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List of All Travel Insurance Exclusions in India


Travel insurance is a must even for the most organised of travellers. There are however many travellers who miss out on these benefits as they choose an insurance offering without research. A host of online tools have made research on travel insurance not just easy but also fast and effective. Figuring out the most affordable option and a gaining a fair understanding of what your policy covers is quite simple.
An important thing to be remembered while picking a policy is that while is important to know what all it covers (in terms of benefits), it’s equally important to know what it does not cover.

Given are exclusions in most travel policies:

Pre-existing illnesses
An illness that a traveller has suffered from prior to purchase of the policy is called a pre-existing illness. If during the course of the trip the traveller suffers from a health problem pertaining to this pre-existing illness then the travel insurance policy will not cover it.

Baggage delayed for less than 24 hours (outbound flights only)
Baggage expenses are usually reimbursed only after a 24 hour period from time when the baggage was reported as delayed. It is therefore advisable to manage with what is available to you before making a claim.

Loss of passport or documents
Guarding your belongings from theft is important. Most travel insurance policies offer no cover for documents – including passport being lost on account of them being left unattended/unguarded in public places. Also in order to proceed with a claim for lost post or document a complaint copy to the local law enforcement authorities is a must.

Adventurous Sports and Activities
Injuries during course of extreme sports usually aren’t covered. Several policies list activities or sports that are considered to be hazardous. Some common examples include rafting, mountaineering, hot air ballooning, paragliding and bungee jumping.

Limits on Trip Duration
Be very clear on the number of days of your trip and choose a policy that protects you for the entire duration. In case your trip exceeds the specified number of days the insurance company will not cover you for the extended duration.

Your Trip Cancels On You
Many trip cancellations apply only when you cancel the trip yourself. However, if the tour-company or travel agent cancels it, the insurance company does not cover expenses. While you will receive a refund from the company, other expenditures incurred, such as air fare or hotel and accommodation expenses, are not covered by your insurance policy.

Alcohol and Drugs influences
Any accident or mishap when you are under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs may not be covered.

So be certain to go through all exclusions of your policy to make sure that you’re fully covered. In case of doubt, take the time to get proper clarifications from company officials.

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