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Why Buying A Health Insurance Plan Is the Best Back Up You Could Possibly Have


In life, you cannot always predict what's going to come next and act accordingly. You need to prepare for whatever life throws your way, for better or worse. Just like you keep a spare tire in your car or save money in your bank account for emergencies, you need to have some backup for your health too.

Even if you take good care of your health, there is no guarantee to the fact that you will never fall ill. Moreover, if you come in contact with a critical illness, not only it will affect you physically but also cause havoc on you financially. It can wipe out your entire savings in a single go. Therefore, it is imperative that you purchase a health insurance policy.

What Is A Health Insurance Policy?

A health insurance policy acts as a financial back-up, in case an unfortunate event happens to you in the future. It covers the medical costs incurred during your treatment and also pays for the pre and post-hospitalization expenses.

Moreover, when you purchase a health insurance policy, you also get free health check-ups, lifelong renewability, domiciliary hospitalization, ambulance expenses, organ transplant allowance, maternity expenses, and no claim bonus.

Additional Benefits of a Health Insurance Policy

Many health insurance policies come with an option of add-on covers. Under these, the buyer can choose an additional cover by paying an extra sum for comprehensive protection.

Add-ons like critical illness cover offer protection for illnesses that can leave you bedridden for a long time. The cover provides a lump-sum amount to the insured at the start of the treatment, that can be used to cover the costs of treatment as well as the daily costs till you are bed-ridden.

'Summing Up'

Medical care costs are rising day by day. As a matter of fact, the inflation rate of Medicare is higher than that of any other articles. The rate is expected to reach double digits in the future.

However, if you have a health insurance policy as your back-up, you are assured for a secure future, both money and health wise.

We at Bharti AXA GI , offer you a health insurance policy provides you comprehensive protection that takes care of all your health related requirement.

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