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Why to Buy Long Term two Wheeler Insurance?

Why it’s better to Buy a Long-Term Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online?

As a bike owner, you know the importance of getting a two-wheeler insurance policy online. The benefits are countless, from ensuring your safety as well as of those around you. But sometimes, buying and renewing your two-wheeler insurance every year can become a cumbersome process. If you miss a single payment, then you may cease to benefit from all the protection and advantages you have accumulated so far.

Two-wheeler insurance companies give you a grace period. However due to a fast-paced life each of us leadsstyle, chances are you can still miss out on them. A solution to this problem is to get two-wheeler insurance with a longer policy term. It guarantees all the benefits and gives you the peace of mind of having two-wheeler insurance.

There are many two-wheeler insurance policy options available in the market and the most popular one is the three-year two-wheeler insurance. With this, yYou simply have to renew your two-wheeler insurance just once in every three years. This reduces the hassle of paying a premium every month or annually for that matter.

This also makes it all the more convenient for you to manage your two-wheeler insurance policy and allows you maximum benefits.

Some of the key benefits* of a long-term two-wheeler insurance policy are:

  • Transfer your “No Claim Bonus” benefit while purchasing a long-term two-wheeler insurance plan
  • Get 24 x 7 assistance, when faced with an emergency
  • Your bike need not be reviewed before the three-year time period ends
  • Get assistance from a representative during the claim process
  • You don’t need to remember the renewal date every year and be anxious about missing the premium payment deadline.
  • You can save on service taxes by taking a long-term two-wheeler insurance policy
  • You can also avoid high rates of premium

The other benefits that long-term two-wheeler insurance plan include coverage are from damage due to natural calamities (such as earthquakes and floods) and man-made calamities (such as fire). If your bike is stolen, your bike insurance will ensure that the insurer reimburses for the lossdamage, provided you have paid all your premiums and your policy is still active. If you meet with an accident, your long-term two-wheeler insurance plan will provide you with a lump sum amount that has been agreed upon at the time of creating the policy. This may help you bear the costs of medical assistance. In case a third party gets affected by the accident, then your insurer will compensate for that as well.

All these benefits make it all the more important to get a long-term two-wheeler insurance plan.

What does the long-term two-wheeler insurance plan NOT cover?

Your long-term two-wheeler insurance plan does not include vehicle depreciation, mechanical breakdown, damage done without a license and much more. Insurers don’t compensate if a rider has been riding under the influence of drugs and alcohol as well.

So, despite having a long-term two-wheeler insurance plan in place, don’t forget to maintain the riding decorum.

Get a long-term two-wheeler insurance plan for all the above benefits!

(*Please note that these can differ from one two-wheeler insurance company to another.)

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