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What You Need To Know About Visiting UK From India


The history of India and Britain go hundreds of years back. Since our independence, people have now taken a step forward to see each other as individuals. People from both countries visit each other’s states to explore and know more about the culture. While Indians are fun and carefree, Brits like to keep it in a defined fashion. They are fun, but if you’re a tourist or an international student, then wouldn’t it be better to know things that could create trouble for you?

  • Try Nando’s

What Starbucks is to the USA, Nando’s holds the same crown in the UK. You will find it almost everywhere. Do not forget to try their delicious delicacies. With Nando’s presence, you can taste world-class food and many local cuisines.

  • Don’t Block The Escalator

Most countries have escalators where we tend to ignore how we are stationed on it, but the UK has an unspoken set of rules. If you want to stand still, stay on the right. Reserve the left for the ones who are in a hurry and want to save those 30 seconds of their still life.

  • Don’t Jump The Queue

Many of us don’t give importance to the need of standing in a line because we think it shouldn’t annoy anyone. Before going on that adventure, know that people in Britain consider standing in a line and waiting as a part of good manners. Remember, the people standing in front of you reached there first; hence, deserve to be served first.

  • Brits Like To Talk About Weather, Not Money

A perfect British day has a gentle sun and no clouds, but you don’t often see it. People in Britain talk more about weather and less or never about the money or their earnings. It’s basic decency to not ask about the money in their account or to even talk about yours. Money talk offends them; so, keep those big notes in your pocket and avoid boasting.

  • Do Not Go Empty Stomach For Drinking

Brits drink a lot like there is no tomorrow. It’s considered a breach of etiquette if someone goes empty stomach to a pub. You can explore the food culture of UK to know more about their culture.

Britain has a beautiful countryside apart from the busy cities like London. Take a bus to explore the other parts of the UK. While traveling from India to the UK, it is advisable to plan your trip economically while keeping the above points in mind. Do not forget to take the travel insurance for UK for avoiding any troubles.

Enjoy your vacations!

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