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What You Need To Know About Visiting China From India


China is a diverse country with a rich history and a fascinating cultural mix of ancient traditions and 21st century fast-paced living. From the Great Wall of China to the Giant Panda and dazzling advanced mega cities, there are plenty of architectural, natural and man-made wonders to marvel at. 

If you are planning a trip to China, here are some things you should know before you arrive in the country.

  1. Weather-wise the best time of year to visit China is in spring during April-May or in autumn during September-October. China experiences four distinct seasons and spring and autumn are mild and pleasant.
  2. China’s official currency is the Yuan, known as RMB and pronounced “quai” by the locals. As of August 2019, 1 Chinese Yuan equals 10 Indian Rupees approximately.  
  3. Remember to get your currency exchange done before you arrive in China and do carry some amount of cash with you while moving about within the country. Cards are not accepted everywhere and you will be required to pay cash at many places.
  4. To obtain a Chinese Tourist Visa, along with your valid passport you will need to furnish other related documents of your trip such as confirmed return flight tickets and proof of hotel bookings. It is advisable to apply for your Chinese Visa well in advance of your travel dates.
  5. Geographically China is a large country spread across five time zones which follow one standard time. China Standard Time is 2.5 hours ahead of India time.
  6. Mandarin is the official and widely spoken language in China. You won’t really face a language barrier in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing where English is understood and spoken by most. However, if you can pick up a few basic phrases in Mandarin, you will definitely find it a lot easier when travelling in China.
  7. Plan your vacation to China carefully since it is so vast with many places to see. Pick the ones you would be keen on. Apart from the capital Beijing, Shanghai and Xian are the most fascinating cities that you should look at visiting. 
  8. Among the most well-known and must-see attractions in China are the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Chengdu – home of the Giant Panda, Terracotta Army, stunning landscapes in Yangshuo and limestone scenery in Guilin.   
  9. Chinese food in China is very different from the ‘Indian Chinese’ popular in India. You might find the ingredients and flavours quite intense. For the best places to try some authentic local cuisine get hold of a China Travel Guide.
  10. To get around use the superb public transport system. China has the largest network of high-speed trains in the world. The metro is also super efficient and affordable.


To make the most of your stay, it is best that you plan your trip well in advance and budget smartly. Purchasing insurance to cover your foreign travel is a must. While any kind of mishap is the last thing you want to think of while on vacation, it is best to be secured. A travel insurance policy for China will cover you from financial loss arising from situations like trip cancellation, loss of luggage or passport or even sudden medical expenses.

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