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The Why and What of Holiday Insurance

The Why and What of Holiday Insurance

It’s not every day you plan a happy vacation abroad, but when you do, are you sure you think of all its aspects? You book a comfortable accommodation, the perfect air tickets to take you there safely, and make an itinerary that suits your travel style. But do you buy a Holiday or Travel Insurance to make your trip a seamless and happy experience? Well, you should.

Here’s why:

Travel Insurance takes care of protecting you against any unforeseen losses when travelling. Once you know there’s something that you can fall back on in case of any trouble, your worries come down to a minimal and, you can enjoy your travel the way it is meant to be – happy, cherished and refreshing. The comprehensive cover for you and your family provides you peace of mind, while ensuring that you are always in control in any unfavorable situation.

Now that you know why a travel insurance policy is important, let’s move on to understand what it does.

What exactly is a Travel Insurance Policy?

Travel insurance is a coverage plan that looks at safeguarding you on your trip abroad. There are different types of travel insurance plans available, to match the type of traveler you are – single trip plans for that one annual dream family trip, multi-trip plans for the avid travelers or for those who travel often for business. Also, the plan depends on the countries you are visiting to.

What is covered in Travel Insurance Policies?

Depending on the package you choose, it includes travel mediclaim, trip cancellation insurance, trip delay coverage, accidental death or permanent disabilities, repatriation as well as medical evacuation. Some of the other things covered are loss of passport, tickets or other documents, daily allowance in case of hospitalization, dental treatment that cannot wait until you return from your trip, damage caused by fire or loss of belongings due to a burglary back home when you’re at your travel destination etc. Before you buy travel insurance online, make sure you’ve read all the documents to check if it covers all that you need it to and what does it exclude.

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