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Why to Buy Accident Insurance Along with Health Insurance

Why You Need Accident Insurance with Your Health Insurance Plan?

In conversations about insurance, you may often hear people talking about buying health insurance and simultaneously purchasing accident insurance online. If you’re wondering why you would need to buy two seemingly similar products at the same time, read on.

Medical emergencies come without warning. Most of us lead a sedentary life without much activity and exercise. This is the cause of many health disorders like heart and lung disease that can affect both old and young people alike.

Thanks to our busy lifestyle, we’re unable to take care of our families and ourselves, especially when it comes to health. Rising medical costs, hospitalisation bills, and more have become an eye-opener for many individuals to take precautionary measures. A simple and easy solution to avoid panic in emergency situations, is to buy health insurance online, instead of worrying about mounting bills during stressful and testing times.

The earlier you opt for such health insurance plans, the more feasible they get. If you’re young, then it is the best time to invest in accident insurance along with your health insurance plan, as you will get it at a reasonable rate and get a more comprehensive cover.

What is the Difference between health and accident insurance?

Your health insurance essentially covers medical costs, hospitalisation bills along with certain post-treatment expenses and medicines. But on its own, health insurance falls short when it comes to covering for loss of income, which is why it is sometimes advised to take an accident insurance plan along with the health insurance plan online.

Take, for example, Sidhant who was hospitalised for a month and was asked to take complete bed rest for another 5 months. His health insurance will cover the medical and surgical expenses; however, since he is going to be home for quite some time, he might not get his monthly income for that period. In such a situation, accident insurance can be of great use.

An accident insurance ensures that Sidhant will be covered for the months where he can’t make any income. It helps pay for the expenses Sidhant will incur after his accident.

Things to Consider When Buying Health Insurance Online

Now before getting yourself health insurance, it is important to understand what your requirements are and how your decision will affect your loved ones. Do you want to take individual health insurance or get a comprehensive family health insurance policy that covers every member? If you’re confused, write down the pros and cons for each kind of policy, since there are a wide range of health insurance plans available in the market.

Alternatively, you can also talk to your financial advisor or understand your requirements by getting an online quote. There are several reputed and award-winning insurance companies that provide unbiased solutions, depending on your unique needs.

So, don’t wait until you’re 60 to take a health insurance plan. Go ahead and take the first step towards a safe and secure future for you and your loved ones.

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