • Family Health Insurance:
    Check how many members of the family are covered by the family health insurance plan. If you have a parent, parent-in-law or a sibling dependent on you, then a Family Floater Plan will be of immense relief for you as you will save on the premium on the single sum insured.
  • Exclusions :
    Read the policy document to know what kind of exclusions will not be covered by the said health insurance plan. Note that exclusions differ from one policy to the other. Examples of exclusions are health issues due to excessive drug or alcohol abuse, injuries caused due to strike, protest and commotion, cosmetic surgery, dental services, joint replacement surgery and so on.

Owning a health insurance policy is a wise step towards securing your future and the future of your loved ones as well. In today’s time, buying a health insurance is a relatively hassle-free task as you can buy health insurance online too. Prudence and enough knowledge is what you need to choose a medical insurance which caters to your requirements.


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