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What You Need To Know About Visiting Singapore From India


A modern, captivating, and sparkling city – Singapore gleams as a marvel of the 21st century. It’s a popular tourist destination that’s known for luxury, beaches, hi-tech infrastructure, and a lot more. Apart from its skyscrapers and extravagant malls, Singapore has a thriving green space and many adventure activities too. One can go on a night safari, visit the zoo or explore bird parks.


However, for people visiting Singapore, there are many things they should know to have a successful and memorable trip.

  • Entry Requirements

Planning a trip is fun, but a foreign trip really doubles up on the excitement. However, everyone traveling to Singapore needs to have some of the basic things in line. From the Singapore visa to passport, everything must be aligned properly. Indian passport holders can visit Singapore with an e-visa.  

  • Public Transport

Most people visiting a foreign country are concerned about public transport. However, when in Singapore, public transport should be the least of anyone’s concerns. The island city-state of Singapore has a well-connected transportation system. One can travel on buses, taxis, and trains. However, Singapore’s subway system, commonly known as MRT, is highly efficient and economical. If reaching from Point A to Point B in minimum time and cost is the requirement, MRT is the way to go.

  • Accommodation

Accommodation can be tricky in Singapore as most hotels are expensive. However, booking early on, at least a month before departing for Singapore can save much money. Other than that, people can also look for alternative stay options from known travel aggregators, including home stays and bread and breakfast. However, since it’s a luxurious destination, expect a lot of amenities and the best bang for your buck!  

  • Explore the Culture

Singapore has a vibrant culture that showcases a fusion of China, India, and other Asian countries. The culture is infused in everything – from food to dresses and even traditional architecture. People in Singapore are humble, and English is the most widely spoken language. There are some stringent rules in Singapore, so make sure to follow them in all seriousness. The best way to explore Singapore is by starting the day early and seeking out less touristy places.

Singapore – the island city-state is a relaxing country with plenty on offer to the tourists. Visiting Singapore can be exciting and offer people a wholesome package that is complete across different parameters. From the sceneries to luxury, comfort, and food – Singapore rarely disappoints. However, just like any foreign trip, do safeguard the trip with travel insurance as  your Singapore travel insurance  protects against emergencies and is truly a guiding angel. Other than that, Singapore is worth visiting! When in Singapore, don’t forget exploring the nightlife.

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