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What things to consider while comparing travel insurance


Before your next trip, do not forget to purchase travel insurance. It protects you from financial loss due to events such as hospitalizations, loss/delay of your baggage or theft/loss of your passport, etc.

Today, the process of buying online can be easily completed within a few minutes. Yet, given that there are 20 travel insurance providers in India, the choices can be many and confusing. So here are some aspects you should consider while comparing the offerings of various providers.

• Age Limits:

This is particularly important if you are travelling in a group that contains senior citizens. Depending on the insurance company, the maximum age limit for travellers within the group could be 60,65 or even 75 years. Travellers who are above the age limits will have to take a separate senior citizens’ policy.

• Pre-existing medical conditions:

Typically, travel insurance companies won’t cover hospitalization due to a pre-existing medical condition. Also, the list of pre-existing medical conditions may vary from insurer to insurer. In case you have a pre-existing medical condition, do make sure to go through the list and make the correct declarations.

• Coverage:

While buying travel insurance it is important to look beyond the sum assured. Generally, many travellers are tempted to buy policies with minimum sum assured as this result in lower costs.

However, what is often overlooked is that the scope of coverage depends on the sum assured. For eg: Policies with the lowest sum assured will only offer basic covers that protect from hospitalization and loss of passport. However, with higher sum assured policies, you will get additional coverages such as compensation for delays of flights or loss of baggage or compassionate visits from relatives at the time of hospitalization.


The second important aspect related to coverage is that of sub limits. For ex - there are sub limits imposed on expenses such as room rent, surgery costs, doctor fees, etc.


Make sure that you check the coverages and sub limits before buying a travel insurance policy.

• Exclusions:

One should also check for exclusions while buying insurance policies. For ex – Certain Insurance companies exclude coverage during pregnancy or coverage for hospitalization due to injuries sustained during adventure sports such as bungee jumping or white-water rafting.

• Customer Service:

If at all the situation arises where you have to file for an insurance claim, you will need to get in touch with your insurance company. Make sure that your insurance company provides an international toll-free number that runs 24x7 so that you can contact them anytime without incurring high costs. For instance, an insurer like Bharti AXA GI offers a 24/7 emergency helpline.

• Claim Settlement Process:

The process for claim settlement may greatly vary from insurer to insurer. For ex – Certain insurance companies will compensate you for a delayed flight after providing a letter from the airline. Others would want you to furnish additional details such as invoices for expenses incurred due to the delay in flight.

Travel insurance is a great tool for ensuring peace of mind while travelling. Make sure that you understand all important aspects being covered by your policy before buying.

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