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Why it is Necessary to Buy a Health Insurance ?

Health Insurance: Why it is a necessity?

Nothing is certain in life, and so is health. Therefore, keeping a backup in life is very important. With the pollution growing every day and new diseases coming in the picture, healthcare has become a necessity in every person's life. With that being said, it is an evident fact that the cost of the healthcare is also growing excessively. For a person to get their medical treatment at the best hospital means getting ripped off their savings. To save oneself from going broke due to the medical expenses, a person should have a good health insurance plan. The health insurances that they buy should have all the necessary advantages that they might need in case of emergencies.

In the following article, we will be discussing the necessity of buying health insurance online.

  • To Protect your family in the case of a medical emergency

The family is the most important thing in a person’s life. Moreover, knowingly how common it has become to get hospitalized these days given the environmental conditions, it becomes very important to make sure they are secured.  A family floater medi claim policy is one such way to do it. This policy is an advanced and extended version of the Medi claim policy. You can add all your family members with the family health plan which will cover all the medical expenses of your family for different diseases. But this plan comes with a reduced marginal expense.

  • To save taxes

You can legally save tax with health insurance policies under section 80D of income tax act, 1961, if you’re paying a premium for yourself. Usually, the claim varies with the age group of the policyholder. You can save up to 20,000 per year and 25,000 if you’re above 60 years which makes you a senior citizen. Moreover, if you’re paying for your parents, also the total amount you can save is up to 55,000 given your parents are senior citizens.

  • To keep yourself safe while traveling

No one wants to look for a hospital in case they get sick or need medical treatment while traveling. Hence, in this case, medical insurance comes into the picture. With the network hospitals that are included in the policies, you can get yourself treated in any place in the country. You can also avail the cashless insurance feature in these network hospitals that are spread all across the country and in some cases all around the world.

  • To provide treatment at the best hospitals

The network hospitals that are included in the health policies are some of the best in the country. So, no matter where you go, you will be getting treated at the best hospitals in the country. Additionally, you do not have to care about the high medical charges that a person has to usually pay at high-end hospitals. All your expenses are covered by the insurance company, and you’re given additional pre and post hospitalization benefits, in addition to the hospital cash which can be used by your family members and you.

  • For easier hospitalization and transactions

The cashless feature of the health insurance is a great way to make your medical treatment much easier and comfortable. All you need to do is keep your health card with you along with a valid identity proof and show it at the hospitals. The hospital will verify your details, and your treatment shall immediately commence.  You can just focus on your health, and the rest will be taken care by the hospital and the insurance company. However, it is important to note that the extra benefits are not cashless and have to be availed by the insurance company.

To Sum Up

In the end, we would like to say that health insurance has a lot of advantages. However, it is important to note that you should read all the terms and conditions thoroughly before you buy health insurance. Make sure you know all the inclusions and the exclusions before you invest in insurance.

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