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When To Change Your Bike Engine Oil


A bike is a very delicate instrument. And like any other machine, if you maintain it well, its lifespan increases to an amazing level. And of all the parts of a bike, the most unique part of a bike is its engine. You can replace/upgrade other parts of a bike but not the engine. If you change the engine of a bike, you can no longer say that it is the same bike even though it looks the same. So, the engine is the soul of a bike. And needless to say, if you take care of the soul, your life will be much happier and easier. Keep a bike policy in handy just in case you want to add an extra layer of safety for your vehicle.


Role of engine oil in a bike engine

There are many types of bike engines1. The main part of a bike engine is the combustion chamber. What you measure in any engine is the CC - which tells us the size of this chamber. This is the place where the fuel and hot air come together under high-pressure and a little blast happens which pushes the piston back, which in turn rotates the crankshaft and your bike moves forward. Here is when the engine oil comes into the picture. The engine oil lubricates the surfaces of the piston as well as the combustion chamber and all other moving parts. If the oil isn't there, it will take a lot more energy and fuel to move the same distance. It plays an important role in managing the temperature of the engine too.


Which is the right time for bike oil change?

If you don’t change the engine oil, due to high temperature and pressure, the oil starts disintegrating. This is an alarming situation for your bike because due to carbon deposit, the oil slowly thickens and creates the opposite effect2. It increases friction among the engine parts. Now the rate of this process depends on many different factors such as the engine type, use frequency, age of the engine, last engine oil change, type of engine oil used, etc3.


●     The engine manufacturer will tell you which oil is correct for your engine and how often you should change it. Trust them and follow that.

●     Different types of oil required to be changed at different intervals. Synthetic oil has more life compared to the regular oil.

●     Change the bike oil as frequently as you can, if you have not got a two wheeler insurance because then you bike will be at a greater risk.

●     Never run the engine if the oil is below the ‘minimum’ mark for your engine.

●     If you have the habit of revving up the engine, you should change the oil more frequently because it reduces the life of oil.

●     The biggest reason behind engine seizure is not changing the engine oil in time. So, check the engine oil regularly and consult the experts for more information.

●     Also, all the bikes have an electronic oil indicator that will tell you when to change the oil in your bike.


Other than the bike fuel and its periodic, necessary changing, having a bike insurance policy is another crucial aspect of maintaining safety on the roads. Make sure you keep one handy on your bike whenever you go out for a trip.

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