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What You Should Eat Every Day to Stay Healthy


Doctors give a lot of emphasis on taking rich diet to ensure sound health. It is because food is what replenishes our body with various nutrients. Just in line with this, there are certain superfoods, which, when consumed daily, can help you become healthy and immune to diseases.

So, here are a few superfoods that you should eat daily to stay in the best of health. Take a look!

  1. Go 'Bananas'

    Don’t worry, we aren’t telling you to go crazy. We mean that ‘banana’ is one fruit that must find a place on your daily food chart, no matter what.

    Rich source of potassium, it has high levels of fiber and Vitamin B6. With many other nutrients packed inside, science suggests that bananas also aid weight loss, digestion, moderating blood-sugar levels, and improving heart health.

  2. 'Yoghurt' For Your Gut'

    Yoghurt is a good probiotic that can keep your intestines and gut healthy all day long. It is because it contains healthy bacteria that aid good bowel movement, thereby ensuring that you don’t face discomfort after eating. Rich in calcium, this dairy product can also keep problems like osteoporosis away for you, by helping in bone protection. Yoghurt is also rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and B12, and can thus be a nutritious addition to your diet.

  3. 'Garlic' The Wonder Veggie

    Garlic not just adds flavor to your food; it also acts as a medicine for your body. Packed with medicinal properties, garlic can keep many ailments away by strengthening your immune system. Common; it would do you good if you start having raw garlic with water every day. Moreover, having 4-5 cloves of garlic daily can lower your blood pressure, keeping many cardiovascular problems away. Especially since cardiovascular diseases like heart blockages and strokes have become

  4. Add A Dash Of 'Honey'

    Sweet and delicious, honey is just as nutritious. It has antioxidants that help lower blood pressure and can keep many heart problems away. Also, honey’s antibacterial properties can keep ailments like cold and cough away.

    Not just this, honey also fights acid reflux in the body and ensures that issues like inflammation, heartburn, etc. does not causes any discomfort to your body.

  5. Grab Some 'Nuts'

    Small but superfoods in themselves, nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios have a bounty of benefits. Though nuts have calories, they also have high levels of proteins, fiber, and fats. A handful of them can provide your body with instant energy.

    They also provide good filling, and are also rich in vitamins and minerals, along with other nutrients. Medical studies have also suggested that nuts also reduce the risk of certain cancers and chronic diseases.

  6. Super Little Chia Seeds

    These tiny seeds are a storehouse of health benefits. Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds raise levels of good cholesterol in your body. They thereby help prevent heart attacks and strokes. Moreover, Chia Seeds also provide protein, fiber, iron, and calcium, all of which are beneficial for your overall health.

Good Food for Health, Insurance for Health Challenges

Health challenges like cardiovascular issues, cancer, etc. have become common these days. However, while food can help fight illnesses to some extent, you also need a health cover to safeguard yourself in case you meet with serious diseases. Health insurance can provide you with a financial cushion by reimbursing you for various medical expenditures.

So, eat well, be insured, and keep your health worries aside!

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