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Scared of Car Theft? Why Fear When You Have Car Insurance


Every metropolitan city in the world is plagued by hassles of car theft. Statistics by the Delhi police state that every hour there are 4+ vehicles stolen in the capital city. The situation in other cities in India is not very different either.

Scared of Car theft?

In order to fight these frightening statistics, we have the safety net of car insurance . This has been made mandatory by the Government of India for the very reason when misfortunes such as this strike, especially when you are never prepared for it. Therefore, a comprehensive car insurance policy is recommended for all vehicle owners.

You may find several players in the market which can be confusing. The best way is to compare car insurance on third party websites and choose a product that best suits your requirements.

Coverage Under the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Car owners should always opt for a vehicle insurance that is comprehensive so that they are protected against any damage or loss to the vehicle along with its passengers by any sort of natural calamities and man-made calamities.

A personal accident cover is built in with a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. This protects not only the driver but every passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Any third party liability also falls under the purview of the insurance policy.

If the coverage is deemed to be valid at the time of the accident, then there should not be any issue with raising a claim. Bharti AXA GI has a very streamlined insurance process that makes your claim procedure hassle-free.

Make a Smart Claim if There Has Been a Car Theft

If there has been a theft of your vehicle, then the first step is to file a complaint with your nearest police station. Subsequently, notify the insurance company. The law of the land also requires you to inform the Department of Transport too.

The Necessary Documents Required to Lodge the Claim

There will be a mountain of paperwork that you need to sort through before you file your claim.

While the paperwork for every claim is different, the general documents that are required to be submitted for car theft are:

  • The original copy of the FIR
  • All policy related documents
  • The claim form that has been duly signed
  • A copy of the driving license
  • A copy of the vehicle’s RC
  • Any RTO transfer papers that have been signed in addition to required forms

Finally, the police department has to generate a No Trace Report if the car is untraceable or cannot be located. This is a mandatory document which needs to be submitted in order to process the insurance claim. Typically, the No Trace Report takes a month to be produced by the police department post the occurrence of the incident. You will also need to surrender your car keys to the insurance company when you raise your claim.

Be Smart When It Comes to Purchasing Coverage

Before you sign on the policy document, ensure that you have done a thorough read-through. Become familiar with the procedures and discuss with your service provider if you have any concerns with regards to raising claims. Being aware of the claim filing process can make a stressful period of losing your vehicle slightly easier.

Remember to file all the necessary forms along with the documents that are duly signed and attested. This will ensure that your claim is processed swiftly and approved successfully.

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