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When to File Police Report to Claim Bike Insurance?


When Should I Report the Police about an Accident or Theft?

Two-wheelers are a fast mode of transportation. However, this can be dangerous, if you don’t take the right precautions while riding it. Although, there are several road safety measures like wearing helmets and following the traffic signals, sometimes, people get the better of these instructions and put their lives, and of the ones around them, in jeopardy. It is therefore necessary that you ride your two-wheeler under the umbrella of a bike insurance and are always prepared for emergency mishaps.

At what point should I call the police after accident?

If your two-wheeler gets into an accident, try to inform the traffic police about this. Request people around to help you get in touch with the police of that area and call for an ambulance in case of medical emergencies. Understand how the accident took place; and take down the vehicle numbers of those involved. You can even ask a bystander to help you out. It’s best to follow a legal procedure and inform the police irrespective of the magnitude of the accident.

Meeting with an accident can stress you out. Let the effect of the accident subside. As soon as you feel a little better, call your insurer and ask them to help you with the claim process. This is especially important, if you have a third-party liability that you need to take care of. You can ask the third party for their insurance details as well and submit them to your insurer. These procedures are time-bound, therefore it is best to resolve them immediately instead of when the timelines are tight.

Remember to always carry your two-wheeler insurance policy and registration papers, as the police can fine you for not having carried them. Avoid making any direct deals with the third party, as you may have to forego the claim in such a scenario.

At what point should I call the police after theft?

If your two-wheeler has been stolen, you must inform both the police and your two-wheeler insurance company at the same time. The insurer will assign you a two-wheeler insurance representative, who will take you through the process. The police will simultaneously begin their investigations. Remember that for a two-wheeler insurance company to compensate you for the theft of your vehicle, you have to have a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy in place. After filing an FIR, you have to submit your documents to the two-wheeler insurance company who will verify your claim and offer a settlement.

Once you accept it, the two-wheeler insurance company can dispatch your reimbursement as early as a week! So, don’t panic and simply follow the rules to make the most of your two-wheeler insurance.

While buying or renewing your two-wheeler insurance, don’t forget to check whether it covers theft of your two-wheeler along with the other services and benefits.

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