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Why Health Insurance is a necessity, Not an Option


With the increasing medical inflation and lifestyle changes, health insurance has become the need of the hour. Health Insurance provides a much needed financial backup for families and helps them to be financially prepared in case of health related issues.

Health insurance pays for your medical bills in case you fall ill. It can also reimburse you for your medical bills. For a country like India, where medicine is expensive, health insurance is a relief and increases accessibility to quality healthcare. In this article, we will be explaining why everyone should have one.

Find below 4 major reasons why you should get health insurance.

• Lifestyle Changes

Different aspects of our changing lifestyles have an effect on our health. Some of these factors include stress, wrong eating habits, pollution, quality of food etc. For instance, a study published in a noted medical journal has revealed that India is the third most obese country in the world. A disorder like obesity can cause several health complications. Therefore it becomes vital to own a health insurance policy.

• Ever Increasing Medical Expenses

When you club the above mentioned two reasons with the fact that medical costs are increasing every day, you can see how health insurance from Bharti AXA GI can save the day. When you have health insurance, medical emergencies become affordable and financial worries do not come in the way of quality treatments.

• Before and After Hospitalization Costs

It is easy for us to forget about the medical costs before and after hospitalization. Tests, medicines, preliminary checkups are also increasing. Health insurance can protect us from bearing these costs. Many policies cover these additional OPD (out-patient department) costs as well in accordance with their terms and conditions.

• Hassle free treatment

Another advantage of getting health insurance is that the insurance companies have a large pool of affiliated hospitals and medical centres. Hence, good quality treatment can be availed without worrying about selecting the right hospital. In case of an emergency, the policy holder visits one of the hospitals affiliated with the insurance company and informs them about the hospitalization. Following this, the insurance company gets in touch with the hospital in question and engages in effective, quality treatment. This is a blessing in a time of emergency. To add to this, hospital bills either get paid directly by the insurance company or are reimbursed to the policy holder later.

There are some popular myths among us regarding health insurance. Some feel health insurance is only meant for the old and ill while some others feel they are healthy and do not need one. There are some amongst us who also feel medical insurance is a waste of money. Health is a topic which should be taken seriously and one should remember that emergencies do not knock before coming. Get health insurance after understanding your personal needs. It is one of the wisest decisions you will take.

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